Thursday, August 6, 2009

1.20 Do No Harm

Follow along! The episode guide for “Do No Harm” is in Finding Lost, pp. 126-131.

The first major character death on the show, and the first birth. The circle of life continues… and Jack’s hatred for John Locke begins.

Fun things I noticed:
• As I mentioned in the previous episode, watching this one points out a glaring inconsistency in “This Place Is Death.” In that episode, they see Locke’s glow suddenly shoot out of the hatch, followed immediately by Claire giving birth. But the two events didn’t happen simultaneously… they occurred 24 hours apart. OOPS.
• Despite his singlemindedness, Jack is pretty amazing in this episode. Boone’s chest looked like spaghetti, and he stitched it up; he got him to breathe again after his lung collapsed; he figured out how to transfuse blood into him… the guy was pretty awesome.
• Jack’s wearing a watch while playing the piano. In the mobisode, “The Watch,” Christian gives Jack a watch the morning of his wedding and he slips it on. Must have been a different watch (thought it’s weird that he was wearing it in every scene except his wedding day).
• Charlie asking Jack how to check for dilation is HILARIOUS!
• I mentioned this in my book, but Jack’s instructions on what to do when the baby begins to emerge are insane. But then again, he’s not a GP.
• I could never find a translation for what Jin says to Claire when he’s trying to calm her. Does anyone reading this speak Korean?
• “You’re lookin’ kinda Goth.” Haha!
• Sun’s English suddenly becomes REALLY GOOD in this episode. Hmm…
• I still love that Scut Farkus is Jack’s best man.

Things that have new meaning:
• The way Jack resets Boone’s leg – right down to the stick in Boone’s mouth – is exactly the same as the way Locke’s leg was reset in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.” Could that have been karma?
• Picnics on the island are bad bad bad. First Sayid and Shannon come back and Boone’s dead. Later, when Hurley and Libby plan to have one, Libby is shot. Then when Amy and Paul go to have one, PAUL is shot and Amy is almost killed. Next time someone asks you to picnic on the island, JUST SAY NO.
• I love seeing the birth scene once again, mostly to be reminded that Kate not only says “this baby is all of us” and indicates raising him will be a communal effort, but that she’s the one who delivers him and holds him first, and later will be his mom. It’s a great scene to watch again, knowing what Aaron will mean to Kate three years from now.


Nikki Stafford said...

Sorry guys... I accidentally postdated this one for 8pm TOMORROW night, and when I just came upstairs to go to bed realized it wasn't up yet. Oops... sorry!

Joan Crawford said...

"He had yellow eyes! So, help me, God! Yellow eyes!"

I love that movie!

The Question Mark said...

Scut Farcus = AWESOME.
I've seen this episode many times before, and I always get teary-eyed, but this time, for some reason, I was full-out bawling! lol Boone's tragic detah mixed with the beauty of Aaron's birth is so perfecty done. I had tears running down my face by the end.

@ Nikki: Regarding, the inconsistency, that's very ture. they saw the light first, then Sawyer saw the birth of Aaron (was anybody else looking closely at the bushes behind Claire to try to see if Josh's face would pop out of the shadows? LOL)
as Michael so eloquently put it, "time doesn't matter on a damn island". Nikki, you're correct when you say that Aaron's birth happened 24 hours after the hatch light came on. But knowing what we know about the Island now, who's it so say that Locke was in the same time zone as everybody else when that light came on?
Heck, stranger things have happened (Hurley-bird, anyone?) :)

Marebabe said...

Nikki, I'm just glad you noticed it before you went to bed. I, for one, have been sort of hovering near my computer all evening.

I had no idea who the actor was who played Jack's best man. Scut Farkus?! From "A Christmas Story"? Too funny!

I've read elsewhere that the blond toddler who played Aaron in the off-island scenes with Kate was one of the babies who played Baby Aaron in season one. I wonder if he was the newborn that we saw in "Do No Harm".

Nikki, you make an excellent point about picnics! Just say no.

I'll never forget a letter that was published in TV Guide soon after this episode first aired. It was from a (probably) young woman, who was absolutely furious that Boone died on the show, which meant that she wouldn't get to watch her dreamboat, Ian Somerhalder, on Lost anymore. She promised to never watch Lost again. I know that different fans have many different reasons for tuning in to a network TV show, but I do not understand how someone could make it through the first 20 episodes of Lost and not be totally swept up in the story and the characters. Sure, there's lots of eye-candy on the show, but that is only one element. As near as I can tell, there are some fans who ONLY care about who Kate will ultimately end up with. I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Me too on the "totally bawling" thing this time.

I don't get why Jack says Boone was "murdered," just because Locke lied about the exact way he got injured. He would've died anyway, even if Jack had known his leg was crushed in the plane. (And he couldn't tell that it was a crush wound right away?) Kudos to Boone for "ratting out" Locke before he kicked the bucket. This was the episode that really cemented my intense dislike of Locke - even before I found out he was the one who whacked Sayid on the head.

Kate said...

This is one of my favorite episodes in Season One, I don't really know why...I cringe through most of it, between Boone looking like swiss cheese and the horrible sound effects that accompany Claire whenever she's on screen...but I guess it's just the nostalgia of the first episode that made me so absolutely emotionally invested in the show that I swear I momentarily lost contact with reality. I remember being insanely excited getting up to this episode, I knew it was a point of no return, I couldn't wait to see how things were going to happen, death, birth, INSANITY! I think the fact that I was cringing throughout the whole thing was probably what made it so great in a horrible way--my heart was pounding and I couldn't BELIEVE the things they were doing (ex. Jack just stabbed Boone through the chest with a random metal rod??!---Kate's face during that scene mirrored my reaction exactly =P). Anyway, this was an epic episode, it almost felt like a mini-season finale. It was definitely unlike any other episode in the season, or even the show. It stands alone in many ways. Anyway, I've been rambling long enough. Onward.

**Boone looks a HECK of a lot worse now than he did in "Deus Ex Machina", yowza

**I like Marc Silverman :) "Clipons are called Clipons because you clip them...on. I also have a thing for redheads ;)

**I loved seeing Sawyer snap to attention when he actually had a purpose to be of help in a serious situation, there is no hesitation or even any questioning when Kate says she needs the alchohol, he can just tell that something's serious and he moves--it was startling to see something so close in nature to his long-time coming "LaFleur" side so early in the show

**I just thought while rewatching, wouldn't it have been weird if Sawyer had gone with Kate and thus been there to be his own self, two months into the future? Can you say time paradox?

**Kate tripping was funny. Heheh. I'm such a child. And did you guys hear her say the f-word under her breath when she unzipped the backpack?! Jeez, Evie...

**I have been in love with the Jin-to-the-rescue scene ever since I first saw this episode. It's honestly one of my favorite scenes in the ENTIRE show. I don't really know why for sure, I get disctinctly attached to certain random things inexplicably and the scene where Jin is listening for Kate's cry for help and the camera is spinning one way and he's looking the other and then he turns his head and digs it into the spinning motion...gahhH! That gives me chills and squeals of glee everytime. I guess it's just something in the cinematography or something. GAHAH! I LOVE IT!! Okay...*ahem*

**Anyone else feel like the whole "no one knows their sodding bloodtype!"/Boone's gonna die because no one's medically informed shpeal sounded a bit like a public service announcement? I wonder if ABC got endorsed by St.Jude's or something. I'm A+ in case anyone was wondering. ;)

**Ugh, Shayid.

**Was it just me or was Sarah doing some sort of serious "sexy-walk" to show up those flirty girls when she left Jack at the piano? O_o

**JIN!!! <3

**I can't remember if I've mentioned this already on here but baby Aaron seriously looks like a demon spawn or something--his eyes are like, pith black! No whites at all! And the way he moves...I don't know...he just looks creepy and I LOVE babies too...are all newborns that terrifying? Maybe it was the firelight.

**How on earth did Jin know how far apart Claire's contractions were? He was there for about a grand total of 28 seconds and in the process Kate was shouting at him anyway and then he sprinted off into the jungle for the "doc-tor!"

Kate said...


**I mentioned this last week but--I realized that the reason the writers had to find a distraction for Jack during Claire's birth was partially because of the later revelation that she's his SISTER...that could have been awkward to look back on after the revelation. O_O

**Sound effects in this episode = ewww factor x a bazillion.

**"This baby is all of ours." was a really weird line...if I were Claire I be put off,, no--pretty much the baby is just mine, but thanks anyway. >_>

**I love how Jin babbles a bit with a kind smile in Korean and then Claire just goes off on a tyrade about her deepest fears. That man sure can gain trust in a person fast, and without even using their language!

**I thought it was kind of crazy to see Kate, the introverted, terrified-of-intimacy, run from everything girl, do something as majorly powerful as deliver a baby in this episode. The look on her face when Charlie told her "Jack says you have to do it" was right on but I find extremely character-stretching that she just kind of goes with it, decides "well, I guess it's gotta happen" and becomes this awesome baby-delivering machine with no more signs of fear or uncomfortablness...I mean, it's KATE. If it were me, and I'm not nearly as tightly wound as Kate, I'd have run for it. I guess it just ties into the fact that Jack can't be the one and they needed someone to do it, but seriously. O_O Bravery.

**Shannon crying over Boone was pretty sad, especially since--faced with his dead body--she had to be confronting the fact that she spent most of their lives using him and causing him torment and guilt. And also, she must feel horribly alone. Even someone you hate would still be comforting to have with you if they were blood related but now, she's on her own. That must have felt devastating in so many ways.

Kate said...

Oh and one more thing! (Sorry--I feel like I post way too much on these things! :/)

Was I the only one who had a horrible moment of panic watching this the first time when, at the very end, Jack says "Boone didn't die..." and then leaves that hanging in the air for like 5 seconds of shear horror. For those five painful seconds I remembering thinking "Oh Mother of Moses--Jack's gone completely off the deep end." I was greatly relieved when he continued a few moments later.

Azá said...

As soon I started watching this and discovered who this eps centric was, I thought heck, another Jack ep? This is like the 3rd one thus far and considering they were going to bloódy kill him off initially, it's amazing how he is pretty much the heart/soul of the show.

I had visions of the Mobisode too, Nikki. Wondering if they have any deeper meaning..? I love John Terry in this (or JT as we refer to them over here, as in John Terry the Chelsea and England football captain :)). Can't wait for his meaning to the show.

I love Sarah too, she is great and I kinda picked up that maybe their marriage isn't going to work because she said in her speech, 'He's my hero', what about 'my love'? Jack said to his dad too something along the lines of "I can't let her go", but you sense it's not special love like with Jin and Sun.

(Random question guys: What does "chag i ya" (phonetically spelt). Always been meaning to ask this, since Jin calls Sun it and we never see a translation?)

That said, I was curious as to what Jin told Claire too. Since his bust up with Michael and being pissed at Sun, he's almost transformed as a character but you could just feel the 'awkward' moment when he runs in on Sun with Jack. I loved how he sorta stopped Charlie too when Claire was screaming as if to say "leave it mate, it's her time, let the baby come" - Great! :)

@Katey: A lot of my thoughts and observations resonante completely with what you said - nice work(!):

Boone looks a HECK of a lot worse and that loud crying sound as Jack snapped his leg went right through me and I really felt bad!

Sawyer is completely different around Kate indeed, 'they speak the same language' and very rarely does he be sarcastic with her - only in a quite way - vis-à-vis, Frekkles. She needed alcohol, he sensed the seriousness of the situation and he was right on it.

Jack's observation about 'getting snappy one-liners' and maybe if he's lucky, 'get a new nickname' was great writing!

I must say that over at the forums on Lostpedia some time ago when we saw time travelling Sawyer watching Kate helping Claire give birth to Aaron, they capped a load of screens to actually try and see if he 'is there' in the background and I found myself trying to spot it too in this ep, but had no joy...

I actually caught that too with Kate tripping. I'm sure she actually swore under her breath there and maybe it's a blooper they thought is best left in or needed to try and get it a 15 rating here :)
That camera scene with screams coming from the woods and spinning around Jin's head is truly great filming. Superb analogy for 'head-****' or 'head-spin'.

**I'm ashamed after realing in this ep that I don't know my blood type :$

**Picnics are indeed bad luck! Also, I was thinking Shannon, you better not slate your brother now!

"**Was it just me or was Sarah doing some sort of serious "sexy-walk" to show up those flirty girls when she left Jack at the piano? O_o"

LOL - you woman! I caught that too, but loved how they joked when Jack said "are they pretty" :) Her top is "44" - 48 minus 4 - the numbers again - thanks Nikki :)

Seabiscuit said...

Ooh, did Kate drop an f-bomb and it got left in? I may have to go back and listen to that. Hee.

I think the birth scene was powerful and beautiful enough the first time around, the fact that we now know a time-travelling Sawyer was watching from a few feet away makes it all the more special.

Gillian Whitfield said...

Along with The Question Mark, I too, was bawling when Boone met his demise.

I agree with you on the whole lovey-dovey- picnic and then someone gets killed. It ALWAYS happens!

"You're looking kind of goth". I love that line.

JennM said...

Beware of picnics! Haha! Weren't Shannon and Sayid on a "picnic" of sorts right before Ana Lucia accidentally killed Shannon?
This episode really made me wonder about John Locke's motives. I was sad for Boone and I was sad for Jack (as he did try very hard to save Boone, and then had to let him go), but I still didn't "dislike" Locke. Just wanted to know more about him. 5 seasonas later, nothing has chnaged! I still don't "dislike" Locke, but I am more curious about him than ever!

Austin Gorton said...

If the episodes leading up to this one represented an increasingly-serious relationship between me and Lost, this is the episode where we got hitched, once and for all, for better (The Constant) or worse (Stranger in a Strange Land).

Jack's intensity towards saving Boone, the "what the hell will go wrong next?" plotting, the thematic parallels between Boone's death and Aaron's birth, Boone urging Jack to let him go, all great, great stuff. I was very pleased when this episode was revisited in S5 (inconsistencies be damned! :) ), highlighting its importance to the Lost story.

I still love that Scut Farkus is Jack’s best man.

Ha! Me too.

The Shout said...

On the time discrepancy:

I know its a stretch but we don't know how long it took Locke to get to the hatch and how long he'd been there prior to the last scene in Deux Ex Machina. He could have been there for the whole time period Do No Harm takes place (which seeems more like a couple of hours than a whole day - unless I'm remembering it wrongly).

In the Little Prince there is a time cut after they see the hatch light which for all we know could be a few hours.

If in doubt - blame time travel!

The Question Mark said...

YES! When Kate broke the liquor bottles, I heard her mutter the "queen mother of swear words", but I thought I was just hearing things!
At least I know I'm not going crazy. funny how they managed to slip thar one in right under ABC's nose.

Jazzygirl said...

Yep...bawling. I feel like I just had a catharsis. LOL
I think I'm having a stronger emotional reaction to these episodes on the re-watch because we know what's coming. So to look back and see the tragedies, fights, friendships, etc. that are happening NOW...and to think how far everything will evolve is amazing. And I also thought about Kate delivering Aaron, knowing she'll become his "mom". Very powerul.
And yep, this one and Deus Ex Machina sealed the deal for me with this show. :)

JW said...

Once again, my thoughts are similar to Katey's. I'm a lot like Hurley when it comes to watching injuries, so it was a difficult episode to get through - but a good one.

Rebecca T. said...

Next time someone asks you to picnic on the island, JUST SAY NO.

Nikki, I will most definitely remember this advice the next time I crash land on a mysterious Island. hehe

@Katey: Jack just stabbed Boone through the chest with a random metal rod??!

I know, right!?!?! And I think it was a knitting needle. I will never look at those things the same way again. ::shudder::

@Katey again: Sorry--I feel like I post way too much on these things! :/

I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way :P

And again: or was Sarah doing some sort of serious "sexy-walk" to show up those flirty girls when she left Jack

I totally noticed that...quite some swinging hips there, girl!

@Jazzygirl: And I also thought about Kate delivering Aaron, knowing she'll become his "mom". Very powerful.

It adds such poignancy to that scene. I love it! It's also even more powerful when she says Aaron is all of theirs when you know he will literally become like hers. I thought she was so fantastic with him all through the series thus far (except for leaving him alone in a hotel room without introducing him to his grandmother)

On to my thoughts.....

I mentioned this a couple of eps. ago, but I really find the key to the guns dangling from Jack's neck so incongruent with his actions in this episode.

This is the episode where I started to love Jin. His way with Claire is so sweet - also bittersweet to know he's at Aaron's birth, but won't have a chance to be at Ji Yeon's

I love the way Jack shouts Locke's mantra --- It's so fitting to the moment and showed that they have more in common at times than either would like to admit.

Up until this point they've had their disagreements, but have managed to work together. That goes completely out the window now and the schism begins.

Kate said...

Don't freak out guys! It's still me--I just switched from Sawyer-fanfaring to myself in the profile image. =P


About the key around Jack's neck--obviously it's a way for Jack to feel like he's in power, but, as much as his control-freakness annoys me, I really think that with that key he's not actually trying to shove down people's throats that he's in charge although it seems that way at first. I don't know, but I always felt like it had something to do with, he was trying to...I don't know, keep something close to him that she needed at one point. I just got that impression for some reason.

I do a fair amount of Jack bashing, but I really do think he's a good guy, he has one of the best hearts on the show it's just that, as with basically everything on Lost, what the outside world sees is not always the truth. I feel really, really bad for Jack a lot of the time too, even when I'm raving angry at him. I think a huge part of his issue with "control" is just his deeply, deeply rooted fears. Jack's courage is external and I think that's where his "reactive" personality comes from too--he has to be always doing, always moving, always fixing, because he's really terrified of what confronting those quiet moments with only himself could mean.

Okay, end Jack-rant. =P Hahah! Sorry...again. I'm just so bored, I literally check for new comments on here like ever 15 minutes out of habit. I really need a vacation.

Nikki Stafford said...

Katey: It's so lovely to see your eyes looking out at us! :)

I'm glad you mentioned the key around Jack's neck, because I forgot to mention that the first time I saw this episode, I was shocked that Jack didn't immediately assume Kate had taken it. She's the one who drugged him, after all. Maybe the guy's actually starting to trust her for a change.

And DAMMIT I'd heard about Evie using the f-bomb in this one and completely forgot to listen for it. Great. Now I have to go back to the episode and find that scene just to hear it. Because I'm THAT immature. (Oh yes I am!)

Marebabe: Yep, it's that Scut! I always look for his "little toadie" to be standing next to him, heehee!!

Also, you probably all noticed this, but the best man Mark is the same kid who was being beat up in "White Rabbit" that Jack was trying to defend as a kid.

Teebore: Oh man, I'm dreading Stranger in a Strange Land, too. Could I do a parody write-up for it instead? It's the one episode I really dislike (I'm not a fan of Fire + Water either, but Stranger takes the prize for least-favourite).

Kate said...

Katey: It's so lovely to see your eyes looking out at us! :)

Hehe, it was hippie day and the person who took the picture was being silly.

About Evie's f-bomb. It's definitely there clear as rain if you listen close enough, but I think she might actually have said it twice, once right after she falls but that could have just been a mumble.

What is it you all hate so much about Stranger in a Strange Land? I don't particularly love it or anything but it doesn't really stand out to me in any was on the low end as far as story goes, but I never felt any great animosity towards it. I think my least favorite episode is "The Other 48 Days" I wanted to shoot myself watching that the first time around and to this day I still haven't been able to rewatch it. Bleck. I really couldn't have cared less about the Tailies.

Ali Bags said...

I have a confession to make. Even I fell a little bit in love with Jack this episode - and that is saying something.

Ali Bags said...

No worries - 'Stranger in a Strange Land' will cure me of that silliness. :)

Rebecca T. said...

@Katey: Re: the key around Jack's neck....... I was mainly pointing out the fact that it looks SO prominent when he's bending over Boone and it's like a picture of his two conflicting sides...yet also both represent his control necessity.

the key to the guns, the most destructive thing the Losties have right now, and his burning desire to fix everything and everyone.

Kate said...

SoShine--yeah, sorry my previous comment really wasn't directed at you, your comment just reminded me of my Jack-wrestling I'd been doing mentally, he's one of the characters that I love dearly but just want to smack some times so I used your comment as a spring board for a long-needed Jack-rant. Hahah! But anyway, I totally understood what you were saying--sorry if it sounded like I was disagreeing or something. I was basically just talking to myself. =P I do that sometimes, even online.

Aww! Jack's a good guy. I love him all the time, it's just I feel sort of like... I don't know, like he's a brother or something. I love him, I'd hate to see him die or to see him sad, but that doesn't bar me from wishing physical pain on him, mocking him sometimes, thinking he's out of his mind, etc. etc. =P

What was it that made you (sort of) taken with him in this episode? =B

Rebecca T. said...

@Katey: I wasn't upset or anything, just clarifying what I meant, but the words still weren't coming as clearly as I wanted.

And I talk to myself all the time on here because I have nowhere else really to put out those random thoughts that stick in my head because of Lost.

I feel so conflicted by Jack. It's like part of me feels like I should want to like him, but every time I watch it I just don't. I feel sorry for him and I like certain aspects and certain things he does, but totally just can't like the character.

Now Sawyer on the other hand, you're not supposed to really like, especially at the beginning and he is such a jerk, especially in the first season and I felt like I shouldn't like him, but I was a Sawyer fan from day 1.

Something in that is slightly messed up :P

And I am totally going through Benjamin Linus withdrawal.... how many more episodes before I get my Michael Emerson fix?

EvaHart said...

Definitely one of the best episodes of the season- I was also crying by the end of the episode. At least we will get to see Boone again numerous times!
I loved how they combined the death with a birth- the cycle of life continues!
An idea my sister had while we were watching was that as Boone died his soul was reborn as Aaron- kind of reincarnaion. I wasn't so sure but it is an interesting idea.

The only question i have is what was Boone going to ask Jack to tell Shannon? At first i thought it may be the obvious "I love you" But after what happened in Hearts and minds i'm not so sure...Any ideas?

The Shout said...

Evahart: I think he was going to say '...tell Shannon...if they bring me back in a future episode... make sure they give me a decent wig'.

Kate said...


Yay! I had the same instant fan-attraction to Sawyer in the beginning to. It literally took .02 seconds of him scowling at the camera and I was like "oh my gosh--he's so cool". I also really liked Jack in the beginning too because of his heroism and I appreciated the fact that he had such a good, caring heart even it would soon be marred by everything else that is Jack. I also instantly loved Kate, she's was really interesting in the beginning and, since we share a name, she was the one I sort of tried to understand the most and project myself onto as I watched. Even when Jin was evil...I still somehow didn't quite hate him as much as I should...but luckily he redeemed himself anyway so I can just pass it off as foresight. =P

Basically all the other characters became stead-fastly rooted into my heart too within about the first 3 minutes of their appearance on the show. I'm so easily taken! =P I even liked Locke a lot in the beginning! And he's the only one who's managed to change my mind later on. :/


I've wondered that too! I guess it obviously can't be something all that important, but it is interesting to think about. The Shout's answer definitely has promise...=P

EvaHart said...

Yeh I suppose if it was important we would have found out. It's now just another in the long line of lost mysteries we will never know!

However I also think that The Shouts idea is very possible!

Anonymous said...

In regards to the inconsistencies with the hatch light oging off and Aaron's birth, remember it is still daylight when Locke carries Boone to the caves and leaves. The mad dash to save Boone takes place that same afternoon and into the night where Locke bangs on the hatch, the light goes off, Aaron is born and Boone dies. So the end of Deus Ex Machina with Locke actually takes place after most of the events in Do No Harm.

Susan said...

For me, I liked Jack from the beginning and still do. I hated Sawyer at the beginning and still do.

I disliked Jin at first, but like him now. I liked John at first, and now, I don't really dislike him, but he drives me nuts and I want to scream at him alot.

I want to know how long Claire was in labor with her first child??? It sure didn't seem very long!

Kate said...

I don't seemed long to me, but I've never experienced the real deal so, then I guess I have no real perspective on the matter. =P

Which gets me thinking, to all you mothers out there: how well did Emilie de Ravin do with portraying the whole labor/baby stuff? Because I, for one, was deeply disturbed watching visions of having three or four kids, well, they were rapidly rethought for a while there. =P But I'm interested in knowing what your guys' thoughts were watching that. Did it seem well done or were you thinking "oh--that's child's play"?

Joan Crawford said...

Her labor seemed very fast...but, it can happen. my cousin had hard labor pains all of the sudden and bam! 40 mins later the baby came - about 10 mins after they made it to the hospital.
For the amount of fear Claire had - and the inexperience of those around her - I would expect the labor to be much worse.
On a side note : Did any other moms think "What is the baby going to eat!?" when Claire went traipsing off to find the people who tortured her? She dumps him off with Sun - who seems to have some chopped up fruit but Aaron is WAY too young for solids. Are there no moms on the Lost writing team?

Susan said...

Katey, the way I look at it is, if labor was really that bad, no mom would have more than one kid. I have four, and while labor was difficult, each one was worth it.

One issue I have with TV labor is the screaming. It may help some women but it didn't help me, yet TV shows EVERY woman in labor screaming her head off. (I think L&D nurses need ear plugs.)

LOL Joan I never thought of that, but Claire jumps on Sun when Sun says a mother shouldn't leave her baby.

Kate said...

What I wondered along the same lines is what on EARTH did they do for the baby in Season five after Claire went A-wol? Most especially when they were running around through the jungle/in a helicopter and then floating in a raft all back-to-back over the course of several days...Kate and Sun were taking turns holding him but I don't see how they could have gotten him any food in the midst of all that...can they eat mangos and stuff at 8 weeks?

Anonymous said...

I live in Korea but I don't speak more than a handful of words... it's funny now that I can watch Lost and pick up tiny bits. Like in "The Glass Ballerina," Sun's father asks her if the maid broke it, but he says "ajumma" which actually just means "old woman."

With regards to time differences - Locke banging on the hatch door and Claire giving birth and Boone dying definitely all happen on the same night, just across different episodes. Locke dumps him at the caves and heads back to the hatch the same evening.

And katey - they escape the island about 12 hours after Claire goes missing. My biggest issue with that whole thing was how the hell an infant survives a heliopter ditching.

Nikki Stafford said...

Re: the time difference: Actually, Gregg Nations, the continuity guy on Lost, has admitted that they screwed it up in that episode. But most fans didn't care. Locke dumps Boone and goes straight out to the hatch and stays there, and the light comes on that night. Aaron is born the following night. Of course, as some of you have said, we could assume that Locke sat out there for 24 hours and THEN the light came on, but I think it's quite the opposite -- he would be angry after having returned, but if he'd sat there for 24 hours first, he would have calmed down and would have just been sitting there. I believe he went back and banged on the hatch, and saw the light and then stayed out there for 24 hours trying to figure out what to do next and how to face everyone.

Katey: The first child takes, on average, 14-18 hours to be born. The second child (and subsequent ones) are on average about 4-6 hour labours. Of course, it varies. My first was 26, my second was 24 (there was a weird complication with that one, though, where he wasn't actually head-down and the hospital didn't know that until I was almost 20 hours into the labour... the moment they turned him, he was out in 2 hours). No, it's not a walk in the park -- you're trying to get something the size of a baby's head out of an area that's, to put it mildly... smaller. ;) But it's worth it. It's SO worth it. And I remember after my second was born I was up for doing it again, right then and there.

I've always thought Aaron comes really quickly, but then again, when she's wandering about on the beach she's clearly in labour. I remember being in labour with my first one and walking up and down the boardwalk of a beach. The really hard stuff doesn't happen until right near the end, which is why you don't see her in any real distress until closer to Aaron's actual emergence.

The Shout: I'm with you on what Boone's intended words were! :) That or, "Tell Shannon... stay away from the jungle when it's raining..." Bad things always seem to happen to her in the jungle during storms.

Benny said...

Regarding the inconsistencies:
It actually was in The Little Prince that this happened. I remember well since I pointed out the inconsistency int the first comment.

What we had concluded was what has been said here. The race to save Boone happened through the end of that day and into the night. You can clearly see the natural light peering through the caves, so Boone was indeed dropped off during the day. At night he died, Desmond turned on the light, and Aaron was born.

It certainly plays well that way, even if Gregg confirmed it as an inconsistency.

Benny said...

Just love Julie Bowen... so much!

Did anyone else notice, when Jack is bringing Boone to get his leg chopped, Sun is arguing and Jack tells her: "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

Juanita's Journal said...

I love seeing the birth scene once again, mostly to be reminded that Kate not only says “this baby is all of us” and indicates raising him will be a communal effort, but that she’s the one who delivers him and holds him first, and later will be his mom.

You're using Aaron's birth as an excuse to romanticize Kate raising him for nearly three years, WHEN SHE HAD NO BUSINESS DOING SO? Really? I know that you like the woman, but c'mon!

Nikki Stafford said...

You're right. Kate should have left him in that tree to die. That would have been the much kinder thing to do. What was I thinking?

Chris said...

I`m like three years late, lol, but still, reading this, I`m really confused where you get this whole time inconsistency thing from oO Deus Ex Machina ends with Locke leaving Boone at the caves, and we can assume he immediately goes to the hatch to bang on it a little. Do No Harm immediately continues after the last scene at the caves from Deus Ex Machina. Jack shouts for Locke, than starts working on Boone and sends Kate to the beach. Kate runs to the beach, gets alcohol and then encounters Claire and helps her give birth. It`s pretty clear to me from that that both things happen more or less at the same time.

I know this is completely irrelevant now^^ But I was just reading this and it bugged me a little bit that everybody was getting this wrong ;)

RosieP said...
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Juanita's Journal said...

You're right. Kate should have left him in that tree to die. That would have been the much kinder thing to do. What was I thinking?

This is your argument? Especially since it was Sawyer who had found Aaron in the tree? Really? Are you really that desperate to pretend that it was okay for Kate to keep Aaron from his grandmother for nearly three years . . . by getting the facts in your argument wrong?

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