Friday, May 22, 2009

The Lost Rewatch Schedule

So, when I first proposed a full rewatch of seasons 1-5, I thought it would be a casual way to keep ourselves talking about Lost from now until the season 6 premiere at the end of January 2010. You know, an episode a week. And then it occurred to me that at 100 episodes, one a week would take two years. OK, two a week. No wait, that would take a full year...

So here is the schedule. Gulp. Generally four episodes a week, some weeks three. What I've done is schedule it so when a season ends, we don't start a new one in that same week. That gives us a chance to chat about the season as a whole if we'd like. There is a chance that the end of my schedule runs into the beginning of season 6, but we'll know the start date of Lost in advance and can adjust the schedule accordingly if we need to. This year Lost started on January 21, and it's likely they'll go for the same week or later. I don't think they'll start any sooner.

I'm still working out the logistics of it, but I'm thinking if we aim to watch these episodes within the week listed and talk about them near the end, that would probably work best. Or we could decide to convene on Wednesdays in true Lost fashion. In any case, I won't be writing up giant blog posts on each of these; otherwise I will have no life for the next 8 months. But I'll post a few points on each one that I noticed. Anyone who wants to get a head start can start watching now. Unfortunately, with the hand-in of my manuscript for Finding Lost Season 5 set for the first week of July, I'm swamped until then, so that's why my start date is when it is.

I know other sites are doing rewatches, but I'm hoping we can generate our own thoughts and not look to the other ones (who are starting earlier) to get ideas from there. I'll just be keeping my eyes here, listening to you guys, who are all always so perceptive!

What you will need: DVDs of seasons 1-5 (I've timed season 5 to start the week after the DVDs are out at the beginning of December). And, to help, copies of my books. Not necessary at all, but I'll be referring to them throughout. This won't only be a rewatch for me, but the first time I'll be rereading my own books since they came out. That's a little scary actually (I just KNOW I'll find mistakes!!)

Wow. I'm like one of those professors who teaches a course and puts books written by herself on the reading list to make some pocket change on the side. Woohoo!!

UPDATE: Just a quick note about the DocArzt/Lostpedia rewatch. Yes, we know it's going on (I've had a lot of people email me about it) but the reason we're doing our own thang is two-fold: One, the DVDs are out in December, and while yes, there is patchy, annoying streaming video on ABC and Hulu (neither of which is available to Canadians; we get the crappy feed on CTV) I figure most Lost fans who are doing this rewatch want to buy the DVDs, and why would they spend a month squinting at their computer screens watching the inferior feeds when they could crack open those new DVDs the moment they buy them and start right in? So I set it a week after the DVDs come out. But secondly, on a selfish level, my season 5 Finding Lost book is due on July 3 to my publisher, so I can't even begin to think of any of this until that is off my plate. I would LOVE to be part of the web-wide community, and thought about it a lot over the weekend, but I'm so excited about this that I really want to be a part of it.

However, one of my worries is that my readers are excluded from the watch, and I don't want us to feel like social pariahs or something. :) So I talked to AstroJones, the guy who is organizing this over at DocArzt, and explained all of the circumstances and he said no problem. What he'll do is add our RSS feed to the Lostpedia site the moment we start posting on it (i.e. the week of July 5) and then we'll have our feed up there with all the rest. It will be for different episodes, but I think that slowly we'll be catching up a little bit because our schedule is a little more rigorous. :) And maybe if people like what they see, they'll come and participate in ours as well. I'm not looking to take anyone away from the DocArzt rewatch, because they've worked very hard at getting theirs all over the web, but maybe we'll be seen as the official rewatch rewatch. :)

So without further ado, here we go!

July 5-11
S1E01/02 – Pilot, Parts 1 & 2
S1E03 – Tabula Rasa
S1E04 – Walkabout

July 12-18
S1E05 – White Rabbit
S1E06 – House of the Rising Sun
S1E07 – The Moth
S1E08 – Confidence Man

July 19-25
S1E09 – Solitary
S1E10 – Raised by Another
S1E11 – All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
S1E12 – Whatever the Case May Be

July 26-August 1
S1E13 – Hearts and Minds
S1E14 – Special
S1E15 – Homecoming
S1E16 – Outlaws

August 2-8
S1E17 – …In Translation
S1E18 – Numbers
S1E19 – Deus Ex Machina
S1E20 – Do No Harm

August 9-15
S1E21 – The Greater Good
S1E22 - Born to Run
S1E23/24 – Exodus, Parts 1 & 2

August 16-22
S2E01 – Man of Science, Man of Faith
S2E02 – Adrift
S2E03 – Orientation
S2E04 – Everybody Hates Hugo

August 23-29
S2E05 – …And Found
S2E06 – Abandoned
S2E07 – The Other 48 Days
S2E08 – Collision

August 30-September 5
S2E09 – What Kate Did
S2E10 – The 23rd Psalm
S2E11 – The Hunting Party

September 6-12
S2E12 – Fire + Water
S2E13 – The Long Con
S2E14 – One of Them

September 13-19
S2E15 – Maternity Leave
S2E16 – The Whole Truth
S2E17 – Lockdown

September 20-26
S2E18 – Dave
S2E19 – S.O.S.
S2E20 – Two for the Road

September 27-October 3
S2E21 – ?
S2E22 – Three Minutes
S2E23/24 – Live Together, Die Alone, Parts 1 & 2

October 4-10
S3E01 – A Tale of Two Cities
S3E02 – The Glass Ballerina
S3E03 – Further Instructions
S3E04 – Every Man for Himself

October 11-17
S3E05 – The Cost of Living
S3E06 – I Do
S3E07 – Not in Portland
S3E08 – Flashes Before Your Eyes

October 18-24
S3E09 – Stranger in a Strange Land
S3E10 – Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
S3E11 – Enter 77
S3E12 – Par Avion

October 25-31
S3E13 – The Man from Tallahassee
S3E14 РExpos̩
S3E15 – Left Behind
S3E16 – One of Us

November 1-7
S3E17 – Catch-22
S3E18 – D.O.C.
S3E19 – The Brig
S3E20 – The Man Behind the Curtain

November 8-14
S3E21 – Greatest Hits
S3E22/23 – Through the Looking Glass, Parts 1 & 2

November 15-21
S4E01 – The Beginning of the End
S4E02 – Confirmed Dead
S4E03 – The Economist

November 22-28
S4E04 – Eggtown
S4E05 – The Constant
S4E06 – The Other Woman
S4E07 – Ji Yeon

November 29-December 5
S4E08 – Meet Kevin Johnson
S4E09 – The Shape of Things to Come
S4E10 – Something Nice Back Home
S4E11 – Cabin Fever

December 6-12
S4E12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1
S4E13/14 – There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3

December 13-19
S5E01 – Because You Left
S5E02 – The Lie
S5E03 – Jughead

December 20-26
S5E04 – The Little Prince
S5E05 – This Place Is Death

December 27-January 2
S5E06 – 316
S5E07 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

January 3-9
S5E08 – LaFleur
S5E09 – Namaste
S5E10 – He’s Our You
S5E11 – Whatever Happened, Happened

January 10-16
S5E12 – Dead Is Dead
S5E13 – Some Like It Hoth
S5E14 – The Variable

January 17-23
S5E15 – Follow the Leader
S5E16/17 – The Incident, Parts 1 & 2