Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lost Rewatch: Week 6

Hello rewatchers! This is a note to give you a heads up that you'll have to give yourself a bit of extra time this week for our rewatch: there are closer to 5 hours than 4. On the schedule this week:

1.21 The Greater Good
1.22 Born to Run
1.23 Exodus, Part 1
1.24/5 Exodus, Part 2 (2 hours)

But as of next week we'll be wrapping up season 1, and ready for season 2!

Just a note that I'm away on vacation all this week, so I'm hoping to get through everything and postdate the posts for you. If I can't make it through all of the eps until I get back, I'll send out a further note. If I do make it, the schedule will be the same, with The Greater Good and Born to Run on Wednesday at 8, and the Exodus episodes on Thursday at 8. See you then!


The Shout said...

First! Loving every minute
so far. So much so I'm half way through Season 2 already.

Ashlie Hawkins said...

Has anyone else noticed anything strange on their Blu-Rays for this week's rewatch? On my menu page for episodes it lists, "The Greater Good - aka 'Sides'" Has anyone else seen this? It also says that disc 7 has "Exodus Part 3". My regular DVD's don't seem to have anything like this though. Anyone else notice this?

Benny said...


I'm guessing that the interface was done 'region-free' so to speak. So they put the alternate title (Sides) on there and they also split 2 hr episodes into 1 hr ones.

I don't know exactly since I don't have the Blu yet.

The title for the final season premiere episode of Lost has been revealed.

The opener of season six is named 'LA X', according to a Lost viral video on YouTube. 'LAX' is a shorthand for Los Angeles Airport, the intended destination of Oceanic Flight 815.

The sixth season of Lost begins filming in Hawaii this month for an anticipated January 2010 premiere.

JennM said...

That's interesting news. Maybe it's called LAX because the losties made it there, because of what Juliet did in the finale. I hope not though. When Jack was on about his "none of this will have happened" trip, I was seriously disturbed. While Charlie would be alive, he'd be an addict, Kate a fugitive, Locke in a wheelchair, Hurley cursed, Rose would have cancer, Sawyer would be, well, Sawyer, and Claire would give Aaron away. (etc.)
I can't wait to see where LAX will take us!

Benny said...

Definitely interesting. It is only a viral video and hence legitimacy is in question, but still interesting.

Moreso, that the title is 'LA X' with a space, at least that's how it's being reported. That could certainly be significant. Furthermore to your point, nothing suggests that they couldn't have memories, or glimpses, of what's happened. The way 1977 is shaped could certianly affect their lives prior to taking the flight, as 'suggested' by the comi-con faux-advertisements!

One could believe that their live selves get spit back to 2004, this would mean only the 10 or so survivors would end up on the flight!

Theorizing too much here I guess...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they'll land in LA after all (the bomb having "reset" the past), but somehow will retain memories of their "alternate" lives on the island.

Benny said...

A nice discussion on the CONFIRMED "LA X" title.