Thursday, August 27, 2009

2.07 The Other 48 Days

Follow along! The episode guide for “The Other 48 Days” is in Finding Lost, pp. 212-218.

In a recent comment on one of the other episodes, one of my readers mentioned that they didn’t care for this episode at all because they really didn’t care much about the Tailies. I’ll agree that where we got 25 hours about the Losties in season 1, that same period is summed up in 42 minutes in this episode, but at the same time I think “The Other 48 Days” is extraordinary. It’s beautiful storytelling, and amazing writing. The attention to detail is superb – right from the beginning, the writers keep inserting things in there that make us remember what the Losties were going through on the other side of the island. There’s a guy screaming because of his leg on the beach. The Losties had the marshal. They eventually silenced him with a gun (and added smothering) but in the case of this guy, they didn’t have the luxury of a gun. They had to sit there and listen to him scream for days. The Tailies had children; there were no children on the other beach. They dealt with kidnappings and deaths. The Losties burned the Fuselage to dispose of the dead bodies; Eko pulled the dead bodies out of the ocean one by one, and then they buried each one of them. Without any tools of any kind. When Ana Lucia shoots Shannon at the end of the episode, bringing us right up to the moment that the previous ep ended on, it’s completely different. At the end of “Abandoned,” we looked at the fury on Sayid’s face and thought, “You go, dude… hit her. Just HIT HER.” But now, we see what Ana’s been through as the leader of this group, how she had to be a combination of Jack and Sawyer – a leader who doles out tough love and who refuses to get attached to anything.

Fun things I noticed:
• That opening scene is freakin’ excellent, complete with plane chair flying at the camera.
• When Jack showed up on the beach, he was met with a group of people standing there dazed or screaming, and no one was trying to save or help anyone else, except for Boone, who was trying his best, despite not being very good at it. Ana Lucia has Eko to help her, and the two of them save as many people as they can together.
• At first I was thinking it’s interesting that Goodwin and Ethan used their real names, but then realized, what good would it do to make up fake ones? It’s not like the survivors would have been able to find them out by knowing their real names. Which, of course, makes Ben’s fake name of “Henry Gale” even funnier… there was no real reason to lie other than the fact it’s WHAT BEN DOES.
• Bernard doesn’t have the same unbending faith that Rose does.
• I love the way they do the fastforward scenes at the end to remind us of what happened and quickly go through ground. Did anyone else notice that the drumbeat was the same as the Previously On drumbeat that always opened Battlestar Galactica?
• That scene with the radio is awesome. I still remember in season 1 when you could hear the person on the radio when Boone’s in the Beechcraft say, “WE’RE the survivors of Flight 815!” and then to see the other side of it in this scene was exhilarating the first time.

Things that have new meaning:
• When Emma regains consciousness she asks if they’re in L.A. and AL says “We’re not there yet.” The yet takes on a new meaning in light of S5… if they do change time and the plane lands in L.A., AL was right. Will we see Zack and Emma be reunited with their mom, even if it’s just a brief alternate universe moment? I really hope so.
• AL stares at the kids longingly, and they’re the only people she actually becomes attached to. By the next episode, we’ll know why.
• Excited chills went down my spine when we actually saw one of Jacob’s lists for the first time. EEEEE!!!
• Ana Lucia shows Goodwin the knife, and explains it’s U.S. Army issue, and probably 20 years old. Wrong: it’s more like 50 years old, since it would have come off one of the 18 soldiers who came to the island in 1954 and who Alpert’s people killed by order of Jacob. SO cool to see this detail so early in the game.
• I’m still wary of Libby, as much as I love her character. She’s a clinical psychologist, yet also knows a lot about medicine. Despite her saying that it’s because she started off in med school, it just seems strange. Notice how she keeps AL on the path of believing Nathan is the bad guy, which would deflect attention away from Goodwin.
• I found it odd in retrospect to see the Quarantine word on the inside of the Arrow station. The reason the word is on the inside of the hatch at the Swan is because that bunker was built for the express purpose of dealing with the aftermath of the “Incident.” The Arrow station already existed before the Incident, so it wouldn’t have had that word on it. It had to have been added later, either after the Incident or after the Purge.
• That glass eye always freaks me out (moreso because last week I was talking about Crazy-Eyes Des and suggesting maybe HE had a glass eye, forgetting about the one in the chest!) Who does the eye belong to? It would actually be kinda nice if we never find out, and we can just speculate for eternity. Could it belong to Mikhail? Was he working at the Arrow station, became pissed with Dharma and defected to the Others? Maybe they convinced him he didn’t need the eye, and helped him sew it shut (we do see it briefly and there doesn’t appear to be a socket to put a glass eye into) and he wore an eyepatch from that point on while working at the Flame?
• Interesting that the Arrow station was actually a defense station (we discover that in S5 when Chang is doing the orientation video for it in “Because You Left”) yet here it doesn’t look like anything of the sort.


Kate said...

Ha! That was me who didn't like this episode...I guess I can see it too, it's a great story. It's definitely more tolerable now that I'm not dying to know what happens next. =P

Gah, I'm getting behind in comments but I've been busy. I'll come back tonight and try and catch up. Great job as always Nikki! :)

Marebabe said...

Regarding that U.S. Army knife, I thought Ana Lucia said the military stopped making them 20 years ago, so it must be AT LEAST that old. I wonder how many years that exact model of knife was manufactured and supplied to the troops?

Where did that chicken come from? D'you suppose it wandered off from The Flame? We've also seen a huge beef-critter and Kate's black horse. Maybe they're all free range animals from the farming operation at The Flame.

It's hard being a spy. I'm sure Goodwin knew and was possibly even friends with the Others that ended up dead when they attacked the Tailies' camp. He couldn't let on, or show any sign of grief, or his cover would've been blown.

I've read interviews with Michelle Rodriguez where she admitted she has difficulty doing crying scenes. She said herself that she sucks at it. Even so, I really love the scene where Eko was all tender and comforting with her. We were still getting to know these characters, and I think it added a lot of depth to them. "You waited 40 days to cry." Beautiful.

This episode brought up many questions that are still lingering, unanswered, after 5 seasons. Many of them will probably never be answered, but I hope we will find out what's up with Cindy!

Gillian Whitfield said...

I do admit, the first time I saw this episode, I deemed it as "not bad". Now I love it. Especially the Army knife parts.

Loved it when they found the list. It proves that they knew from the start that they weren't making it up as it goes along.

The best part was the part that you mentioned in your book, the final montage scene

variabull said...

Ana Lucia. You got some splaining to do. You seem to be missing a white blouse and about 6 hours of Flight 815. Ana Lucia: We were in the air for 2 hours. I didn't see him once -- not once." Nobody pipes in to correct her. The pilot tells Jack that after six hours they lost communications and reversed course and flew for another 2 hours. In the Sydney airport lounge Jack buys Ana Lucia a tequilla and tonic and she is wearing a necklace and a white blouse with a clip. So their flight was only 2 hours, she only remembers 2 hours, they are an alternate universe version of the 815 Tailies and the Island is some sort of nexus?

Enjoyed all that stuff about 40 days (and nights) before talking and crying by Eko and A L as they and the chosen ones are headed to the promiseland.

Ana Lucia seems to be Jack and Sayid rolled up into one. Ana like Jack is an autocratic pill who was once with someone Danny/Sarah, now not. She likes to torture Nathan in her spare time like Sayid with Sawyer. Eko is their Locke, although I would take Eko and the Jesus stick over Locke and the 400 knives. When she meets up with Jack in "Collision" he is wearing a white shirt. Team white, team black. Bernard was supposed to be a Fuselager, Charlie a Tailie?

Smoke free for 48 days.

Joan Crawford said...

@Nikki - Do you really think that list was from Jacob? I guess I am confused with the whole Jacob/Island thing. I remember at one point John says to Ben "Doesn't it (the island) ever tell you things?" and Ben is silent. Was Ben ever really a servant - an in the know - servant of Jacob's? If so, why was Jacob all "What about you?"
ALSO! Why do you think Kate isn't on the list? What is her "flaw" - if Jacob is Mr.Timetravel - why did he touch Kate to bring her there if he knew she damaged?

Joan Crawford said...
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Joan Crawford said...

P.S. Oh, Darling, it impossible to get tired of Sayid! That perfect combo of sweetpea and righteous fury. Ahhh...

My only Sayid complaint, and I hate to say it, is his fingernails. :(
Sometimes they are in a scene and I am like "Ick!" and then I am like "Actually, they serve to repel other women, so keep them, Daddy. Mama doesn't mind." Haha!

Marebabe said...

@variabull: You reminded me, I wanted to mention Ana Lucia's change of outfit and her talk about being in the air for only 2 hours... it all hints strongly of alternate universe sci-fi stuff, and I can't wait to see what the explanation will be for all of these wacky little details in season 6. This episode delivered a heapin' helping of mysteries and confusion. (For me and my feeble little brain, at least.)

Rebecca T. said...

@Nikki: Which, of course, makes Ben’s fake name of “Henry Gale” even funnier… there was no real reason to lie other than the fact it’s WHAT BEN DOES.

HA! So very true. Every episode I can't help but think, "Ooh, one closer to Benry."

I noticed that about the knife too and got all excited.

Random thought - what about all of these bodies in shallow graves on the other side of the Island. Maybe they're part of an army of zombies the Others have been building for millenia! Okay - definitely too late to be on here :P

How on EARTH does Libby get her hair to stay all rolled like that?! I can't get my hair to do that on a good day with bobby pins and hairspray.

Speaking of Libby - when she mentioned that she had a year of medical school I wondered if she has some connection with Jack. Wouldn't it be funny if they had been in med school together!? Doesn't really matter now, but it would connect her with Hurley, Jack and Desmond.

What was Nathan's problem?! He totally set himself up for the whole thing acting all creepy and cryptic.

Evil Canadians! hehe

Why on earth did Goodwin pull Nathan up, give him the pack and direct him toward the beach BEFORE killing him? Why not just kill him and get it over with? It kind of reminded me of how Ben talks John down and then SNAP!

I had forgotten about the glass eye and was trying to remember if there were any Dharminians that were missing one and didn't remember Patchy until Nikki mentioned it here and then I was like D'oh!

I really did like the scene of AL breaking down. I am not a big fan of hers, but that scene gives her a nice touch of humanity - one of the only moments of softness we ever get out of her.

Joan Crawford said...

@Sonshine - Being a Creepy Canadian, I can agree with you - what the hell was Nathan's problem? It is totally unbelievable that he would act that way "just to prove a point".

Anna Lucia has Dead Eyes. There, I said it. Look at the pic above, you'll see it.

The Question Mark said...

One of the coolest opening shots/scenes ever!

@ Nikki: until reading your comment, I never thought of Libby as an Other, but now it all really seems to make sense to me. She could be like that butcher woman Jill, spening most of her time off-Island doing recon for Ben/Jacob. She is responsible for Des coming to the Island, after all, and she's got connections. Could she perhaps be a super-secret Other mole? she even died in the exact same manner as Others Ethan & Colleen...

I love Mr. Eko! It was so nice getting to see him again and hear his baritone classics such as "Worse" and "His name was Goodwin". I'm looking forward to "Tell them Mr. Eko let you live" and "Charlie! Do you know how they got the Hatch door open?" Hopefully we'll see more of the loveable priest/mercenary in S6!

The Question Mark said...

Also, as far as the enigmatic chicken is concerned...

I think that Goodwin & Ethan were both sending reports back to Otherton. when Ben found out that the Tailies had virtually no food, while the Losties had a fuselage full of food, he decided to do Goodwin & the tailies a solid by telling Mikhail to send a chicken over to their side of the woods.

Or maybe it was all a nefarious plan by Jacob's nemesis, who needed the chicken to DIE so that he could possess his body! (cue the dramatic, bombastic music...and fade to white)

Marebabe said...

@The Question Mark: OF COURSE!! Jacob needed the chicken to die so he could possess its body! It's so obvious. Thank you for solving at least one of the gozillion questions posed by the writers of Lost. You're awesome! :)

Marebabe said...

Oops! I meant the Man in Black, MaybEsau, NotLocke. Jacob's nemesis!

The Question Mark said...

I think my favourite nickname for him so far is Un-Locke.
hee hee :)

Susan said...

I love the first scene of this episode. The first time you watch it you're seeing this peaceful, beautiful beach scene, and then WHAM plane parts crash into the ocean. However I do think they topped this scene in Tale of Two Cities when we get to see 815 break into 3 pieces.

re Nathan: Every time I watch this episode I get irked by Cindy's claim that she didn't see him on the plane and she has a great memory for faces, well guess what, you were WRONG. (Unless of course she's an Other in which case it was part of her and Goodwin's plan.)

Anonymous said...

This episode contains my girlfriend's and my favorite thing in all of Lost - ANA LUCIA DUG THAT 15 FOOT DEEP x TEN x TEN FOOT HOLE WITH A POLE AND A PIECE OF METAL!!!!!


Possibly the most unrealistic thing ever to happen on Lost.

It must have taken several days. Did Nathan at any time ask her what it was for I wonder?

I love the recaps Nikki!


JennM said...

Sometimes I think AL and Ilana represent each other if you are buying into the proxy theory. They are both tough, brunettes with chips on their shoulders. AL used to be a cop, and Ilana handcuffs Sayid.
Just a thought.

Rebecca T. said...

@Jenn: I've thought the same thing about AL and Ilana. They definitely have some similarities.

Over on the Ack Attack (a hysterical recap humor blog you really should check out if you haven't) Rachel called Ilana AnNOT Lucia

variabull said...

More questions.

Does Room 23 have studio seating for all 17 of the new recruits to partake in the "Karl Treatment"? Is there enough popcorn and wacky paste for everybody? How would you get them all over to the Hydra island?

If Cindy was in on it, how do you talk someone into crashing into the ocean in an airliner? As Butch Cassidy said, "Drowning?? The fall will probably kill you!"

We see the horrendous high-speed crash of the tail section. Come on, how did anyone survive that?

@Joan Crawford
Nathan was not a good person. That is apparently how you can tell. Ethan....Canadian....same attitude. Just jolking...I love Vancouver!

If you kill Nathan and leave him in the cage who did it...Bernard, Eko, Libby, Cindy, A L or NATHAN!!
You get Nathan out of the pit first and give him food and a knapsack to put him off-guard so he less suspecting, easier to kill, and you don't get a hernia trying to lift him out of the tiger pit.

Nikki Stafford said...

I actually have a sidebar in one of my books about the evil Canadian references on the show. Being Canadian, I LOVE them.

Joan: You know, every time I see Sayid's long fingernails, I think, "He should take up classical guitar and use them as finger picks." teehee!!

Nikki Stafford said...

Question Mark: She could be like that butcher woman Jill, spening most of her time off-Island doing recon for Ben/Jacob. She is responsible for Des coming to the Island, after all, and she's got connections. Could she perhaps be a super-secret Other mole?

I agree. I've thought that from the beginning, and said so in my book. She was the one who got Desmond to the island. In the airport, Eko was face to face with the "living dead girl" and he was about to change his mind about getting on the plane when Libby walked over to him and said, "Is everything OK?" and he got on the plane. AND she was in Hurley's mental hospital, as if she was keeping dibs on him. And then she appeared to Michael off-island and reminded him of what he'd done, which added to the guilt that brought him back to the island again.

Nikki Stafford said...


On the island, the ghosts of crimes past always appear to people -- Yemi to Eko, the black horse to Kate. So this chicken? It's the one that Sayid killed. OH YES. It's the one whose neck he snapped, and then it deflated, and now it's back for vengeance. When everyone ate Sayid's ghost chicken, they became marked in a way, and then AL, without even knowing it, killed Sayid's love because she had the ghost chicken inside her telling her to do it out of revenge.

That is TOTALLY the answer. When in doubt, the answer is always Deflated Ghost Chicken.

variabull said...

Brain fart

That would be theater seating for Room 23 and GOODWIN instead of NATHAN.

The Question Mark said...


In fact, that should be the codeword for the Season 6 finale. Frozen Donkey Wheel is so 2007!

Susan said...

Variabull, I don't know who brought 815 to the island (Others, Dharma, Jacob), but I don't believe they meant it to crash. That was caused by Desmond. Notice how relatively safely 316 lands on the island.

Marebabe said...

@Nikki: I've read that Naveen Andrews is a very fine guitarist, and I'm sure his longish nails help. I remember when I was studying classical guitar, there was a bit of a conflict, because as a pianist I've always had very short nails. But to play classical guitar well, you need slightly longer nails to act as picks.

Joan Crawford said...

@Jenn - Good idea about Anna/Ilana thing - I hope that is true! They are way too similar to both exist on Lost and be separate people.

Deflated Ghost Chicken - Hahaah! This is the only show where that could possibly make any sense at all.

EvaHart said...

Interesting theories about Libby as an other, I hadn't thought of that before.
Another interesting Libby-point is that there are a lot of deleted scenes from series 2 involving her, it almost seems like they were going to make her into a regular character but then changed their minds.

Ashlie Hawkins said...

I still can't help but think that Cindy is an Other, and was some sort of plant. I mean, she goes with the Others and is totally fine when we see her next, not a problem at all. She was also quick to say that she hadn't seen Nathan on the plane. Maybe she was put on the plan through some sort of alternate timeline, where they knew that the plane would crash, who knows. I just can't shake the feeling that there's more to Cindy.

Austin Gorton said...

This is probably one of my favorite Lost episodes, despite the fact that most of the Tailies are dead now.

It's just intense and riveting, and the parallels and divergences between this group and the Losties on the beach are fascinating.

You might even say the Tailies are, metaphorically, alternate versions of Jack and company: what if the plane landed on THAT side of the island, in the water, without all the resources? An early nod to season six alternate realities, perhaps?

I really, really hope the Cindy/Libby/Other questions are addressed, if not outright answered, next season.

"Defalted Ghost Chicken"?


Bravo. Bravo. :)

Anonymous said...

I really liked this episode it felt like the beginning all over again only more apocalyptic and horrifying. There was no last time on LOST it was like starting with a clean slate.

When Echo leaves the kids saying there is something he must do and then goes back into the water I though the first time watching it that he was looking for someone in particular, a friend or family member who was on the plane with him, which would have been really sad.

Libby says the same exact thing to the guy with the broken leg that she says to Sawyer about his shoulder: Its not that bad, your gonna be fine, and she even says it with a semi-convincing smile both times. Then they guy dies and I wondered if we were meant to think from that that Sawyer was gonna die.

I really wondered why Anna Lucia targeted Nathan. She didn't really have any convincing reasons and I though perhaps it had to do with her past and what seems like a hatred of men, esp ones that do not respect her authority, stemming from Jason. So many people seem to hate Anna Lucia but I felt sad for her. She seems a lot less hard and scarily controlling after they first land and as more and more people are killed and kidnapped she gets harder and harder until the kids are taken and she is pushed over the edge. It's as if PTSD from her experiences with Jason kicks into high gear and she can no longer thing rationally at all. And then she kills Shannon, accidentally, and whats left of her people abandon her. I though she was even more scared and alone than Sawyer and I really wanted to just give them both a big ol' hug, not that they would have let me.

I kept thinking about Juliet and I wondered if Goodwin was really a villain. This time around he was just Juliet's love interest and when he died I felt sad for her.

The box of stuff they find in the arrow station struck me as a very strange mix. It seemed like we were supposed to get the impression that the stuff was just left there unsuspectingly by whatever Dharma or Other used it last. But the mix of things this time around seemed staged like it was placed there specifically for the tailies to find but for what purpose and by whom I don't know. The bible that is in there is the one that has the missing pieces of the swan orientation video in it I think. I had this feeling rewatching them find the stuff that it was like a pro in a game put there to propel them forward.

Lastly the scene at the end where the tailies find Jin, I could not help but thing how scary it must have been to look up and see Echo as his captor.

variabull said...


Ajira 316 (Boeing 737) overshoots the runway in 2007, a runway Kate and Sawyer were still constructing after the crash of Oceanic 815 (Boeing 777 needs more landing runway length than 737). If the pilot was going to put it down on the Mesa or in the Ocean that would still be a crash landing. Of course Jack, Kate and Hurley were "spirited" off 316 by some unknown means which could have been the intended means of removal of those on 815 (and may have been Jack's exit).

There seem to be several theories floating around as to why Oceanic 815 came down, one of which is Desmond's turning of the failsafe key and electromagnetism. However the writer's seemed to haved called this into question with Sayid's statement about the airliner titanium he is poking around the "Cherynobl" concrete being fairly unaffected by the electromagnetism. Lostpedia has the ferrous content of a 777 listed at about 10% for what that's worth. The EM could have knocked out the fly-by-wire controls but 815's engines continued to operate.

Other theories include the smoke monster, and explosive decompression after the cargo door is opened. I always thought the scenes over the Barracks show Oceanic 815 being cut up in 3 dimensions, the fuselage and tail (1), one engine and the landing gear (2), and one wing (3), kind of like a "magic box" cut the airliner up in mid-air.

There seem to be discrepencies between what we see over the Barracks (5000' altitude, one engine and a wing drop off) while in the Pilot Part 1 both engines and both wings made it to the beach.

Ajira 316 is an intermediate range 737 that never would be used to get from LA to Guam (6000 miles).

Wouldn't Oceanic 815 have to be flying on a line North/South 305/125 (remind anyone of a line North/South 337/157 trying to find Howland Island circa 1937) to enter Island airspace. Wouldn't this be terribly unlikely in lieu of the pilot's story unless the story was a lie and getting to the Island was intentional?

Then there is Hawking's statement implying she knew how everything was going to happen up until the point of Desmond's being shot.

variabull said...

Having a bad day. Of course Oceanic 815 came down at the same time Desmond accidently killed "snowman" Kelvin as he tried to run off with "Elizabeth" and inadvertenly let the timer run down to show all those apocalyptic Dharma hieroglyphs (not the turning of the failsafe key as I misstated above).

Rebecca T. said...

When in doubt, the answer is always Deflated Ghost Chicken.

Ah hahahahahahahahahaha! I think that is the best line EVER on this blog. And I totally buy the theory!

Marebabe said...

@Nikki & Question Mark: The two of you get all the credit for "Deflated Ghost Chicken", QM for planting the seed of the idea, and Nikki for running with it and coining our new favorite phrase. And, QM, I love your suggestion that it should be the codeword for the season 6 finale. I hope that Darlton will open it up to the fans next year. If DGC wins, you guys should definitely split the prize. Unless it's a T-shirt or something, in which case I don't know WHAT you'll do. (Hmmm...wouldn't Deflated Ghost Chicken be a terrific name for a Lost blog? Or a heavy metal band?)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...add two more mysteries to the pile of those that will never be solved.

1. Where WAS Nathan for two hours when he said he was going to the bathroom? (Did he take a newspaper and make a day of it?)

2. And on that same subject, how did Bernard, who was in the lavatory at the time of the crash, end up strapped to a seat in the tail section?

I've tried to accept "deflated ghost chicken" as the answer for both of these, but it's just not working for me.

Susan said...

1. Nathan also said the reason no one remembered him from the plane was because he was in the bathroom. He must have major digestive issues.

2. I figure Bernard did like Charlie did, when the plane started to shake he got out of the bathroom and strapped himself into the nearest seat. What I can't figure out is how his seat ended up in the jungle when the tail section approached from the water.

Anonymous said...

I think Rose's faith has a lot to do with her realization that she has been cured on the island. what wouldn't you believe after that?

Joan Crawford said...

Maybe people who "believe" get helped on the island. Like Rose and John but people who don't like Jack (appendix) and Sawyer (eyes) don't? Maybe Ben got sick because he began to doubt? Maybe Kate is too flawed because she doesn't believe in anything? What is the sound of one hand clapping? This stuff is over my head.

Rebecca T. said...

But Kate has never been injured (seriously) on the Island. And of everybody, she's the one who got her life the most together, being a great mother to Aaron and ditching Jack when he went off the deep end again.

hmmmmmmm..... maybe she doesn't believe so much that the Island ignores her.

Does that even make any sense?

And Joan - the sound of one hand clapping is the the sound of silence :P

Joan Crawford said...

@ Sonshine: "hmmmmmmm..... maybe she doesn't believe so much that the Island ignores her.
Does that even make any sense?"

Nothing makes any sense to me anymore! I just want Lost to start and to tell me what to do! Hahah!

Do remember that episode of the Simpsons? Gabo is coming!

"He'll tell us what to do!"

That is how I feel :(

J.W. said...

Funny Ben line, Nikki.

This is a favorite episode of mine. I love that there's no "Previously on Lost" at the beginning. It's like a brand new show, and until the last ten minutes you don't need to know anything from the past.

Backtracking a bit to when the second season was first airing: when my wife (who was then my girlfriend) and her roommate first saw the tailies, they figured Eko was Rose's husband. "Dude, Rose's husband is hot!" Then when Bernard (who seems to me more Rose's type) was revealed to be her husband, my girlfriend exclaimed, "We're such racist fools!"

Flashforward to this past week, as we're watching this episode and we know so much more about Mr. "beat you with his Jesus stick" Eko, perhaps the last man Rose would ever marry:

Me: So, you thought that was Rose's husband, huh?

Wife: "I've already admitted I was a racist fool, okay?"

Actually, with regard to the identity of Rose's husband, I think the writers intended to trick some of the fans. I think Hurley has a comment later on about the issue.

The Rush Blog said...

I know that many people find this hard to believe, but I don't think that Ana-Lucia was solely responsible for Nathan's death. Just about all of them were . . . including Nathan.

His secretive and abrasive behavior rubbed Ana-Lucia, Cindy and Libby the wrong way. Which would explain why all three of them were suspicious of him.

I suspect that Eko was also suspicious of Nathan. He was willing to give the Canadian a banana, but he was not willing to help Nathan out of the pit. And since he wasn't scared of Ana, I can only guess that he had his own suspicions.

Bernard never really did anything to help Nathan. He protested lightly about Nathan being dumped into the pit . . . but he didn't do anything.

But the one person I hold truly responsible for Nathan's death was Goodwin. Killing Nathan was unnecessary, as far as I am concerned. All he had to do was let Nathan go. The latter would have taken pains to stay out of Ana-Lucia's path.

RosieP said...

But Kate has never been injured (seriously) on the Island. And of everybody, she's the one who got her life the most together, being a great mother to Aaron and ditching Jack when he went off the deep end again.

Kate got her life together by pretending to be the mother of a baby that wasn't hers . . . and keeping said baby from his true family?

Why do fans keep pretending that Kate did nothing wrong by keeping Aaron for herself? By doing this, they are robbing Kate of her moment when she finally realized that raising Aaron was the wrong thing to do.

Juanita's Journal said...

The Tailies had children; there were no children on the other beach.

My God! Have you forgotten Walt Lloyd?