Thursday, August 13, 2009

1.23 Exodus, Part 1

Follow along! The episode guide for “Born to Run” is in Finding Lost, pp. 144-150.

One thing you can say about Team Darlton: They know how to do a season finale (take THAT, Tim Kring!) Every single one is phenomenal (and I have never been in the camp that hated the season 1 finale, which comes next… I thought the cliffhanger of what was in the hatch was kind of awesome, in the same way that the screen went white at the end of season 5). This first part showed us where the first half of the survivors were just before boarding the plane. And gave us yet another reason to hate Shannon.

Fun things I noticed:
• Man, it took a lot of guts (or something else) to walk into that camp the way Rousseau did. This is a woman who’s lived alone for 16 years, and stared at Sayid as if he were an alien, and now she waltzes into the camp like she’s one of them. It still creeps me out to see her moving silently through the jungle behind the camp.
• I always thought it was a little strange that Jack and Locke are chatting in this ep. I always saw the Boone thing as the real break between the two of them, which sparked all the philosophical arguments they’ll have next season, but here they are chatting (albeit disagreeing) about what Rousseau said.
• It’s interesting that the Others left the Swan alone for all these years. They must have known Desmond was in there, and what he was doing (Juliet chuckles about it in season 5, a moment that’s always baffled me for how laissez-faire she acts about the whole thing).
• Rousseau: “Dynamite. At the Black Rock. In the Dark Territory.” Hurley: “Well, that’s 3 reasons to go right there.”
• LOOOOVE the look on Arzt’s face when he hears that Montand lost his frickin’ arm.
• This ep contains two of my favourite scenes of the series: Jin and Sun making up (please please please let be this be a precursor to the same scene in season 6!!) and Sawyer telling Jack about Christian. It kind of makes their eventual dislike of one another kinda sad.
• The music in the launch scene is fantastic. I’ve always loved that majestic music.

Things that have new meaning:
• At the time we’re to assume she’s staring at Claire because Claire has a baby, but we know better now.
• Ana Lucia guesses that Jack’s not a drinker, but he is… we’ll see him in other flashbacks knocking them back, he just can’t hold it very well. He certainly becomes much better at it after the rescue…
• For everyone who will eventually hate Ana Lucia (and I’ll admit, I had my moments, but I really liked her in the end), this is the scene they should revisit. She’s warm, funny, and attempting to turn her life around.
• There are many lines in this episode that are filled with dramatic irony: Ana Lucia offering to trade places with Jack; Arzt telling Jack he should come along if they don’t all want to blow up (kind of true… THEY weren’t the ones who blew up).


Paithan1 said...

Whoo Hoo! I'm first. So, does Ana Lucia know that Jack is Christian's son? Who calls her? After Hurley's comment, why does he go to the Dark Territory? Haha...Shannon was the one who got Sayid in trouble...should she admit it (like Locke) or does she even remember? The first separation of Jin & Sun...As a mother, I think Claire needs to keep Aaron's head covered in the sun. And it's the last time most of the Losties will see Walt.

"How exactly does something like this happen?"
"Are you on the same island as I am?" Rousseau's face is hilarious here.
"Guess that explains it."

Marebabe said...

Cliffhangers don't just happen at the end of an episode or at the end of a season. There are some great ones right before commercial breaks, and "Exodus, Part 1" has one of the all-time best. At about 29 minutes, right before a commercial, Arzt is heard freaking out and seen running back towards the group. He's shouting "RUNNN!" and then we hear the smoke monster noises, and the thought that we were gonna hafta wait several minutes to find out what was going to happen next made me absolutely twitchy! I'd finished my popcorn by then, so I spent the rest of the hour twirling my hair. Such stellar writing, directing, acting, and editing. I'm so in love with Lost!

It's a shame that you can only experience things for the first time once.

Seeing all the stuff they put on the raft made me wonder yet again, who flies with a ton of camping gear? Our Losties seem to have a never-ending supply of tarps and Coleman coolers. It's wonderfully convenient for them, but I've always wondered about all their tarps etc.

Nikki, I totally agree with you about the raft launch music. It also underscores all the goodbyes before the launch, and I think it's my favorite sequence of the entire series to date. Sheer perfection.

There's one more item that I want to mention. When Hurley and Arzt are trekking along, Arzt is trying to get Hurley to pronounce his name correctly. When Hurley suggests that he could just call him by his first name, Leslie, Arzt says, "ARNZT is fine." Love it.

Joan Crawford said...

@ Nikki "I always thought it was a little strange that Jack and Locke are chatting in this ep. I always saw the Boone thing as the real break between the two of them, which sparked all the philosophical arguments they’ll have next season, but here they are chatting (albeit disagreeing) about what Rousseau said."

Yeah, I completely agree. I find that they do this a lot in Lost. For the viewer, a whole week passes but for the Losties it is only days or even just hours that have passed sometimes. Like when Charlie died - everyone got over their mourning pretty damn quick, I'd say.

humanebean said...

"The Others are coming". Damn STRAIGHT, they are!

Joan Crawford said...

@Marebabe Yes, where are all those tarps coming from? I don't have one tarp in my whole house. The people on the plane apparently don't leave home without theirs.
Let's see: Passport, check. Tickets, check. 4 tarps, check...

Benny said...

- Given the kidnapping scene, I'm wondering if Rousseau had seen black smoke or not the day Alex was taken.

- Rousseau says: "Where it all began, when my team got infected and Montand lost his arm". We know Montand did not lose his arm then but on the first day. THAT is an error.

- If the Black Rock is the NAME of the boat, why did Rousseau call it "Rocher Noir" in her message?

- It just hit me this time around. Jack and Christian always had that harsh relationship but in this episode, Jack finally realizes this has changed. Makes me think about how much Christian's involvement in the O6 return pushed Jack to believe.

- I actually didn't like Ana Lucia in this scene. I don't quite know why but right from the start I didn't like it. Though it was funny (and precursor) when she said she was sitting in the back.

Just a note Nik! The writers had said the Others were not aware of the Swan since it had been built in secrecy. Richard and Eloise must certainly be aware. Ben likely knew as well since he was in DHARMA. So it really makes you think...

I think I'll have more to say after part II. Funny coincidence, The Incident, Part I is playing on SRC (the french CBC).

Benny said...

Tarps are present in plane cargos to hold luggage and control condensation. They do have a lot, I'm not sure how big the ones in planes are.

Coolers... not sure about that.

Joan Crawford said...

@Benny - Hehe, well, that makes a hell of a lot more sense than my theory!

Benny said...

@Joan: Your is not too bad, in that if a lot of the passengers had gone camping in Australia, they may very well have had tarps with them, the more people, the more tarps!

Marebabe said...

@ Benny & Joan: You're right. I suppose air travellers can take along any luggage they wish, as long as it's within the carrier's guidelines, not overweight, not hazardous, etc. In fact, d'you remember Nathan, the unfortunate Tailie who got tossed into the pit by Ana Lucia and murdered by Goodwin? He said that the reason he was in Australia was for a company retreat. Maybe it was a camping-style retreat. Could be.

Seabiscuit said...

Exodus is my absolute favorite of all the season finales.

The moments I found to be the most beautiful were the subtle ones, like where Charlie gives Sawyer the message bottle for safekeeping, and when Sawyer and Kate each look for the other to say goodbye, but were both in the wrong places at the wrong times.

And of course the launch scene. I bawled when Vincent tried to follow Walt. That was the last time they'd see each other. ;.;

J.W. said...

I don't have anything profound to say, but boy is Lost good at finishing seasons. It seems that 3/4 of the way through each season everything suddenly becomes more urgent, more dramatic, and more interesting. This is the first time it happens, and it's fun to watch (again).

Kate said...

I don't really have anything profound to say either but I agree with what everyone's been saying--Lost can do finales right!

I loved Sawyer telling Jack about how he talked to his father in the Australian bar. I too find it sad that their relationship becomes so rocky in the future, I really think that underneath it all they're a lot alike. Anyway, that was a good scene.

Anything with Hurley in this episode was awesome.

Is Artz an acronym for anything? Ratz,Tarz, Tazr, Azrt,, Zart--that's a cool one! The letters in Artz just have this feel like they should be rearranged. Hahah! =P

Amy said...

I thought as I watched both this, and part 2, that Exodus is still one of the best episodes they've done in the series. There is so much character drama here in addition to the plot drama. Beautifully done.

I'm also hoping for a Jin/Sun reunion in season 6. Watching them make up here only made me think about all they're about to go through.

Sawyer telling Jack about Christian is still my favorite Sawyer moment after 5 seasons. Even after all we've seen him do and how we've seen him grow, this moment is still the best to me. Sawyer does something selfless for someone he's not that fond of, and he does it without being snarky or bitter. He is sincere and does it because it's right that Jack should know how his father truly felt about him.

Susan said...

I too love the season finales.


I love the flashbacks at the airport and on the plane, bringing all our characters to their destiny.

As for Ana Lucia, storywise, maybe she was trying to get her life together, but to me it looks like they introduced her to foreshadow her showing up in s.2, and when she finally shows up they have gone a different direction with her. Her behavior at the bar doesn't really match her flashbacks or her island interactions.

Arzt: If you want to keep a secret, don't tell the fat guy. What a clever way for the writers to explain how everyone learns what's going on!


One of my favorite things is when you get two characters together who have barely interacted before. I really loved the scene where Walt gives Vincent to Shannon. These two have hardly ever spoken (that we've seen) but Walt knows she's hurting and shares his solution with her.

Anonymous said...

I feel really dumb now, but I didn't notice until the rewatch that Rousseau tells Sayid & Charlie that she heard the others say they were "coming for the boy," and didn't even make the connection that they meant Walt, not Aaron. Sheez. And boy did I feel bad for her when Charlie very meanly calls her "pathetic" - THERE'S a pot calling a kettle black! At least she got to hold the baby for awhile.

Okay, why does Sayid not remember the snarky bitch who ratted him out in the airport when he asked her to watch his bag? I imagine he went through three kinds of hell in the airport security office; one would think he'd remember that face when he saw it again on the plane - and forever afterwards. I was soooo happy to see Shannon get killed. That perpetual look of smug superiority on her face was getting tiresome.

Joan Crawford said...

@ Studiorose
I know, right?! I hated Shannon and I don't care at all about her back story. Incestuous little freak that she was. Hahaha, who said that?! Plus, I totally heart, she never really had a chance with me ;)

Jazzygirl said...

Uh-oh looks like Nikki's post for Part 2 didn't make it. LOL
Yes, I agree with everyone about the beautiful parts of this episode. When the raft really got going, you could see from their faces that they really felt FREE.
Studiorose, I did the same thing!! Don't feel dumb! When Rousseau said they were coming for the boy, I went OH DUH!!!! I am finding LOTS of things I didn't catch the first time around. It's so much easier to beat ourselves us NOW because we KNOW what's coming. Like in the opening of S2...oh whoops...hee hee, I couldn't resist...I had to keep watching! LOL! But as an example. I didn't figure out it was Desmond until Jack did even though we saw the flashback in the stadium when they met pretty early on in the episode.
I am a little confused about something Nikki wrote about having new meaning...when she said "we thought she was looking at Claire b/c of the baby, now we know better."
What is she talking about? LOL!

The Question Mark said...

@ Nikki: I absolutely agree with all of your Fun Things I Noticed for this episode. Hurley's line, "Well there's reasons to go right there", is probably one of the funniest lines in the history of the show so far!

@ Susan: Yes, I also really love those scenes when two characters interact that you don't normally see. Like, I love when Sawyer and Walt share a scene, because Walt is pure, 100% kid, and Sawyer is probably the last guy in the world who should be talking to kids. It just makes for such entertaining chemistry. I also really like Sawyer-Claire scenes and Hurley-Eko scenes.
I've got my fingers crossed for an epic Rose-Smokey scene in season 6!

Also, i can't remember if it happens in Exodus Part 1, or Part 2, but listen closely to the guy who says "Previously on Lost" sounds like they used a different voice actor in this instance for some reason? I think they did the same thing in "Deus Ex Machina".

The Question Mark said...

My bad!
"Well, there's THREE reasons to go right there."
Leave it to me to screw up on a quote! LOL

Ali Bags said...

Oh I do love some of these rewatch discussions - the Tarps debate is a new classic!

Marebabe said...

@Jazzygirl: "We thought she was looking at Claire because of the baby, now we know better." If I'm remembering this correctly, in the S2 episode, "Maternity Leave", we're going to find out what happened to Claire during the two weeks she was missing, when she was taken by the Others. Danielle and Alex helped her escape, and Danielle even had to carry Claire part of the way back to the beach camp, and put up with her struggling and scratching. Remember the scratches on Danielle's arm that Claire put there? So they've been through a lot together, and when Danielle looks at Claire, she's remembering all that drama from a few weeks ago.

Casey S. Pitman said...

I had forgotten that Ana Lucia actually showed up in season 1. Neat.

The launch scene always gets me. That music is amazing, but I find it impossible not to cry when Vincent tries to follow and has to turn back. I'm a dog lover, and that gets to me every time. There is just something about the loyalty of a dog that is both life-affirming and heart-breaking all at the same time. They are so much more noble than we petty humans...

Jazzygirl said...

Ah okay Marebabe. I do remember all that, I guess I just didn't interpret Nikki's quote very well.

Unknown said...

Anyone notice how during the launch, you can see one of the cameras on the edge of the scene a couple times? There's a guy floating on a fluorescent green board with a big camera -- then they cut to an angle that corresponds to that spot, looking from the water up at the raft, or at Vincent. Wonder why they left that in? I work on film productions, and "You're in the shot!" is a common cry telling people to get out of the way...

The Shout said...

Casey: Love the music over the launch scene too. In fact Exodus contains two of my favourite cues in the whole series. This and the one that plays of the closing montage of part 2.
Sad and uplifting at the same time.

Nikki Stafford said...

Jazzygirl: Sorry about my confusing line... I could see why it wouldn't make any sense! I was too busy packing up my tarps that I'd brought on vacation with me... teehee...

What I meant was, in "Exodus, Part 1," the writers wanted us to think Rousseau was looking at Claire because she was holding a baby, and she was missing Alex and wanted to hold a baby again. But now, after watching Maternity Leave in season 2, in hindsight we know she was looking at her because she'd already encountered her in the jungle.

Strange, though, in retrospect, that Rousseau would have saved Claire in the jungle and gotten her and her unborn baby away from the Others, only to take Aaron and try to hand him over. Temporary insanity, I guess...

Jennifer: LOL! I often thought throughout the first couple of seasons that they need to get sunblock on that kid's head. Haha!

Benny: I agree about the Montand thing: I pointed it out as an inconsistency back in "Solitary," but it's definitely worth repeating here.

Marebabe: I agree, the Arnzt is fine quote was the one I chose as the highlight in my book (I've been careful not to repeat anything from the book in these summaries).

Nikki Stafford said...

By the way, I just wanted to say that I'm so glad all of you enjoyed the finale so much! When my first book came out I got a lot of emails from people telling me they really hated Exodus, and that it was rather universally reviled among fans at the time. I thought that was crazy talk, since I loved it so much. So I'm glad to see I'm not alone!

J.W. said...

You know, Nikki, the internet is great, but I think one problem with it is that complainers tend to be more vocal than the silent majority, so the kind of thing you talk about happens. Sometimes I miss the days of the 80's when TV shows could do their thing without negative idiots logging online and telling the cast, crew and the audience that they're stupid for making/liking it.

EvaHart said...

One word. Spectacular.
I think Exodus is special in many ways, thanks to it being the first season finale and all the beautiful little bits we get, like Sawyer telling Jack about his father, Walt giving shannon Vincent and the flashback of everyone boarding the plane.

I think I must be in the minority of people who actually genuinely like Shannon. I know she is a selfish cow at times but who can blame her? Her stepmother must be in the running for the worst parent prize. She is only like she is now becasue of how she has been treated. And losing everyone she loved, thats not an easy thing to deal with.

Right Shannon defence over, I always cringe when Charlie has his rant at Rousseau, although he must be feeling a little rough after having gunpowder exploded on his head and the discovery of a load of heroin in the jungle.

Well thats about it, just a really good episode in my opinion :)

Susan said...

Eva you're definitely right about Shannon, I disliked her first season but grew to like her second season (and then they killed her). I think more people would have liked Shannon if we had seen her flashback earlier.

tiasabita said...

So awesome!! Just got Nikki's first book today and dove right in! Love it and love this blog and love the re-watch!

@jazzygirl - Don't feel bad - I also didn't understand the reference about Rousseau & Claire! There's so much I didn't get the first time around and it's so fun watching and reading and having that light bulb go off!

'Leslie is a bitchin name!' - I love Hurley!

@studiorose - I also couldn't believe Sayid wouldn't recognize Shannon after the bag debacle. Of course I can't come up with any specific examples right now but I've had that thought before when they've shown some of the other characters interacting or exchanging glances.

Back to my book....!

Nikki Stafford said...

tiasabita: Thanks for getting the book! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. :)

Does anyone else ever watch the scene where that awful woman and her husband are talking about Sun and discussing how it's like "Memoirs of a Geisha come to life" and wish Sun would look at her after Jin goes to the bathroom and say, "Well, it's better than living my life with a stick up my ass." Or am I the only one? Heehee...

EvaHart: I'm really glad to have a few people on here who are defending Shannon, because yes, she's one of those characters on television who you come to love *just* as they're killed (I also remember Joyce on BtVS, who finally became likable to me just before she ate it). Shannon's stepmother was awful and treated her badly. However, most of the characters on the show are treated badly by their parents; they don't become hateful bitches because of it. Shannon acts like a spoiled brat, and even knowing the flashback that's to come, she isn't very likable to me on multiple viewings. But I'm still glad to see people who do like her. :)

Anonymous said...

The Question Mark: I agree that Hurley's "three reasons to go" line is great - but to me, the funniest scene of the entire show is when Hurley, Jin and Miles are being interrogated by Pierre Chang as he's trying to determine if they're from the future. Hurley makes up a date of birth that would put him in his 40s and Chang says, "You were in the Vietnam war?" Hurley's like, "Uh...yes?" The look on Jin's face at that moment is *priceless*.

Casey: I think most animals are better, in so many ways, than quite a number of humans. I like to ask people, if you were forced to kill (in order to save your own life or for whatever reason) and you were given a choice: would you kill a dog or a man? Now consider this: the dog is a rescue animal that has saved the lives of dozens of children. The man is a convicted pedophile/murderer. Still gonna kill the dog?

Joan Crawford, I am totally into Sayid, too! (insert lustful growling) I'll share - you can have him on Tuesdays. :)

Ali Bags said...


My perfect scenario:

Monday - Sayid
Tuesday - Desmond
Wednesday - Richard Alpert
Thursday - Sawyer
Friday - Sawyer
Saturday - Sawyer
Sunday - Hurley (for a rest and a cuddle)

Jazzygirl said...

Speaking of Sawyer...I'm STILL thoroughly enjoying all the Cool Water ads with Josh Holloway that Nikki so graciously alerted us to on her regular blog. I googled it again last night to show a friend and got even more pics to come up. Mmmm mmmm mmmmmmmm......Okay back to Exodus. LOL

Paithan1 said...

@Nikki re: "Memoirs of a Geisha" comment...I thought Sun was going to say something to that woman for sure. I even imagined the look on the woman's face.

I go back and forth about Shannon. I don't agree that a bad childhood should totally shape you but I also see her vulnerability at times and feel for her. Too bad Vincent leads her to her death (although that may have been the peace she needed...)

EvaHart said...

It's nice to know i'm not the only person who doesn't hate Shannon!
I do agree though that a bad childhood shouldn't necessary shape her, but I suppose she hasn't had just a bad childnood, but a bad time after her Dad died. However there are many moments when i do feel like slapping her and telling her to get a grip!

On the Sun situation in the airport, I was really hoping she would say something and then shock them when they found out she could speak English. Too bad...
But thinking more about that, now in series 5, I bet she would say soemthing, that just shows you how much her character has changed.

Rebecca T. said...

Ahhhhh. I'm so late to the party. But here goes....

@Nikki: The music in the launch scene is fantastic. I’ve always loved that majestic music.

I know, it's SO fantastic. Gotta love Giacchino.

@Marebabe: Our Losties seem to have a never-ending supply of tarps and Coleman coolers.

I know, right? Who brings a large Coleman cooler on a plane? I can see small ones maybe as carryons or something, but most people aren't transferring perishable items, because it's usually really difficult to do that, especially internationally!

@Benny: I'm wondering if Rousseau had seen black smoke or not the day Alex was taken.

I guess I always assumed she figured it was some kind of signal to call them, otherwise, why do it. But I was just thinking now, maybe she saw Smokey from a distance and interpreted it as "black smoke"?

@EvaHart: I think I must be in the minority of people who actually genuinely like Shannon.

It's good to know I'm not alone. I actually liked Shayid and the development that Shannon's character went through and her flashback really made me ache for her. Sure, she's a real jerk at times, but there are many other characters who also act quite jerkily on the show. (Michael, Jack, Sawyer, etc... :) I've often wondered how different things would have been if Jack had saved her father instead of Sarah (but that's jumping ahead a little bit...)

A few other things.....

This episode made me wonder if there was anything "special" about Alex for the Others to go to such trouble to take her? Or was it just their need for children? We may never know :( Poor Alex.

I agree with everyone, the exchange between Sawyer and Jack here is so freakin' amazing. The look on both of their faces.... fantastic acting. How much do I love Sawyer there?

My favorite random quote from this episode: Arzt to Charlie about the message in a bottle "I gave at the office." HA!

How many of us waited anxiously for FOUR flippin' seasons to finally find out how Montand lost that arm?!?!?!

The scene where Walt gives Shannon Vincent has always made me cry, but this time I was also struck by the fact that Walt tells her Vincent will "take care of" her, but it's Vincent that will get her killed. Maybe Jennifer is right and that was what she needed.

I agree that Sayid should have remembered Shannon, but he didn't necessarily have to know she's the one that called security on him.

ON to part 2....