Monday, August 3, 2009

Outlaws Whisper Transcript

Here's the transcript that was accidentally cut from Finding Lost (all the other whisper transcripts are in there); this goes with the Outlaws rewatch.

The first moment where Sawyer hears whispering is when he first chases the boar into the jungle:

(Sawyer breathing)
There goes another poking his head in here (could be ‘There goes somebody’)
Yeah, let’s see what he’s doing
Let me decide
Come back
I see another one
(Frank Duckett’s voice) It’ll come back around
Oh my god there’s a guy out there
Dennis (?) find out what’s going on
Did he see us?
Open it
Did you see what direction he went?
Right through those trees
Go and get him
There is an explanation (resolution?) and I bet you haven’t thought of it
What is it?
He’s been in a plane crash
Are you sure?
I know what it’s like for a plane to crash
Complain, complain, complain
I want to get closer
I know what you said, but he’s looking around
What if he shoots us or something
There may be something, but it may be slack (?)
Let’s go
Has he seen us? (Alarms go off)
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry (faint . . . could be echo from alarm)
Intruder, Intruder
Hide against the bushes
Open the door
I know what it’s like for a plane to crash
Complain, complain, complain
I know what you said, but . . .

Later, Sawyer faces the boar and holds the gun up to it, and he hears the whispering again:

How could you say that, I knew he was American
It was a large group
(Frank Duckett’s voice) It’ll come back around
Now listen
Here’s what we should do
It’s not the one
He’s coming up on the gate
How could you say that, I knew he was American
Hey listen, come on let’s go
Go and see what he’s doing
Duetch negg or Joice leg (perhaps another language or reversed)
Like it’s your choice
He’s coming up on the gate
My guess is to shoot the pig (or ‘Guess he’ll shoot the pig’)
My hand (or head) is free
How could you even say that, I knew he was an American
Hey listen, come on let’s go
Go and see what he’s doing
He’s coming up on the gate
My guess is to shoot the pig . . .


Marebabe said...

Nikki, how ON EARTH do you hear all that in the whispers? I've never been able to make out anything except Duckett's "It'll come back around." As always, thanks for sharing, and I'm really, really impressed!

Susan said...

The thing that bothers me about the whispers, is that you need audio software to decode them. So just how canon are the whispers if the average viewer can't hear them? Do the producers expect the fans to search online for transcripts?

Joan Crawford said...

They're so creepy, aren't they? I had heard a rumor that the whispers were the Losties, just in a different time ("dimension", what have you)...but then why would the whispers say "one of them" or "I told you he was American". Who are these people? I feel nervous that Lost won't be able to answer this for us in the remaining season. I hope they don't pull a "they are a just another mysterious and unexplained force on the island" thing like they did with numbers. Maybe they just had the numbers because it was cool to have coincidences? Same thing for the whispers...maybe it was just to be spooky? I also think the only reason they had food drops was to explain why Hurley was still fat.

JennM said...

Thanks for posting the whispers Nikki. They are sooooo creepy!
How do you get the transcripts? Do you do the audio decoding your self?
Just curious ;)
I am glad that you post them and include them in your books, because without that, I'd certainly be lost.

Jazzygirl said...

I remember a while back Nikki saying she got the transcript from a set of fans who have the audio equipment. Can't think of their names right now though.
And yes, creepy! Wow, ALL that was said? Okay stupid moment here: Who is Duckett? I am drawing a total blank here.
They had better explain the whispers by the end! LOL! There has been much speculation that they are people from another dimension, etc. But most of the transcripts I've read seem to indicate they don't "know" the person they're watching. Perhaps the name but not much else. We'll see I guess.

Marebabe said...

@Jazzygirl: Duckett was the man that Sawyer mistakenly killed in Australia. He ran the shrimp concession truck.

Actually, I never knew exactly WHO whispered "It'll come back around" before reading that it was supposed to be Duckett in Nikki's transcript of the whispers. Unless Darlton confirmed that it was indeed Duckett in some long-ago podcast, I don't see how anyone could say for sure, based solely on listening to the whispers. Because whispered words are unvoiced, you can't even tell if the whisperer is male or female. A person's accent would be pretty much the only clue you'd have to go on. A lot of information is missing with whispers, but you can get the gist of what is said from the context.

Just for fun, whisper these two lines to yourself: "Take a pill." "Take a bill." See what I mean? Without voicing the consonants P and B, they sound exactly alike.

Jazzygirl said...

Thanks Marebabe! :) And I agree. How do we know it's him?