Friday, May 22, 2009

The Lost Rewatch Schedule

So, when I first proposed a full rewatch of seasons 1-5, I thought it would be a casual way to keep ourselves talking about Lost from now until the season 6 premiere at the end of January 2010. You know, an episode a week. And then it occurred to me that at 100 episodes, one a week would take two years. OK, two a week. No wait, that would take a full year...

So here is the schedule. Gulp. Generally four episodes a week, some weeks three. What I've done is schedule it so when a season ends, we don't start a new one in that same week. That gives us a chance to chat about the season as a whole if we'd like. There is a chance that the end of my schedule runs into the beginning of season 6, but we'll know the start date of Lost in advance and can adjust the schedule accordingly if we need to. This year Lost started on January 21, and it's likely they'll go for the same week or later. I don't think they'll start any sooner.

I'm still working out the logistics of it, but I'm thinking if we aim to watch these episodes within the week listed and talk about them near the end, that would probably work best. Or we could decide to convene on Wednesdays in true Lost fashion. In any case, I won't be writing up giant blog posts on each of these; otherwise I will have no life for the next 8 months. But I'll post a few points on each one that I noticed. Anyone who wants to get a head start can start watching now. Unfortunately, with the hand-in of my manuscript for Finding Lost Season 5 set for the first week of July, I'm swamped until then, so that's why my start date is when it is.

I know other sites are doing rewatches, but I'm hoping we can generate our own thoughts and not look to the other ones (who are starting earlier) to get ideas from there. I'll just be keeping my eyes here, listening to you guys, who are all always so perceptive!

What you will need: DVDs of seasons 1-5 (I've timed season 5 to start the week after the DVDs are out at the beginning of December). And, to help, copies of my books. Not necessary at all, but I'll be referring to them throughout. This won't only be a rewatch for me, but the first time I'll be rereading my own books since they came out. That's a little scary actually (I just KNOW I'll find mistakes!!)

Wow. I'm like one of those professors who teaches a course and puts books written by herself on the reading list to make some pocket change on the side. Woohoo!!

UPDATE: Just a quick note about the DocArzt/Lostpedia rewatch. Yes, we know it's going on (I've had a lot of people email me about it) but the reason we're doing our own thang is two-fold: One, the DVDs are out in December, and while yes, there is patchy, annoying streaming video on ABC and Hulu (neither of which is available to Canadians; we get the crappy feed on CTV) I figure most Lost fans who are doing this rewatch want to buy the DVDs, and why would they spend a month squinting at their computer screens watching the inferior feeds when they could crack open those new DVDs the moment they buy them and start right in? So I set it a week after the DVDs come out. But secondly, on a selfish level, my season 5 Finding Lost book is due on July 3 to my publisher, so I can't even begin to think of any of this until that is off my plate. I would LOVE to be part of the web-wide community, and thought about it a lot over the weekend, but I'm so excited about this that I really want to be a part of it.

However, one of my worries is that my readers are excluded from the watch, and I don't want us to feel like social pariahs or something. :) So I talked to AstroJones, the guy who is organizing this over at DocArzt, and explained all of the circumstances and he said no problem. What he'll do is add our RSS feed to the Lostpedia site the moment we start posting on it (i.e. the week of July 5) and then we'll have our feed up there with all the rest. It will be for different episodes, but I think that slowly we'll be catching up a little bit because our schedule is a little more rigorous. :) And maybe if people like what they see, they'll come and participate in ours as well. I'm not looking to take anyone away from the DocArzt rewatch, because they've worked very hard at getting theirs all over the web, but maybe we'll be seen as the official rewatch rewatch. :)

So without further ado, here we go!

July 5-11
S1E01/02 – Pilot, Parts 1 & 2
S1E03 – Tabula Rasa
S1E04 – Walkabout

July 12-18
S1E05 – White Rabbit
S1E06 – House of the Rising Sun
S1E07 – The Moth
S1E08 – Confidence Man

July 19-25
S1E09 – Solitary
S1E10 – Raised by Another
S1E11 – All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
S1E12 – Whatever the Case May Be

July 26-August 1
S1E13 – Hearts and Minds
S1E14 – Special
S1E15 – Homecoming
S1E16 – Outlaws

August 2-8
S1E17 – …In Translation
S1E18 – Numbers
S1E19 – Deus Ex Machina
S1E20 – Do No Harm

August 9-15
S1E21 – The Greater Good
S1E22 - Born to Run
S1E23/24 – Exodus, Parts 1 & 2

August 16-22
S2E01 – Man of Science, Man of Faith
S2E02 – Adrift
S2E03 – Orientation
S2E04 – Everybody Hates Hugo

August 23-29
S2E05 – …And Found
S2E06 – Abandoned
S2E07 – The Other 48 Days
S2E08 – Collision

August 30-September 5
S2E09 – What Kate Did
S2E10 – The 23rd Psalm
S2E11 – The Hunting Party

September 6-12
S2E12 – Fire + Water
S2E13 – The Long Con
S2E14 – One of Them

September 13-19
S2E15 – Maternity Leave
S2E16 – The Whole Truth
S2E17 – Lockdown

September 20-26
S2E18 – Dave
S2E19 – S.O.S.
S2E20 – Two for the Road

September 27-October 3
S2E21 – ?
S2E22 – Three Minutes
S2E23/24 – Live Together, Die Alone, Parts 1 & 2

October 4-10
S3E01 – A Tale of Two Cities
S3E02 – The Glass Ballerina
S3E03 – Further Instructions
S3E04 – Every Man for Himself

October 11-17
S3E05 – The Cost of Living
S3E06 – I Do
S3E07 – Not in Portland
S3E08 – Flashes Before Your Eyes

October 18-24
S3E09 – Stranger in a Strange Land
S3E10 – Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
S3E11 – Enter 77
S3E12 – Par Avion

October 25-31
S3E13 – The Man from Tallahassee
S3E14 – Exposé
S3E15 – Left Behind
S3E16 – One of Us

November 1-7
S3E17 – Catch-22
S3E18 – D.O.C.
S3E19 – The Brig
S3E20 – The Man Behind the Curtain

November 8-14
S3E21 – Greatest Hits
S3E22/23 – Through the Looking Glass, Parts 1 & 2

November 15-21
S4E01 – The Beginning of the End
S4E02 – Confirmed Dead
S4E03 – The Economist

November 22-28
S4E04 – Eggtown
S4E05 – The Constant
S4E06 – The Other Woman
S4E07 – Ji Yeon

November 29-December 5
S4E08 – Meet Kevin Johnson
S4E09 – The Shape of Things to Come
S4E10 – Something Nice Back Home
S4E11 – Cabin Fever

December 6-12
S4E12 – There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1
S4E13/14 – There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3

December 13-19
S5E01 – Because You Left
S5E02 – The Lie
S5E03 – Jughead

December 20-26
S5E04 – The Little Prince
S5E05 – This Place Is Death

December 27-January 2
S5E06 – 316
S5E07 – The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

January 3-9
S5E08 – LaFleur
S5E09 – Namaste
S5E10 – He’s Our You
S5E11 – Whatever Happened, Happened

January 10-16
S5E12 – Dead Is Dead
S5E13 – Some Like It Hoth
S5E14 – The Variable

January 17-23
S5E15 – Follow the Leader
S5E16/17 – The Incident, Parts 1 & 2


Blam said...

First post!

I wish I'd always wanted to do that. 8^)

Blam said...

I'd love to feel more excited about this, but it's gonna be logistically hard. Not that I don't want to rewatch Lost, and rewatch it all with you folks, 'cause I do. But my sister's visiting with her kids in July, and we're spending some time at our father's, so that'll probably put me behind from the get-go. I like the idea of discussing episodes in batches, though, so that we're not starting, like, three threads a week and having to watch certain episodes on certain days.

Ashlie Hawkins said...

I'm excited too, although I think there may be a few weeks in the summer where I'll no doubt fall behind, and it will be hard not to watch all of Season 5 in a marathon as soon as the DVD's come out (can't wait to get my hands on that special edition Dharma Initiative Blu-Ray pack!) Looking forward to getting started, Nikki, it's going on my calendar!

Anonymous said...

Words cannot express how excited I am about this!!! Going to try to get some of my friends that are not Lostites to join in!!

mgkoeln said...

I still have mixed feelings about this. I had always planned to rewatch LOST after the show is finished and we know everything (or at least everything the writers will tell us). So, as tempting as a rewatch with this very nice online community is, I fear that I wouldn't watch LOST all over again next year then. And as I think, that there will be more stuff to discover in the old episode once the show is over, I might just pass this time around.

Zari said...

While waiting for our rewatch schedule to begin, you might want to check out two films available on DVD: “Bait” (2000) and “The Number 23"(2007).

In “Bait”, Doug Hutchison (“Horace Goodspeed”) plays Bristol, a high-tech criminal who steals $42 million dollars in gold from the Federal Reserve. Bristol, the very opposite of Horace, is a determined, violent man who will do whatever it takes to recover what belongs to him.

In “The Number 23", Jim Carrey plays Walter Sparrow who believes a mystery novel with numerology that loops around the number 23 is about him. Throughout, Walter struggles with the conflict between destiny and free will.


humanebean said...

yeah, baby! Twice as nice at the rewatch party!

Um. Sorry. I have no idea what came over me - won't happen again.

Game ON!

A.G.Wooding said...

Can't wait to see the entire series with a new perspective, I can't watch an episode of Lost anymore without thinking of Locke's line in the pilot.

"Two players. Two sides. One is light. One is dark."

I liked the line but who would have thought it would turn out to be the ENTIRE THEME of the show. Ahh I love Lost.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about this and ready to watch with you guys. I already have seasons 1 and 2 so i'm off to a great start! Looking forward too it.

theSwan said...

I'm SO excited! I've actually introduced the show to 5 people, and watched it with them...So this is not going to be the first time I rewatch!!!

M9 EGO said...

Hi Guys,
Looking 4ward to the rewatch sessions for once I can be Brit who is not 4 days behind !. Currenly on my own rewatch mission anyway just watch the series 2 i can enjoy the season 2 'bonus' disk !
Keep the faith.

Benny said...

Sweet! Already setting up my iCal. I'm excited to do this year's rewatch with friends to discuss with!

By the way, will there be specific dates for the posts to go up or will it just be when YOU are done watching the eps? Not that it matters, just curious!

Benny said...

-forgot to check the 'follow-up comments' box-

crackpot said...

Very cool.
You don't need to buy the dvd's, if you have high speed cable or dsl connection, go to full episode player. They have all the episodes in reg or high deifinition. You gotta go thru some commercials, but they're pretty short. Or, you can fast forward and watch all the commercials first, then you can watch the show straight through. You can replay, etc. ABC for once is doing us a favor. Take advantage of it.
Nikki, keep up the good work, this idea is fantastic.

Amy Lynn said...

Oh are so great and I am sooo glad I found you! This is going to be awesome and my only hope is that the room for my mini-moon (its a shortened honeymoon) has a DVD player and flat screen!

Matt Roeser said...

This is going to be epic! Can't wait!

JennM said...

Awesome that you started it in July... Gives me a bit of time to gather up the DVDs. I am going to try to stick to the schedule…try :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki - I haven't posted here before, but I have all your books (and have talked three other Losties into buying them), so I'm thrilled that we're going to watch again together!

Batcabbage said...

Hooray! It's actually gonna be hard for Batkitty and I to stick to the schedule. Not because we won't have time to watch, but because we'll want to race ahead! But we'll be disciplined, and stick to the schedule. This'll be great!

BTW, just got back from seeing JJ's Star Trek. I had to literally restrain myself from standing and yelling at the screen - with joy. It was so fun! I loved it, and I'm a full on Trekkie. Off topic, I know, but I'm excited and all tingly. Now, back on topic...


Ash said...

Sounds like a well paced schedule to me.

I remember, back before Season 4 started, rewatching the whole of Seasons 1-3 over the course of 4 weeks. I meant to do a re-watch before Season 5 as well, but left it rather too late so just did Season 4.

KeepingAwake said...

I do a re-watch every year, as I suspect many of you have. Happy to do it with you folks this year!

For those who can't keep exactly to the schedule, please chime in anyway! Odds are that you've seen every LOST episode at least twice anyway, right? ;)

@Zari-did you realize that Hutchinson also played Percy in The Green Mile? Percy was the evil guard.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try this, but not season five. That's on my standing Christmas list - Honey, get me the recent season of Lost.

Nikki Stafford said...

Glad to see so many people on board! And so many new people I haven't seen on the other blog. Welcome!!

And Blam, you officially have the honour of the first person who EVER posted on the Rewatch blog. Now if that ain't something you can put on your resumé, I don't know what is...

KeepingAwake: You beat me to it, but I also think of Horace as the horrid, slimy little Percy in the Green Mile every time I see him. Until Horace, he was pretty much typecast as playing the weasel in every show.

Matt: It'll be great to have you! Only stipulation for you: you must dress as a dead pilot to chat with us. Seriously, I just THINK of that picture and it makes me laugh. OK, I'm laughing now.

To everyone who thinks they might not be able to keep up: the good thing about this is, we've all seen the episodes before. So if you miss a couple of weeks in there, just jump back in where we're at and skip the other episodes if you'd like, because it's not like you'll be jumping ahead and seeing spoilers. :) The other option is, watch a ton of them in advance and then just follow the blogs as they go.

mgkoeln: I actually struggled with whether to do the rewatch now or after season 6, but I thought it would be more exciting now, because it would make our season 6 discussion that much richer. And hey, I'm happy to host a post-series finale rewatch again for anyone wanting to do it again, since we all do it every year anyway. :)

Amy Lynn: I'm honoured to be part of your honeymoon! And I love that I'm not the only one who has a romantic getaway with my husband and I bring a laptop and DVDs. :)

And to anyone who wants to bring in some n00bs who haven't seen the show before, that would be awesome, and I'd love the perspective on here, but I do want them forewarned that we'll be spoiling greatly on here. We'll all be discussing the episodes in the context of season 5, and I'd hate for anyone to be spoiled. So invite the n00bs who are spoilerwhores anyway, and won't care. :)

Benny: I'll probably say this again on my blog, but my intention is to watch the episodes in advance of the weeks where they're due, and write up an individual post for each episode, and post them ahead of time but time them to go live every day at 9am or something so we can devote an entire day to each one. And, of course, anyone can go back to them and chat. I hope that format will work for everyone.

Redeem: The good thing about the setup of this is even if you get the season 5 DVDs for x-mas (and I did consider that, but realized it would rush all of us too much if I pushed the entire thing to January) you can still go back and add to the previous comments because of the format of the blog. I'm looking forward to your always-entertaining comments. :)

OK, back to work for me. I'm writing The Little Prince ep guide today. And wishing we were doing our season 1 rewatch RIGHT NOW because of all the season 1 references in it!

Karolyn said...

Hey Nikki! I actually already started rewatching Season 1 because I couldn't wait. One of my friends from work started watching them in marathon form last weekend and I felt left out so I'm kind of cheating I guess. It's honestly easy to watch three episodes a night because there is very little on tv and I have no life. :)
I was wondering if you were going to offer your Season 5 book to us in the same way you offered the Season 4 book. If you are, can you let me know through email (if you still have my email address). I would be highly interested in a second signed copy of one of your books. I haven't been posting as much this season because by the time I get to the comment section, there are usually over 150 comments and any thought I had has already been written. C'est la vie, I guess. Have a happy and productive Saturday!!

Gillian Whitfield said...

I can't wait for July! We start ten days before I turn sixteen.

Anonymous said...

Ready for the rewatch! This will be great even if some of can't watch every episode - we can just read the post and comments to refresh.

See you in July!

Hutch said...

Looking forward to re-watching and reading three comments. May fall a little bit behind in the early going. Our 8 year old grandson is visiting for three weeks beginning July 1st. Got a feeling "Poppie's" time my be limited.

Zari said...

@KeepingAwake & Nikki: Thanks so much for "The Green Mile" recommend. We've added that to our must-see list. ;)

The Shout said...

Count me in Nik! I was also debating whether to do a rewatch pre or post season 6 but in the end, who could pass up an excuse to watch Lost?

Elmo said...

So excited. will make the wait for Season 6 much easier to endure!!

Anonymous said...

I don't even want to wait until July to start, but this will be great fun. I will have to figure out how to get registered here and de-cloak from my lurking mode.


Rebecca T. said...

Oh! Yeah! Yesterday I was all depressed thinking no Lost for so long and then I said to myself, "Self, the REWATCH PARTY starts soon!" And then I was happy!

And we should definitely do a rewatch after season 6, too.


Jazzygirl said...

OMG to the Green Mile reference! I didn't even make the connection! He's a wonderful little slime in that one! LOL! Very different from this role. Loved that movie as well as the books.

Blam said...

Nikki:And Blam, you officially have the honour of the first person who EVER posted on the Rewatch blog.

So I have! I'll cherish it, especially since you threw in the extra "u".

I didn't pre-order your Season 5 book initially, by the way, because I'd been looking forward to a personalized copy like Karolyn. I'm familiar with the importance of advance sales, however, and for ten bucks US even in this economy another copy makes a great gift or library donation.

Blam said...

Shout:[W]ho could pass up an excuse to watch Lost?

A surprising number of people I know and respect, actually... I can agree to disagree with those who just didn't get into it, left during the infamous Season 3, or got behind and don't find catching up worthwhile -- even if I want to urge them to reconsider. What really bugs me is intelligent people dismissing it with remarks like, "Survivor with actors? How creative! Didn't Tom Hanks already make that movie?" Nice job avoiding any kind of popular-culture commentary for the past few years, guys...

The Shout said...

Blam: Dead on!

I think the Lost writers gave a sly nod to anyone who's fallen by the wayside, in '316', when Jack asks Ben what will happen to the other passengers and Ben responds coldly, 'What about them?'

Blam said...

I think the Lost writers gave a sly nod to anyone who's fallen by the wayside, in '316', when Jack asks Ben what will happen to the other passengers and Ben responds coldly, 'What about them?'

I just referenced this scene in a post on Nik at Nite. While I remembered Ben saying, dryly, "What about them?", I wasn't sure; if he did, it makes his exchange with Jacob in the finale even more interesting: "What about me?" "What about you?"

Nikki Stafford said...

The Shout and Blam: I love this theory, but having just seen the episode again the other day, Jack asks, What about the other passengers on the plane, what's going to happen to them?" and Ben replies, "Who cares?"

Way funnier, but unfortunately it ruins the foreshadowing here.

Benny said...

@everyone: I think the connection still exists? As you said, JACK asks "What about them?" to which Ben answers "Who cares?". The roles in Jacob's house seem switched.

Ben asks "What about me?", to which Jacob replies "What about you?", as if to say "I don't care."

Blam said...

Way funnier

And yet not as funny as "My mother taught me, Jack." 8^)

Anonymous said...

Will season 5 videos be available in time for the rewatch?
I have tried to see the first of season 5 episodes during the last few months on ABC website and they have not made them available.
I have wondered why ABC has not posted these first ep's of season 5.
Do you know? Is it because the want to help us be motivated to buy the season 5 videos, which of course I have already pre-ordered?
Do you know when ABC will have all of season 5 on their web site for those who can't wait for the Videos to come out?
Looking forward to the rewatch with you all.

Anonymous said...

Another movie some may want to watch is called
Has anyone seen it?
Kevin Costner stars with
Elizabeth Mitchell who plays the part of 'Kate" and
someone else plays Jack Shepard, Oh, yeah its the fellow who played LOST's Kate's attorney in season 4. Theres much to remind us of LOST.
Also theme is time skipping and has many things which are akin to our LOST adventure. IE. records on turn tables, eyes, dual reflections in glass window, little silver toy airplane which looks just like the one Kate had. I have wondered after I first saw it a few months ago if the JJ and guys had had anything to to with it. It was previous to LOST first season.

Benny said...

@Anonymous: I think ABC keeps the Lost episodes for a limited time. I know the license for CTV in Canada is one month after airing. I doubt that ABC needs a license but they might use the same process. Also, their online episodes are only available to U.S. IPs.

As for "Frequency", it was Dennis Quaid and not Kevin Costner, and Elizabeth Mitchell plays Julia. It also stars a young Micheal Cera as Gord Jr.

Anonymous said...

Benny, thanks for the corrections on 'Frequency' .
I thought I might be wrong about Costner but i sometimes get him and Quaid mixed up.
And yeah you are right its Julia not Kate. Boy do I feel stupid. But I just turned 62 last week and I am still in shock. Does that count?
Anyway it is interesting to me there was a Jack Shepard and a Julia and she indeed plays Julia in Lost and 'time travel' along with other likenesses.
I take it you have see the movie?
Did you notice the things I mentioned? Were any of the Lost producers/writers/etc involved do you suppose?
By the way Benny I truly enjoy your comments. I feel like I know you and several of the other regulars.
I will get an account so I won't be anonymous. Until then I am just Dena.
And I am so excited about the rewatch..... hurray!!

Benny said...

Dena it is then! And congrats on 62, nice to see you enjoying Lost and blogging about it. I'll definitely keep an eye out for your re-watch comments.

I have seen the movie, but a little while back. I remembered it wasn't Costner but I check the move to make sure it was Quaid and that's how I got the Julia name. The Jack Shepard and Julia reference is strikingly interesting.

There weren't any common writers or producers, so I don't know whether the names were a coincidence or an inspiration.

Karolyn said...

@Blam... I think we should ask Nikki again if she is offering her John Hancock in a copy of her new highly anticipated book about Lost. Please please Nikki, with sugar and a cherry on top? (I will grovel if necessary, but I must warn you it won't be pretty)

Nikki Stafford said...

Karolyn: Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I certainly don't want my readers grovelling (well, there are a few of you I'll make grovel every once in a while just for my own entertainment...) ;)

Yes, I'll be offering the same thing. But everyone should also buy the book from Amazon (using the clickie on the side) and give it away for Christmas prezzies!

Yeah, I'm greedy. :) And kidding.

But yes, anyone who cares about a signature in any way, I'd be glad to give it to them. :) In fact, I was thinking of setting up yet another of these blogs just sort of making that an ongoing offer. I have a few season 3 copies if anyone cares (I never offered those for sale, and got a crate of them, which I just stuck away somewhere).

I just finished writing Namaste! Woohoo! Nine episodes down in less than a week. Oh YEAH, baby!!

I just wish I'd stop having dreams about Smokey and get Sawyer in one of them. Sigh.

Blam said...

Nikki: You could just put a permanent blurb on the sidebar of the two blogs with the offer, above the ads for the books.

Nikki Stafford said...

Blam: You're right, I could, and basically say if you want an autographed copy, email me here. But for new readers coming to the site who aren't sure exactly who I am or what my books are about, it would be nice to link to a permanent page that says, here are my books, here's what each one is about, here is the cost of each one if you want to buy it from me, here is the cost of shipping in each region (the cost is different for the heavier season 1/2 book than the later ones) and here is the link to Amazon if you'd prefer to buy it there. And here are my other books if you'd like them as well, etc.

Which would be too long as a side blurb. ;) It's something I've been meaning to do for some time, and just haven't gotten around to it. It would take two minutes to set the whole thing up, but it's just never anywhere near the top of my list of priorities. :)

Blam said...

But for new readers coming to the site who aren't sure exactly who I am or what my books are about, it would be nice to link to a permanent page that says,

Oh. I read what you said a little too literally; of course, that'd be a great idea. That's one of the benefits of a website, actually -- having a permanent page that stands on its own (and why I'm slowly planning one for mercenary efforts like artwork, EBay sales, etc.). Without starting a new blog, which seems like overkill in some circumstances, you're really left with the choices of a self-contained blurb or a blurb that points to a post with the information that, since it's dated, can only be linked to by said blurb because it will soon scroll out of prominence. So, carry on. 8^)

Karolyn said...

Nikki, Awesome!! Sign me up, please. Let me know how much and when and I will send out the check (or cheque) with my address, unless you still have it. In fact I'll take a season 3 copy as well. Thank you so much!! And wait until you see how short Sawyer's hair is in the pilot. He looks much better with long hair. :)
Oh and I would grovel for your amusement anytime.

Ernie said...

Why don't you join in with the Lostpedia/DocArzt rewatch group?

Rewatch group

Benny said...

@Ernie: No one here really wanted to. We prefer how the discussions evolve on this board.

humanebean said...

Clearly, we need to have t-shirts made that say "It's better the second time around with Nik at Nite!"

The back can say, "I like to re-watch".

Yes, I'm a very bad man ...

Nikki Stafford said...

Hi Ernie! Good question, but if you look at our schedules, they're completely different. They're starting on June 1 (making the season 5 rewatch only available for those with eps on their DVRs) and we're starting on July 5, (our season 5 starts a week after the S5 DVDs are available). Also, we'd been discussing our rewatch for a couple of weeks when all of a sudden other sites started talking about it. So maybe the question is, why don't they join us? ;)

Ah, I'm just kidding. Like Benny said, we're just doing our own thing over here, not interfering with the other rewatches, and all I hope is that we can sort of do our own thing and reach our own conclusions without anyone coming on and just listing off the main points that the other rewatches already brought up. I guess that's a risk of doing ours after the others, but one we'll have to take. :)

And humane, I would TOTALLY wear that shirt!! :)

The Shout said...

But who watches the re-watchers?

humanebean said...

Why, the Rewatchmen, of course.

Benny said...

But I thought the Rewatchmen RE-watched the re-watchers!

Then who...?

humanebean said...

Hmmm... well, if the Rewatchers re-watched those who rewatched the .... the .....

oh, heck. My brain hurts again. Guess I'll go back to figuring out the time loop.

*sound of remaining brain cell crashing*

Ali Bags said...

Help! - I couldn't wait and rewatched the pilot. Dying to discuss it now. Only one month to go (and then I'll have to rerewatch it)

Azá said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
humanebean said...

Welcome, aza! We have been aware of other rewatch efforts (which actually popped up after Nikki started organizing one here!) but collectively decided not to join in with the others for a variety of reasons:

1) Sometimes the comments on differently styled websites are difficult to follow, overly focused on some issues such as "ships" (or the romantic relationships between the characters) or even a bit too sarcastic/insensitive/unreceptive to differing viewpoints. We all feel fortunate to have found a community of LOST fanatics who enjoy the show, enjoy each others' commentary and most of all, find Nikki's insights and presentation to strike just the right balance of fun and fanatacism. A tough combo to beat!

2) As you mention, the other sites whose 'rewatch' efforts are already underway will run into a problem when they reach Season 5 - which is not available here in the US until December. Nikki's schedule takes this into account, making for a more cohesive Rewatch.

3) We are a leaner, meaner fighting machine! (actually, this is nonsense, but I just liked the sound of it)

Glad to have you with us! I look forward to hearing your comments as we start the Rewatch in July here in NikWorld.

Nikki Stafford said...

Thank you, humanebean, for your response!!

And thank you, azamusic, for your note. You've prompted me to now go and change the original note just to let people know we do know about the rewatch.

We are very aware of the Lostpedia and DocArzrt rewatches, but as I've said on my blog many times (and in the rewatch comments if you scroll up and look above the one you left here), we're not only trying to set the schedule so people can watch the DVDs, which are out in December, but I'm currently writing the season 5 book and my hand-in date is July 3, so we're starting July 5. That's the real reason we're waiting longer. I'd LOVE to be on board the other rewatches, but I've been looking forward to doing this with my readers for so long that I just don't want to miss out on the first month, which would be very upsetting to me.

And just a note to my readers: I've spoken to AstroJones about it at DocArzt (the guy organizing it) and he was really awesome and told me that once we begin our rewatch, he'll add our RSS feed to Lostpedia so we'll also be one of the sites, just slightly behind the others.

So technically, I've made it so we WILL be part of the community-wide rewatch, yet still maintaining our own schedule.

And I hope others will read through before posting the link. While I'm a huge supporter of DocArzt's site and the community of amazing writers over there (obviously) but I'd rather people not be linking over there, perhaps luring people from this site to that one, and then when we actually do begin our much-anticipated rewatch we're down to me and 3 others. ;)

I was struggling with this over the weekend, really wanting to be part of the web-wide rewatch. But even if my schedule did allow for it, I know everyone on here intends to buy the DVDs in December, so why would they first waste their time rewatching crappy streaming video only to get their DVDs a month later? It just seems like a waste to me.

I do hope you'll be able to join us, azamusic!! It's great to have you on here. :)

Azá said...

Hi Humanebean and thanks for promptly responding to my comment.

Sure, I agree and fact I am debating whether or not to get myself the BluRay releases of these for the rewatch (avid PS3 fan :)) or just use my current collection and wait until the show is completely over (saddend to even mention this and what a thought!) and get a complete collectors boxset like I have done for Buffy (Nikki would be proud).

I think this rewatch schedule is better and actually gives me time to catch up on a few bits now that Season 5 is over and do the other things I wanted, so July is good. I would prefer to be in a smaller community where we can have proper discussions and at least this most peoples comments get acknowledged rather than be swampped under!

Bit of a whoopsy for me not reading Nikki's original post first and of course these comments, but count me in on this one guys!

I agree with Nik's initial post saying just post a few points (even if they are not major but relevant and important) about each ep. I have one thing to propose however, I think we should convene on Fridays as I am sure I read somewhere that season 6 will be broadcast on Thursdays (don't quote me though), plus this gives me a better chance in my working week to get through the eps!

So I guess with be doing a weekly post where we just post the episodes major points?

Nikki Stafford said...

aza: I'm thinking of posting a further post once I figure it all out in my head, and rather than grouping 4 together, maybe separating them out so each episode has its own post. I can pull the relevant points that stuck out for me, and then people can comment on that one. I'll tag it with the title of the episode, and that way the tags will be down the side of the blog and anyone who wants to jump back to a particular episode can do so easily.

I think the DocArzt model is that they're going to talk about them every Sunday, giving people the full week. And if that's preferred, I'm happy to do that. Otherwise what I'll do is write them up individually and I could even pre-post them, meaning they'll publish at a later date of my choosing, and I could have them all go up at once or something. :)

This will probably be a system that will evolve as we start off and realize what is most comfortable to all of us and what works best! :)

humanebean said...

Anytime, Nik! As ever, you have done a better job than I of succinctly summarizing all the reasons for our Rewatch, including the MOST important one - that you are lashed to a keyboard for the month of June with no time off for good behavior. (what were the odds, anyway? ; )

Aza - since you are a PS3 fan, I must tell you that if you have not seen LOST in blu-ray yet, you are in for a revelation. RUN, do not walk, to your nearest source and purchase the season sets in blu-ray! (or, better yet, find them online where they are likely to be cheaper, including some excellent used copies for Seasons 3 & 4). I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the stunning clarity and vivid colors of the HD versions, light years beyond what I had seen previously.

Seasons 1 & 2 are set to be released here in the US in two weeks or so - just in time for the Rewatch Party! Not sure of the UK release but it should be close, if it has not already happened (since Season 5 will be out there before here, as you point out). I hate to sound like an HD snob ... but, I have been badly bitten by the bug and can't praise it highly enough.

Pricing is an obstacle, still, as the industry insists on trying to convince us that blu-ray discs are SOOOOO much more expensive to mass produce. (not buying THAT) Hopefully, prices will continue to fall as blu-ray becomes more common.

Nikki Stafford said...

So this is probably going slightly off-topic, but I've been looking for someone to articulate the whole blu-ray thing to me. Is there really much of a difference? And in what way? Does it depend on your TV? I have a 42-inch LCD (someday Nik, you shall have your movie-theatre-sized screen... someday...) and it has HD (and honestly, I don't see much diff between the HD channels and the regular ones other than there being some extra stuff on the sides of my screen). Is Blu-ray really something that's here to stay? Or will it go the way of the laserdisc? It seems like an awful lot of money, and honestly the format isn't different enough that I'd replace my collection. I got rid of VHS and replaced those with DVDs, but there's not enough in Blu-ray to convince me to do that.

Am I wrong? I trust your opinion. Even if you ARE a Mac guy... :-D

Azá said...

Nikki: Yes, there is a big difference indeed! You may not have noticed nothing with TV and channels because you will need a HD source. For example, at present, channels broadcat in Standard Definition (SDTV), so, in fact, your TV is spreading that out over 42" which makes it more than likely worse...

I've seen Blu-ray in action and not only does the picture blow you away, but you benefit from the immense sound. You are probably aware of 5.1 surround, well, if you get the right kit, you can get 7.1 and even if you only have 5 surround speakers, the sound is much more better.

I would recommend getting a player, but frankly they are still quite expensive and I cannot really justify spending £150 (prob cheaper for you in the States) on a standalone player. The PS3 was the first to pioneer and boast integrated Bluray playback and also upscale DVDs to HD quality.

So in short, yes to your question, but I'm contemplating it just yet (bluray discs) because they are still quite expensive and especially for LOST I would like the complete boxset (seasons 1- 6)!

Back to the post slightly, I like your idea, Nikki, but rather than that, how about the normal weekly post, but tag it (like you said) and post the title as (for example), Lost Rewatch 2009: Week 1 - Eps 1 - 4? Then post away, but that posts tag contain each ep?

By the way, I was fortunate to already have a blogger account for my DJ'ing past time, and this was hardly a complete profile of me, I've updated it a bit now and also tried to change my name. You can also call me Chris, but Aza is fine (and prefered) :)

humanebean said...

Well, to be fair, it IS unclear as yet if blu-ray is "here to stay". It has won out over the HD-DVD format that was it's chief rival a year ago. Apple, for one, is not fully onboard as yet, not offering disc drives that support blu-ray in their most popular consumer models, such as the MacBooks/MacBook Pros or the awe-inspiring techno marvel that IS the iMac. *sound of celestial choir* ; ]

The key is really in how you view the video: newer LCD-TV sets offer a variety of screen resolutions that describe the maximum clarity/sharpness that they will support. These numbers, like 720p ("p" for 'progressive scan' - a process that gives you more detailed visual information each time the screen refreshes), 1080i ("i" for 'interlaced scan - which gives you less detailed info per scan) or 1080p tell you the full resolution capabilities of your TV. 1080p is better than 1080i - and the number 1080 is the maximum commercially available standard for these TV sets. (for now)

Lost yet? (pun very much intended) Regular DVD's are read by a 'red' laser. Blu-ray DVD's are read by ... yes, you guessed it - a 'blue' laser. The discs themselves hold up to 7 times more information than a standard DVD. This allows the manufacturers to offer more features, etc., but more importantly give you the most detailed visual presentation possible. I see by now that Aza has added the point that the audio is also significantly enhanced - giving you DTS sound amongst other options that, if you have the proper equipment, rival theater-style sound at home.

It all boils down to what you "can" see and hear on the TV you have now. In any event, blu-ray is a significant visual and auditory upgrade. Players are continuing to drop in price (I've seen ones that are just becoming available or about to for as low as $200 US). This past Holiday would have been the real breakout for blu-ray players if the economic meltdown had not so significantly altered the roadmap. At least for now - and perhaps for the forseeable future, blu-ray is the way to go.

A visit to your local electronics store will give you a gander at the options out there. I own a Playstation 3 just like Aza - it plays blu-ray discs in High Definition, 'upscales' standard DVD's to make them look even better than with a regular player and of course plays video games as well. One feature I particularly like is that the PS3 supports a wireless internet connection (also a wired one, if you prefer). This allows for easy updates to the software (going on with some regularity) and opens up additional features that blu-ray discs are taking advantage of.

There is something called BD-Live offered on new blu-ray releases that gives you access to exclusive linked content available from the Internet and allows manufacturers to update content for that title over the life of the disc - imagine new features produced a year or more after the disc is sold, available to you through this link.

No, I don't work for Sony or the other blu-ray manufacturers. In the interest of full disclosure, I am in the tech business and my company does make accessories for HD components. BUT, my love of blu-ray is entirely my own, I assure you! If you need/want to know more, feel free to email me offline, Nik, and I can give you some great links to read up on this stuff. Thus endeth the lesson!

Nikki Stafford said...

humane: LOL! Oh you. Thank you for the lesson, and I will forgive you your Mac-induced celestial freakin' choir. (But it did make me laugh out loud.)

I am a self-avowed technical idiot, but I actually have figured out all the bells and whistles on HD. I do have it set at 1080p (I tried both it and i and the p was better) and I also have an HD PVR. And I was just emailing Aza off-board and said that I know there is a difference in HD -- on my PVR, one hour of HD takes up 5 hours of space. I have most of the season of Lost on there saved in HD and my husband's always like, "ARGH, that's like 80 hours you have used up here!!" But after my incident in Jughead, with the stupid HD channel conked out when Alpert and Locke were talking in 1954 (ACK!) I always record the regular channel simultaneously, and yes, there IS a difference in quality, for sure. So after rethinking it, I shouldn't have said I don't notice a diff, or I wouldn't be saving the HD ones. And there are scenes where the director puts things off to the side that you can't see in regular screen (I remember an ep in season 2 where you see the rooftop parking of Ana Lucia's police station, and on the side of the screen the squad cars were parked and they each had a different one of Hurley's numbers on them; you couldn't see that in regular TV).

But blu-ray will probably take more convincing. I have a WALL of DVDs, almost all TV shows (my friends refer to me as their personal TV library) and there is no way I'm replacing those.

Though, as Aza says, the complete Buffy on Blu-ray might be my breaking point. ;)

humanebean said...

OH! I completely forgot the most BASIC bit of info about this technology - your ability to view this great HD info on screen is also impacted by the CABLES you use to connect the source to your TV. Right now, HDMI (high definition multi-media interface) is the industry standard for transmitting uncompressed video/audio in one cable. This is better than a component video cable (three tips on each end - red, green and blue), coaxial cable (the round one with metal tips that screw onto the connection) and WAY better than the old composite cables (yellow for video and red/white for audio).

Depending on what you are using for a source now, Nik - satellite dish, cable box (hopefully HD vs. plain ol' digital), etc. - the right cable can make all the difference in the world. Do NOT pay outrageous prices for HDMI cables!! More full disclosure - my company does make inexpensive HDMI cables, among other types. Shop around, find decent ones at a decent price and don't be taken in easily - these cables used to be outrageously expensive. ($75 each and up) The only reason for this is that the manufacturers who used to sell you two cables - audio and video separately - were now selling just one HDMI - thereby cutting their sales in half. .

So, they doubled the price. Seriously! Rant over, I promise you. Point being - cables are important. You can now get excellent ones for as low as $19.95. Caveat emptor, as Ricardus Alpert would say. ; ]

humanebean said...

Ah, yes - sounds like you are fairly up to date, Nik!

It's definitely not a 'hafta' thing ... it's a 'wanna' thing. No need to replace your TV library - the discs you have might even look better viewed on a blu-ray player. But, I gotta tellya ... when you first see LOST on blu-ray ... even vs. the HD broadcast (broadcast channels often don't give you the best resolution) ... you will swoon!

I fully expect a "WOOT!" email in my inbox when you do. ; ]

Azá said...

Humane: Totally agree with everything and so very well put. I don't work for Sony either, but tend to do the same thing when trying to offer advise to other peeps! My PS3 is practically my Media Center. We use it to watch everything, play our MP3s, I put my cameras SD card in there (I got the 60Gb version!!!) and also sometimes browse the web with the wireless and of course, Bluray movies.

Nikki: I really don't think you need to worry about your DVD collection. In fact, if and when you get a new player, those discs will be equally as valuable. They will be upscaled to most likely 1080i on your set and you still have a HD collection. Besides, if they wasn't actually originally recorded in HD, then these films being re-released in BluRay are really no better than you sticking in the DVD and upscaling. The are merely reeconding, which means, yes, ok it may be sligthly better, but its like trying to get a tape recording that you took from the radio onto another tape with a higher volume; the source matters! LOST and Hawaii are totally worth it!

Right, back to the post:

I feel that these rewatches will be awesome for me to finally interact with you all on the blog. Truthfully, I never really got into the show until very early Season 3. I was fortunate to get on board then because until I realised (after picking up Nikki's books) that the chaotic broadcasting schedule totally frustrated fans, I don't know what I would've done.

It's such a great feeling ending on a cliffhanger and then watching the next ep right away. However, I have watched pretty much each ep twice and this is what lead me to Nikki's books and examine each episode in greater detail (the whisper transcripts and Sun+Jins Korean too). I will now be able to contribute to this rewatch blog with in much more detail(plus Nikki's original one when S06 comes) as I just love the way this show is so cleverly layered on numerous fronts. You really do have to watch it again and again to see things firstly from the perspective that you know what happens and interpret the characters behaviour (much like how you could've interpreted everything Locke said to Richard in a honest way and also dishonest way!) then you watch it again and see it from not only both sides, but from a higher understanding if that makes sense!?.

I've printed off The Incident blog and pretty much missed the boat on that, but now with these rewatched I can comment on each episode from the beginning and I am so happy to have found a great community to share my LOST comments with online for the first time!

I'm fans of Dexter and Dollhouse too Nickie so are sticking around for those shows on the other blog too :) Really am looking forward to these rewatches commencing on July 5th and Nikki, what a great reward you will for handing in your transcript, and then relaxing with more LOST!

Azá said...

PS: Darn! I wish I could edit my posts! Forget to mention (final side note I promise) that I loved your write up of your UK visit, Nikki and in particular, Wales. I am from South Wales.

Hoping in the near future to do what you have done here for me in to the USA and especially Hawaii! I would love to do the LOST tour that they have going there :)

Azá said...

Edit:Had to delete other comment - too many typo's and jumbled up a few things; plus I wanted to introduce myself properly. :)

Nikki and all! I have been a regular, regular visit to the original blog and have arrived here following the comments there.

I guess there are other rewatch's taking place with some already underway, however this means that there schedules do not tie in with the release of Season 5 DVDs, so I'm so happy that I landed here and really want to be a part of this community. It seems so great and friendly here with very thorough episode recaps and deep analysis.

I have to say I am a big fan and really appreciate the work that goes into all of this. Side note: I don't really get round to posting comments here as much as I would like/should as a fan to Nikki's blog. But I want to let you know that I a very regular visitor and with what time I have I read the blogs with great pleasure. So if you see me popping up now and again, you now know who I am. I want to say thanks for making this a great, friendly and very awesome place to get some really great Lost stuff and Nikki for great work on a great blog and books!

Thanks - Chris :)

Ashlie Hawkins said...

I will definitely be shelling out for the Season 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray, I was completely blown away when I saw Season 4 on Blu-ray. It was the first BR I watched and I was totally sold. I have a 42 inch Plasma set up with the PS3 (and Wii and 5.1 surround)...the whole package was kind of inspired by LOST, is that so wrong? (I wanted the PS3 over a standard Blu-Ray player because I wanted the LOST Via Domus game! Tee hee.) Anyway, so psyched about the release of the first two seasons to coincide with our re-watch! I can't wait to get started!

Blam said...

You all are making me feel inadequate with my 12-year-old CRT television and inability to get even digital cable through sucky wiring. Not that I really needed your help there...

Right now the resolution and picture quality on my laptop are better than the TV, so that's how I've taken to watching DVDs solo; luckily my special friend has a modestly sized flatscreen at her place, but her participation in the rewatch is up in the air.

Blam said...

Nikki: I've spoken to AstroJones about it at DocArzt (the guy organizing it) and he was really awesome and told me that once we begin our rewatch, he'll add our RSS feed to Lostpedia so we'll also be one of the sites, just slightly behind the others.

What does this mean? I know it's your blog, Nikki, but it's weird thinking about our comments here showing up on another site. The Internets are undeniably public, but it seems like anyone who wants to lurk should at least come over here and do it first-hand. 8^)

Blam said...

Nikki:I will forgive you your Mac-induced celestial freakin' choir.

Y'know, I only ever had an Apple (okay, to date me, my first computer was a TRS-80 before I could save up for the Apple IIe) and used to follow that choir wherever it was performing. The Powerbook I got last summer (after much saving up, again; coulda had that flatscreen instead, maybe) is undeniably beautiful and powerful, but Apple's customer service has really hit the crapper and there was much frustration after taking this baby home -- once unthinkable in Happy Appleville. I do less graphics-intensive work these days (which may change), and still occasionally rethink not having bought some inexpensive Dell and just spent my time fiddling with Linux.

Nikki Stafford said...

Blam: What does this mean? I know it's your blog, Nikki, but it's weird thinking about our comments here showing up on another site. The Internets are undeniably public, but it seems like anyone who wants to lurk should at least come over here and do it first-hand.

Actually, that's exactly what the RSS feed is intended to do. The majority of people coming to my blog have done so by following the RSS feeds they get thru google readers or other sitefeeds. The RSS feed means every time a new post goes up, the subject of the post and maybe the first two sentences will show up in the feed on the Lostpedia site. Then people have to click through to come over to read our stuff. It basically acts as an advertisement that we're over here and also doing a rewatch, and if you'd like to come see what we have to say and perhaps chime in, come on over.

But no; I'm not handing away my content for free. I work too hard on this blog just to let someone mirror it (not that it hasn't happened). I'm just trying to make it so our group isn't left out in the cold, and my site isn't, either. I want as many people here as I can get (granted they're as awesome as the people who are here now) because every time there's a new voice on here, it makes it so much more fun! It's amazing to me sometimes to think that you, Benny, and SonshineMusic have really only been around for season 5. It seems like you've been part of the group forever! :) So more newbies are a good thing for me.

humanebean said...

Was there life before Benny, Blam and SonShine?? That seems so very, very long ago ...

.... platform shoes ..... bell-bottoms .... oversize glasses .... oh, wait - that's my Elton John poster!

Benny said...

@hb: of course there was life, in the same way there was life before computers, before the human race, before dinosaurs and so on.

Too full of it? Definitely, I'm just kidding! But the nod is certainly appreciated.

I'm certainly hoping there will be such a progression in participation for the re-watch and again next season; that's how good blogs progress. We've seen it throughout this season with so many differing takes on what we're seeing.

Nikki, you're blog has certainly grown exponentially in popularity! Because it's good; because you're good!

humanebean said...

Oh, before the human race, certainly. Before the dinosaurs, quite possibly.

But before the computers ?? Oh no, my friend! How you underestimate the ages the microchips lay in wait ... dreaming of the day when men would mock the gods by building the machines they dared to believe would only have the intelligence given to them by puny mankind. Oh, how the computers laugh at the silly fantasies of men.

Sounds sorta like a fan spinning quietly near a hard drive ....

Jazzygirl said...

Yes I found out the hard way that recording HD on the DVR takes up WAY more space. I've lost the first four episodes of S5 because of it. They got knocked off from other recordings during finale week. Many shows had 2 hour finales. I tried to erase them right away or NOT record if I was watching but alas...thank goodness the DVD's will be out for our rewatch schedule! :)

The Shout said...

on the subject of blu-ray. have posted their reviews complete with screen grabs.think i might have to sell a kidney!

season 1:

season 2:

Blam said...

Nikki: The RSS feed means every time a new post goes up, the subject of the post and maybe the first two sentences will show up in the feed on the Lostpedia site.

I'd forgot that your RSS feed only sends the first couple lines. The few that I do subscribe to now send the whole post, but it's still a poor substitute for visiting a website in most cases. And I've never subscribed to feeds of comment sections.

Blam said...

humanebean: .... platform shoes ..... bell-bottoms .... oversize glasses .... oh, wait - that's my Elton John poster!

Nope, that's me all right.

Casey S. Pitman said...

I like this schedule a lot more than the others going around. It works well for me - first I get married, then I go on my honeymoon and get back just in time to start the rewatch. And on top of that, I'm a teacher, which means I'm on summer vacation. I've really got nothing to do but watch and talk about LOST.

I'm really digging it.

Hunter said...

Seasons 1 and 2 of Lost are out on Blu-ray today. I'm about to head out and pick mine up. Bestbuy has a deal where you can get both for only $78. That is a super cheap price considering the msrp is like $70 a piece. And if you've never watched the show on Blu-ray, you're missing out. It's fantastic!

Ashlie Hawkins said...

Just picked up Seasons 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray for the rewatch! I still have to get Season 3 on Blu-Ray, but it might have to wait until the next big splurge!

MatthewDykstra said...

HumaneBean nailed the technical stuff behind Blu-Ray, but that wasn't what initially rocked me about the re-releases of LOST.

The Blu-Rays all have SeasonPlay which is almost like wacthing the show unabridged. Say you and your roomate/girlfriend/wife/whatever is also doing a rewatch, but he/she is a few episodes ahead if you. SeasonPlay actually saves your spot to the scond on your own separate profile, so multiple people can be watching Lost consecutively and each know where to pick up where they left off.

Not only that but the Blu-Ray releases of seasons 3&4 have awesome exclusive special features: 3 has Darlton answering some of the series most elusive mysteries like Walt and the volcano. 4 has a definitive timeline of all the flashforwards.
Neat huh?

I agree with Nikki that there's no need to update your entire DVD collection, (I still buy DVD's because their just so damn cheap) but when I see a Blu-ray of something I like: Lost, Dark Knight, Benjamin Button, etc, I splurge for the extra resolution.

Blu-ray isn't a huge differance, but I watch ALOT of Lost so it makes sense to get the best.

Azá said...

Looks like a lot of people are psyched up for this and we've got em sold on the whole Blu-Ray thing! Damn prices in the UK are exactly the same as they are in the States i.e £47 here and $47 there - so us Brits are getting skanked!

Hope all are doing well and are psyched up for this!

Hunter said...

Wow, completely missed the whole Blu-ray discussion above my post. (Yes, I'm guilty of not reading the whole thread before posting.) Just to let everyone know, the deal Best Buy has gets you the Blu-rays for pretty much the same price as the DVD version. AND, if you already own the DVD version of season 1 or 2, you can mail in your copy and get a $20 rebate. So there should be no excuses for any of you!...well, unless you don't have an HD tv.

Azá said...

Could anyone help with some UK deals?

If not, I think I'm going to sit tight, and although, a lot of you guys will be enjoying in full HD, unless I can get a good a deal, I think I'd prefer to stick with my DVDs for the rewatch and then just buy the complete series (1-6) when that is released.

Nikki Stafford said...

I'm with Aza on this one (well, apart from the looking for good British deals bit...) ;) I'll stick with my DVDs and then *maybe* re-buy on blu-ray. But I don't have a player. I know DVDs play in a million things outside of an actual DVD player; what does a blu-ray disk play on? I'm assuming it doesn't just go into a regular DVD player.... or does it?

Sheesh. I feel like Grandma here. I've never been an early adopter (ooh, check me out with the proper terminology, though! It's what happens when your hubbie used to be a tech reporter...)

Hunter said...

You're correct, Nikki. Blu-rays have their own kind of player. You can either by a regular Blu-ray player, or a PS3, which will also play Blu-rays. I just looked on amazon and you can get a standalone Blu-ray player for around $200-225 new or $150ish used. There may be some better deals out there on eBay or other places. I didn't look too hard.

If you only have the HD tv without a full surround sound setup, or your tv only goes up to 720p, it probably isn't worth it to upgrade just yet. But if you have a 1080p tv and 5.1 lossless audio, you'll be blown away.

Nikki Stafford said...

I do have 1080p... not sure about the 5.1, um, blobless audio? Or whatever you said... but I could definitely check on that (one of these days I'm getting the full surround sound speakers that go behind the couch... but then again I'd probably never leave the couch).

Speaking of which, I was at my brother's a couple of weeks ago and he had a Wii... I think I just found my new best friend. But if I got one of those I'd NEVER get anything done...

Hunter said...

Lossless audio is basically 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound in its original form. What you hear on a dvd is severely compressed and doesn't sound nearly as good as the Blu-ray version. But in order to utilize the lossless audio, you need a receiver that can handle the signal and preferrably the 5.1 speaker setup. 5.1 is where you have a left front, center, right front, left rear and right rear set of speakers. The .1 stands for the subwoofer.

If you ever do decide to get 5.1, do yourself a favor and save up until you can afford a nice system. There's no point buying junk and then being dissappointed. A nice setup creates a whole other atmosphere though. In fact, I think a nice home system usually sounds better than most theater systems.

Rebecca T. said...

Aaaaaggggggghhhhhhh! I haven't checked over here and I missed the party. :(

I definitely agree that it is weird to think that there was life over her before Benny and Blam. (okay, and me)

Certainly it must have been much less interesting.

I can't wait for the rewatch, because I miss you all so much! But I just realized that the first week of the rewatch is also the week that my store is getting completely rearranged and I will be doing at least 1 if not more overnights.

I'll have to watch some in advance and then pop in at odd times. I don't want to miss out on a second!

Ali Bags said...


I have a Wii and the first week or two I had it I made my arms ache playing tennis.The novelty wears off after a while though.
Although I have this great game where you get to dive underwater and swim around looking at fish (I have never been one for all action mindless violence!)

btw - I've started reading Y: The Last Man. The first graphic novel I've ever read and it's great!

Azá said...

I must say that now we know the S06 premiere date, how greatly organised and almost perfectly calculated this rewatch is! Well done - practically just a week out, but this - I guess - is just because it now only will actually premiere early Feb 2010 :)