Thursday, August 27, 2009

2.08 Collision

Follow along! The episode guide for “Collision” is in Finding Lost, pp. 218-223.

Another great episode. Love her or hate her, this AL flashback is amazing, and gives new insight and sympathy to a character who’s barreled through this season as a wall of rage. I LOVE that scene at the end where she and Jack finally come face to face again. They each recognize the other, remembering when they’d last crossed paths in a bar at the airport, and how vastly different their lives – and they – are now. As the two leaders, they’ve have two very different experiences. And now, she stands in the jungle as the failure. She’s just been abandoned by her people, who have completely lost faith in her. Jack’s lost a handful of people; she’s lost about 80% of hers. As she stares at Jack, we see a leader who is defeated, who has lost her self-respect and her pride, who has seen more death and fear than anyone on the other side of the island, and who has now pissed off one of the people in the other camp, meaning her life is NOT about to get any easier.

Fun things I noticed:
• I never get tired of badass Sayid. NEVER.
• Wow, Ana’s mom rolls over really fast. “NO, absolutely not, I will not put you in the field. Never. No way. Nyuh-uh.” “Fine, give me a transfer.” “Okay fine, here’s your car.” Sheesh.
• Why does her mom tell her the surprise of the birthday cake? I’ve always found that interesting: it’s like an insight into her character, not allowing her daughter that one moment of surprise and happiness. “Oh, they got you a cake. Try to look surprised.” Well, I wouldn’t have to TRY if you hadn’t TOLD me about the damn cake, Ma.
• That golf speech always cracks me up. My husband is a golf writer, constantly traveling around the world for pieces, and as a close-to-scratch golfer, he’s REALLY serious about it. So in our house, when the discussion isn’t about Lost, it’s about golf. I don’t golf, but I know a hell of a lot about the game. Jack and Kate having their “golf-off” always makes me laugh.
• Scenes of screaming babies always unnerve me. I always imagine the mother of the baby sitting just off-screen by the camera, fretting about how many takes they’re doing of this scene and how traumatized the infant must be. :::shudder:::
• Kate: “You really put it in there!” Jack: “That’s what she said.”
• Has there EVER been a moment on this show where Jack says, “Kate, please get me this STAT! It’s imperative that you hurry. This person will die if you don’t move RIGHT NOW” and Kate actually doesn’t just stand there gawking at the situation and have to be asked twice?
• Libby says AL’s a bad judge of character, because “I was with you when you put Nathan in the pit.” Yeah, and when AL questioned doing it, it was LIBBY who convinced her to stick with her gut and keep him in the pit.
• I don’t believe for a second that after EVERYTHING that has happened, the moment Eko says, “Ana Lucia” Jack’s mind would immediately go, “I’m sorry, what? You mean the Latina I bumped into at the airport? I remember she was ordering a tequila and tonic and then her cellphone rang. In fact, I saw the number on the display, and it was 323-555-2342.” I just don’t buy it. As much as the drama at the end requires both of them to have a memory of that bar scene, I might believe that they would remember each other by sight, but definitely not by name.
• This is the first time I noticed Jason wearing a redshirt. ;) But it’s not exactly fitting the definition, since usually redshirts are unnamed characters whose only purpose is to die.
• The Bernard/Rose reunion is one of the most wonderful moments in the entire series. It makes me well up with tears every single time.
• The Sun/Jin reunion is another great moment, but it pales in comparison to Bernard and Rose. It's not because I don't love seeing them together (I'm praying for a reunion in S6). It’s because Michael comes to the garden and tells Sun that Jin is OK. This after a week of her thinking her husband is dead... of fretting over a ring that to her, if she lost it, meant she may have lost her husband, too... of thinking she might be alone after all. Now she gets word he’s OK. What does she do? Does she run to the hatch and tell Jack she needs to go with them to find Jin so she can see him again? Does she run around the camp shouting with glee that her husband is alive? Does she beg Michael for details of just HOW okay he is and where he is and what she can do to get back to him? No. She does the laundry. Huh? This, from the woman who will later abandon her own child to return to her husband via crazy Dharma Lamp Post Plane? It doesn’t add up.
• I’ve also always thought it was a little strange that Jin walks back into the camp and everyone jumps up with huge smiles on their faces and rushes over to greet him, rather than thinking, “Aw, CRAP, I guess this means no rescue?”

Things that have new meaning:
• AL’s partner, Mike, is the guy who interrogates Hurley in “The Beginning of the End” when Hurley freaks out and is involved in the police chase.
• I love that scene of Eko and Locke staring at each other for the first time, and Locke’s simple, “Hello.” The alarm has just sounded, the button has been pushed, and now they are staring each other down. It foreshadows the ultimate war they will have over the button, and Locke being by Eko’s side when Eko dies.
• Sayid has the long speech about his life as a torturer and what he’s done when AL asks him if she should kill him, and concludes it with, “Maybe you were meant to.” WHOA!! Talk about foreshadowing. Not only is that definite destiny talk, but he’s suggesting maybe her purpose for being on the island is to kill him as punishment for his crimes, as if a higher purpose put her there for that reason. In S5, he’ll believe his own destiny is to kill Ben Linus BEFORE he can perpetrate the crimes, and that a higher being put him there.
• AL says she’s already dead because she was shot, but lived. It made me think of Locke, who was momentarily dead before Jacob touched him (I think) and who felt dead afterwards, like his life had no purpose. And now… IS dead. :::sniffle:::


Robert said...

This episode - as opposed to many Lost fans - actually doesn't bother me. I didn't decide to hate her right off the bat, because Lost loves to play with your sympathy with flashbacks. I liked this episode because it makes you really think about who is the villain and who is the victim.

It always makes me sad when I watch a Tailie flashback episode, knowing their ultimate fate. Notice how close they are to doing that with the Freighter series regulars (two down, one to go) as well. I do exclude Frank Lapidus and Bernard because they are not series regulars. It's nice to introduce new characters, but it's always a battle of trying not to care TOO much for them, in case they croak.

Gillian Whitfield said...

Even though AL was my least liked character, I loved her flashback episode. I have nothing against Michelle Rodriguez's acting.

Even though I have seen this episode countless times, I think this was one of the only times that I cried at the reunion scene (it could also be that I just got back from 11 days of travel and I was exhausted).

Marebabe said...

Nikki, I'd just like to second everything you said about Ana's mom. You said "sheesh". I agree.

As far as Jack remembering Ana Lucia when he heard her name, I suppose it could happen because of the uniqueness of the name. Before Lost, I personally had never heard the name in my life. Maybe it's a common name among Hispanics living in LA, but if you're a white dude surrounded by folks with Mouseketeer first names, I think Ana Lucia would stand out a little bit. Plus, she told him that she was gonna be on his flight.

While everyone's acting all happy to see Jin, I think they're doing it with mixed feelings. I'm sure that "Aw, CRAP, no rescue" is there right below the surface.

The music at the end recalled the raft launch theme. I'm now thinking of it as Lost's "happy, triumphant theme". I really, REALLY hope we'll get to hear it again in season 6. There's just got to be some happy stuff in the final season!

Batcabbage said...

Nik: AL’s partner, Mike, is the guy who interrogates Hurley in “The Beginning of the End” when Hurley freaks out and is involved in the police chase.

I love that guy, he's a great actor. Every time Batkitty and I see him on screen we can't help but say 'I'm drawing a complete... Blanke'.

Also, Nik, the term 'Crazy Dharma Lamp Post Plane' should be forever entered into the official Lost lexicon. Brilliant. :)

Joan Crawford said...

@Nikki I totally agree about the traumatized baby thing! I remember watching "What's Love Got To Do With It" The Tina Turner Story (I recommend it!) and they have a scene where Ike is beating the hell out of Tina - in front of the small kids! They are bawling their eyes out! Another time I saw a TV show about a mom who was murdered and how the 2 year old was left behind to stay with her - ALL BLOODY - for hours and they have a crying kid with a lady covered in blood pretending to be dead!!!! One last example is a music video for MGMT - it has a baby in a crib and out in the street TERRIFIED of all the gory demons and monsters everywhere! I was so disturbed, I couldn't watch it to the end. I used to like the song until I saw the video - now, I can't bear to hear it.

End Freako Mom Rant.

Seabiscuit said...

I may not like A-L but I love it when she speaks Spanish. So cool.

On a side note, Mama Lucia is played by Rachel Titcotin, who was the voice of Chief of Detectives Maria Chavez on the 90s Disney animated series "Gargoyles". Guess she likes playing cops. ;p

And Kate taking care of a sick and suffering Sawyer was one of my favorite moments of season 2. "You're gonna be OK. You're home." Aww. And if that wasn't touching enough, Rose and Bernard's reunion just made me lose it completely. I bawled my eyes out.

Seabiscuit said...

Oh, yeah, and I found myself heartily wishing Kate would just up and wrap a five-iron around Jack's head at several points in the episode. That man cannot give a compliment to save his life. Sheesh.

Joan Crawford said...

@seabiscuit - GARGOYLES! I loved that show! You have brought back a flood of memories!

Rebecca T. said...

@Nikki: “Oh, they got you a cake. Try to look surprised.” Well, I wouldn’t have to TRY if you hadn’t TOLD me

I know! Right? I just thought it was so mean of her. Maybe a way of getting back at her? How spiteful no matter how you look at it.

I don't believe the instant recall of Jack either. Then again, he did remember Des from that one short encounter, so I guess he does have an exceptional memory (I can't remember that amazing word someone used here. Someone please remind me!)

Something I noticed at the end of the episode there is this contrast of all these close embraces - Bernard and Rose, Sun and Jin, even Sayid clutching Shannon's body as he walks out of the jungle. Then it ends with this great distance between AL and Jack as they stare at each other.

I am really trying to keep myself out of the shippers lane. Really and truly, but I have to say that I love that scene between Kate and Sawyer and think they had some pretty terrific chemistry.

The Question Mark said...

@ Nikki- hahahahaha! Nik, your hilarious comments about stuff you noticed in the episode had me in stitches and reminded me why you're my favouritest writer ever! :)
Ana Lucia's mom giving in so easily actually made me laugh out loud when I watched that episode yesterday, and you bringing it up again was the icing on the cake.
And Jack's uber-photographic memory! Funny, he can remember the most minute details regarding a random meeting that happened 4 years ago and lasted all of a few minutes, but he can't grow a decent beard.

But, in Jacks' defense, if a hottie like Ana Lucia was flirting with ME at an airport bar, I'd probably remember her, too. :)

I love the flashback in this ep. For me it's on par with Walkabout. The revelation at the end turns an already stellar backstory and takes it down a whole new road of intrigue. AL's face, and the tone of her voice, when she mutters, "I was pregnant" always gives me goosebumps. The same can be said for that final shot of 815's to leaders staring at one another across an empty space with no need for words at all.

P.S.- Gargoyles was awesome.

Marebabe said...

@SonshineMusic: That vocabulary word from last week was

eidetic: an eidetic image is a mental image that is unusually vivid and detailed, as if actually visible.

Glad to help. I also like the contrast you pointed out, between all those close embraces and the huge distance between AL and Jack at the very end.

@The Question Mark: Good call, comparing Walkabout's twist ending with the twist in Collision.

Susan said...

I have to admit that I didn't even think that AL's mom was trying to spoil her surprise. I thought maybe AL was the kind of person who hates surprises so her mom was trying to warn her ahead of time so she would act surprised instead of ticked off. I guess her motivations are a question the producers will never answer ;)

That scene where mom caves in to AL's threat has always bugged me too. This woman is a captain of police???

Anonymous said...

In one shot where AL is talking to the psychologist you can see her left hand and it looks like she has a wedding ring on.

Just noticed that.


Rebecca T. said...

@Marebabe: Thanks! I knew it started with an E, but couldn't find it. I love learning new words :)

JennM said...

I guess AL is like some kind of tragic hero, though I still super didn't like her much. She seemed more like a dictator, and less like a leader, and I think that's what did me in. I just couldn't get into her character at all. I called her tragic hero because I do have a heart, and after seeing her flashback I realized that she had not had an easy go of things before getting on 815.

Rose/Bernard Reunion: The first (but not the last) time that this show had me sobbing.

EvaHart said...

Beautiful ending, I had been looking forward to it ever since Bernard asked about Rose a few episodes back. It didn't dissapoint.

@The question mark- totally agree about the twist at the end of the episode, it's delivered perfectly and gives a whole new level to Al, it gave some insight into the way she acts and explains her fondeness for Zack and Emma.

Highlight had to be Locke and Eko meeting for the first time. :)

Fred said...

Another doctor joke: Eko walks out oft he jungle and asks for the doctor. There's Jack, golf club in hand. Well, of course!

Notice Sayid tells the remaining Tailies AL has no plan. Unlike someone else we know who always does.

When Sawyer is brought in and Jack learns about Shannon, he jumps to conclusions, just like AL. First reaction is get a rifle and get his people back. There is a lot on LOST of quick gut reactions, which often turn out badly.

@Nikki: yeah Sun doing laundry just seemed so odd. But it does make for a better reunion, at least on film to see Jin run up to her.

I wonder, with the whole Shannon being shot, did the island not want the two groups to meet?

I reedited Locke's crossword. In place of "GILGAMESH", the best I got so faer is "SPRIG_ACI" (the space may be "L"). Nothing quite fits the end. So no clue here.

Austin Gorton said...

A thought just occurred to me: was there ever any indication that any of the Tailies ever shared their experiences (as detailed in "The Other 48 Days") with any of the other Losties?

I know they told Michael and Sawyer bits and pieces along the way, but I wonder if anyone knows the full, detailed account of their first 48 days on the island, if for no other reason than to appreciate the differences like we do.

Not a big a deal either way, story-wise, obviously.

Anonymous said...

I also though that AL's mom spoiled the birthday cake surprise because she knew her daughter doesn't do well with them and she was trying to help, but I also didn't buy her as a police captain.

It was interesting that AL didn't want to identify Jason and let the system, her system, as she's a cop, do it's thing. She is the ONLY thing she trusts even before getting to the island.

It was funny that Jack specified that Kate make sure the sheets on the bed be CLEAN, yet Sawyer himself is totally dirty and disgusting and then the first thing she does after they lay him down is climb up on the bed with her dirty clothes and shoes on.

I also noticed that Kate tells Sawyer he is home and I wondered if she meant the hatch, or the island or herself, or perhaps all three.

I loved the first meeting of Echo and Lock, who's names have a similar ring and the first thing I though when I saw them together was: two sides, one white and one black

Jazzygirl said...

Just wanted to chime in real quiick. I watched this last week before going away. I was really looking forward to this episode for many reasons. I think it's classic LOST with the flashbacks giving us new insight and making us question our own judgments of a person's character. I loved what everyone else did too..especially the reunions at the end. And I can't WAIT for next week's when we get the line about Bernard NOT being black. And also when Echo sits with Locke and says "let me start at the beginning" and he starts at the beginning of the bible and Locke says something like "you weren't kidding!" But I'm getting ahead of myself.
I actually don't think it's impossible for Jack to remember AL's name. It's not common and they did have an exchange. I don't think the past 48 days would erase that. Perhaps it triggered a memory and then when he saw her it all clicked. But yes, it's amazing what she's had to deal with as leader. They did not have all the luxuries as the fuselage people did. Oh and I also think Cindy was a planted Other. Maybe Libby too. :)

Anonymous said...

I for one totally believe Jack remembered Ana-Lucia, since they've already established his eidetic memory.

Someone mentioned the most unbelievable scene in LOST was Ana-Lucia digging that giant pit with a piece of metal in a matter of two days. I have to disagree; the *most* unbelievable was when a convenience store clerk glanced across a parking lot, spotted Hurley sitting in a dark van 30 yards away and recognized him as the person who had bought a lottery ticket with the winning numbers.

Besides, we all know Ana-Lucia is a single-minded robot; she could've gotten the job done if she didn't take any breaks.

I'm so glad to see Eko again. I like that they tempered his intimidating demeanor with the scenes of his gentleness with the children.

Sayid: "A few weeks ago I tied a man to a tree and tortured him, as I have tortured many."

Ana-Lucia: "Yeah, so?"

Sayid: "And now I am the one tied to a tree."

Ana-Lucia: "Yeah, and?"

Sayid: "Did I mention that a beautiful woman came along and kissed the man tied to the tree after I left?"

Ana-Lucia: "What are you getting at?"

Sayid: "I assure you, it was a happy ending. Hint, hint."

Joan Crawford said...

Studiorose: AHAHAHAAHAHAHA! That is really creepy - how did you know my fantasy - verbatim!?

Anonymous said...

Joan Crawford, get out of my head! Every time I see Sayid in a helpless state (tied up or unconscious), it makes me all tingly. And I too am completely creeped out by his long fingernails, though not enough to let that stand in the way of a good "action" scene. :)

Hieronymus42 said...

Hey Nikki!
I'm 15, a big fan of the show, and I love all your books!!
Anyways, I just have to tell you something about "Jason" in this episode... (for those of you who don't know, he's the one who AL shot)
I recently took a trip to The Big Island of Hawaii for 3 weeks to work for my parent's friends. There, I attended church once a week. My last week in Hawaii, I went to church and suddenly recognized someone in there.... Believe it or not, it was Aaron Gold, who plays Jason!!!!
Actually it was his first time there, so I was especially lucky to get to see him.
I was so psyched, so I went and talked to him, and he was super nice! We actually became pretty good friends and went to dinner at a friend's house. He told me all about the buisness and about the actors and everything. Actually, he used to be a stunt double for Boone in the 1st season.
He even sent me a LOST season 5 Film Crew t-shirt!
Anyways, I thought it was great time. It certainly was the highlight of my trip!

celandinehaleth said...

Just to say I now have your books Niki, (Wow are they helpful!) I continue to lurk, but haven't posted for awhile, and now I have a Blog account so I will be easier to recognize:)

Libby an Other???? I don't think so. Maybe as an "escaped Other" who is pulled back against her will?


Juanita's Journal said...

I must admit that Libby's comment about Nathan and the pit annoyed me.

Really annoyed me. I actually wrote an article about the circumstances surrounding Nathan's death.