Thursday, August 20, 2009

2.04 Everybody Hates Hugo

Follow along! The episode guide for “Everybody Hates Hugo” is in Finding Lost, pp. 189-194.

OK, I guess this episode was the one where people started hating Ana Lucia. And now I’m remember that pretty much up to the point where she was shot, I felt the same. I had my moments of feeling sorry for her, but she’s not doing herself any favours in this ep. She’s awful. I always thought the writers didn’t do her justice – so much more could have been done with this character who, like Jack, was forced into a leadership position, but unlike Jack, had NOTHING. No food, water, tools, guns, nothing. What they did right about the Tailies was present them as more Lord of the Flies than the Losties, but Ana Lucia is just SO grating that when we get to that scene where she finally faces Jack in the jungle, remembering who they were six long weeks earlier and how much she’d changed as a person since then, we’re supposed to feel sorry for her. It worked on me, but only because I had to overthink the scene. For most viewers, she was so vile by that point, NOTHING was going to make us sympathize. (And I will admit, when she was shot I threw my hands up in the air and whooped. So maybe I wasn’t really as different from everyone else as I’d like to think I was…) Someone needs to tell her to have a cluckety-cluck-cluck day. Or to just cluck off.

Fun things I noticed:
• Every time I see that opening, I have that Slim Smith song in my head for hours afterward. Man, that's a catchy tune.
• Michael: “So we’re friends now, huh?” WTF is Michael’s problem? Sawyer has never acted any differently. Michael is the one saying, “I don’t LIKE you anymore. You’re not allowed to play with my toys,” and stomping over to his side of the daycare. Sawyer just stands there aghast, putting up with Michael’s little tantrums. So annoying.
• Ana Lucia is the female Jack, ordering people around. But she’s even more of a dick.
• Yay, another montage!! (I can’t help but have that Team America song in my head every time I type that word . . . “Even Rocky had a montage!”)
• Bernard asking Michael about Rose is still one of my all-time favourite moments. It STILL brings tears to my eyes, made even better by Rose tucking away that Apollo bar for later. I just know I’ll be a weepy mess when they reunite… like I always am.

Things that have new meaning:
• Ana Lucia smiles at Sawyer, making me remember how the two of them will eventually get it on this season. I think my memory had buried that one deep, forcing me to forget because it knew I couldn’t handle the trauma.
• Libby starts the sweet chit-chat with Michael . . . her eventual killer.
• Watch when Sun is burying the bottle in the sand. Her wedding ring is there… it’s there… and then as she pats the sand, it’s not. Wonderfully done by the writers and director on this one.


Gillian Whitfield said...

Everybody Hates Hugo is my third favourite Hurley episode. Second favourite is Numbers, and first favourite is The Lie (the scene where he tells his mother what really happened made it my favourite Hurley episode).

I agree with you on Ana Lucia, I couldn't stand her. The only character I truly hate is Ana Lucia, with Michael being a close second.

The Slim Smith song I only ever heard on Lost, maybe because it's about 2 or 3 decades older than I am depending when it was released. It is a catchy song.

Fred said...

This episode really shows that maybe Hurley should have been the leader. Jack should have been the doctor, cause that's what he is good at.

Are we getting a theme here in Hurley's dream: "everything's going to change". Hurley is definitely against change--maybe like "Esau"? Also when Hurley gets a job, it also includes handing out food--deja vu. Another line that is telling to the overall theme is when Hurley feels he'll be hated for rationing the food, and he says to Rose,"I'm sorry but I can't let it happen again."

But I love Hurley's solution: hand it all out at once. Not only does it make everyone happy, but it also makes Hurley happy, unlike his job at Mr. Cluck's Chicken. I guess it would have surprised Locke to find out he's actually talking to his former boss, when he tells Hurley, "We all got jobs, you don't get to quit." Well, actually dude. . . .

Notice how when Ana Lucia talks to Sawyer, its like the warden of a prison--I had images of Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke".

Marebabe said...

I remember when the last of Hurley's batteries gave out on his CD player, a lot of people were sadly predicting that there would be no more montages. They weren't counting on Michael Giacchino! This closing montage is my all-time favorite feel-good moment in Lost. All the smiling faces, including baby Aaron laughing in his cradle. How sweet and wonderful! And Giacchino's music beautifully and perfectly tied together the feasting and merriment with Sun burying the bottle containing the messages, and our introduction to Bernard. Total awesomeness!

tiasabita said...

This is one of my favorite episodes. Hurley and his mom together are hilarious magic and the montage at the end is just beautiful. I watched this episode yesterday at Starbucks whie killing time waiting for repairmen to leave my house and completely forgot I was in a public place - the tears were rolling down amid the smiles! Was Rose saving the Apollo bar to give Bernard when they reunited? Did we ever see her give it to him? Or was it just something sweet to remind her of her sweet-toothed husband?

With so much hoopla just a few episodes ago about threats to Claire and her baby why is she still walking all alone on the beach?

I wonder what Randy did with all those gnomes.

JW said...

I've always liked Ana Lucia and couldn't quite remember why people hated her so much... until rewatching this one today. You all just need to remember that deep down she's a bundle of sweetness. :)

Like Nikki, the Libby/Michael introduction and Sun's disappearing ring were things I took note of, too.

Joan Crawford said...

Aw, I love Hurley! He is a good leader - he really feels the weight of his responsibilities and then makes a well thought out decision. Unlike Jack most of the time.

@ Writing - I know! I love,love,love Hooogoh's Mom! Isn't she the best ever!? When he confesses to her and she says she believes him? Made me get all "I love my mom! I know she'd believe me too!" Hearts and Love.

"Your mother is a very passionate woman..." Hhahahaha! Best ever!

And when his mom covers up the revolving Jesus' ears! I love her!

Kate said...

Hhaha! Joan + Writing--I'm totally in the Mamacita fan club too! She totally rocks! Definitely my favorite of the background characters...well, behind Tom. =P

This is jumping wayyyy ahead, but I just watched this episode a few days ago so, I love in season four when they throw Hurley the surprise birthday and he thinks there's a burglar and comes out wielding the golden jesus statue and she's all like "Hugo! Jesus Christ is not a weapon!" Hahah! I love her!

I guess you and I are among the few who like Ana Lucia. :( I completely understand what you mean--I can definitely see the other side though, I greatly disliked her until the episode where she was shot (the first time--by Jason, at least I think that was his name). But once I saw that there was a legitimate reason for the way she was, it was easy for my to like her and sympathize. The only people I hate in shows are the ones who don't try to rise above and I think she definitely fought a heck of an internal battle. It still makes me sad to think she never got her redemption though. :(

Nikki Stafford said...

Oh I'm so happy to see all the Mama Reyes love!! I was killing myself laughing all over again when she was yelling, "It IS Jesus on the phone!!" from the other room.

My all-time favourite Ma line: "Why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?"

Kate said...

Hahh! Yeah, that's a great one Nikki! She rocks--have you seen the outtakes of that scene about Jesus being on the phone? It's so funny.

The Question Mark said...

@ Fred: "This episode really shows that maybe Hurley should have been the leader. Jack should have been the doctor, cause that's what he is good at".
I couldn't agree more, man!

@JW: I like Ana Lucia a lot too, I never really understood anyone's beef with her. Sure, she was a biotch every now & then, but she wasn't a cold, calculating biotch like Susan; everything she did, she did on impulses and because she was trapped in desperate situations. I think she really wanted to redeem herself for what she did, but fate kept her from doing so.
Of course, i could just be biased because i think she's smokin' hot, too. LOL

@Nikki: this ep, especially Bernard asking about Rose, never fails to make me cry excessively! That was also one of my favourite LOST moments ever :)

And put me down for the Carmen Reyes fan club! I used to be babysat by a woman who was exactly like her! "It IS Jesus! He wants to know what colour car you want!" LOL

Azá said...

Hurley could be a great leader, but I don't think he has the *balls* to make some of the difficult and rash decisions as has Dr. Shepphard.

Jack is a git at times and has had his moments, but from the word go he took the initiative, which people loved by saving them and making it his problem is something is wrong or bad for someone.

They were all walking around wondering how and what to do with themselves and he (Jack) just cracked on.

** Sawyer is truly great in this ep. If he were acting like that with 'our' Losties I'd be angry at him but when it's new people and he sorta takes his sarcasm and awkward character to a new level, I love it. Full of whit and sarcasm, esp with Ana Lucia:

AL: "I say jump, you say"
JF: "You first"

AL: "Come on up now"
JF: "You're gonna have to come down here and get me"
AL: [Throws pit door shut]

There were loads in this ep, but I also love how Sawyer has bonded a bit with Jin and even Michael, especially saying, "I was trying to get your boy back."

With them in the pit, I had visions of them hugging when the reunite after Jin's washed up (again) in S05.

On the friends note, you can really tell how Hurley's and Charlie's relationship as friends is truly genuine! :)

** Did anyone get a momentary glimpse of Paulo in the background at one point!! :@

PS: Excuse some obvious and silly typo's, both here and in my other post(s). It's 6am here, I got up a bit early to put up some thoughts/comments before going to work because right now you goes over the pond are all tucked away ;) Thanks all :)

Anonymous said...

Great episode all around - except I'm pulling out another B.S. flag - this time for the convenience store clerk knowing that Hurley was the one who purchased the winning ticket. Uh...dude? How can you possibly remember which set of numbers each of your customers picked? Is this another case of eidetic memory? Seriously, that was completely implausible.

But I do wonder if Hurley got to go on his date the following Saturday.

And I'm yet another rabid Hurley's mom fan. The "Pakistani on the couch" episode is my absolute favorite of all time. And not JUST because there are many scenes of Sayid in a helpless state (which I would love to take advantage of).

Anonymous said...

I've never understood the hate for AL either (or Jack). Yes, she was a snappy dictator. But if I crash-land on an island full of mysterious people who are dragging my fellow survivors off into the jungle where God knows what happens them, guess what? I WANT A DICTATOR! I want an authoritative person to take charge, lead us to safety and kill the spy in our group.

Both Jack and Ana, despite their personality flaws, are fundamentally good and selfless people who give everything they have to help others (consider their jobs - doctor and police officer). Sure, I wouldn't want to have a beer with either of them, but that doesn't mean they're anything less than heroes.

Unknown said...

I can't believe no one mentioned the whole scene with Jack and Sayid underneath the Swan station and how much it relates to Season Five and the incident. Is that evidence for the bomb actually going off? Plus as a guy I have to say, I love any Kate in a shower scene.

Seabiscuit said...

Ana-Lulu was a character with a lot of potential that was ruined by less-than-stellar writing. I think Darlton were trying too hard to create a tough-as-nails strong female and turned her into a raging psycho superb*tch instead.

I did like her around Eko, though, he seemed to calm her down quite a bit. They complemented each other beautifully and had some lovely chemistry, their relationship reminded me strongly of the one between Sayid and Kate, close and with a mutual respect and trust, but not romantic. Too bad that wasn't explored more.

I respect Sawyer for his ability to let things bounce off of him. It shows he can take what he dishes out and then some, and I like that.

Carmen Reyes is a fantastic character who is not used nearly enough in this series. She's sharp as a whip, plainspoken, and all-around awesome. I would have loved to see her and Rose in a scene together.

Kate sure was quick to start taking advantage of the creature comforts the Hatch had to offer, wasn't she? :D First the chocolate bar, then it's off to the showers. (and I laughed, loudly, when she told Jack he needed a shower. The way he sweats all the time, I bet he stunk to high heaven.)

The montage at the end was alternately heartwarming and heartbreaking. All the Losties enjoying a good meal, their first in weeks no doubt, while the Rafties sit around wondering what's going to happen next, and not getting a bite to eat for themselves. And I cried when Bernard introduced himself and we saw Rose saving a chocolate bar for him back at camp, with a smile on her face that seemed to tell that she knew he was OK and would be coming home soon. What a cool scene.

RC said...

People have mentioned Apollo bars...I re-watched the pilot recently, and the part where Boone offers a chocolate bar to Shannon -- I think it's an Apollo bar. You can't see it fully, but it looks like it.

Rebecca T. said...

I love Mama Reyes too! She cracks me up!

And it totally annoyed me to high heaven when Randy continually called Hurley Rays instead of Reyes. REPEATEDLY!

Aw. I just want to give Sawyer a hug and make his boo boo all better :(

Charlie annoyed me in this episode.

STARLA! I heart her. And there's another doomed relationship. I love the way she calls him Hugo.

It alsays drives me crazy that Jack just stands there staring and talking to Kate instead of being like, whoops and closing the door. Sheesh. A little privacy, please!

I find it very interesting that Claire went to Shannon with the bottle first.

This musical montage was my favorite LOST one of all time. It always makes me smile.

Joan Crawford said...

@Sonshine - Yeah, that whole "I am going to stand here like this is normal while you are getting out of the shower" thing always irked me too! Slightly creepy - I couldn't even see Ben doing that. He'd just get all bug eyed and then scurry away at least.

variabull said...

Desmond's Swan Mural

In "Man of Science, Man of Faith" when Jack looks at the impressionistic mural (similar in style to Claire's Thomas's art work) in the bottom right corner it says I M Sick. When Hurley takes Rose to the Swan in "Everybody Hates Hugo" as they pass by the mural it appears someone has painted over the "Sick" and scrawled "WELL". So is this an indication of a time loop/multiple timelines, or are we meant to see what Jack subjectively sees (Sick instead of well...and perhaps implying Jack himself is "sick")?

Joan Crawford said...

@Variabull - Holy Crap! Did you discover that on your own? You are amazingly perceptive! That is so awesome...and if Desmond painted the original "I M sick" and made it "I M well" then we know his story is going to turn out happy :)!

JennM said...

Maybe Kazynski (sp?) wrote I M Sick, and Desmond changed it to Well? That is very perceptive—I never noticed. I just love that Desmond is on the show now. I haven't figured out how or why, but I feel that he is incredibly important. (Not that that's a groundbreaking thought—I'm sure many share my opinion). I can't wait to see what his role in S6 will be!

variabull said...


Reading your thoughts on Radzinski it just occurred to me that both Locke and Jack may have had agendas that included a bit of artistic censorship (one of them or both together). I suppose it would have had to have been both, otherwise one of their knockdown drag outs would have ensued.

I noticed two different versions of the mural on Lostpedia when I was looking for any possible connections between Claire's artist boyfriend Thomas and our favorite set designer, soldier, sailor, novitiate monk, almost-a-doctor, philosopher, serial jilter Desmond Hume. There was no mention of a production error for the mural but I did read someplace that changes in the Swan living area were made by the production team because they didn't like how it looked in "Man of Science, Man of Faith". Therefore I thought it might be like Jack's having a apendectomy scar before having the apendectomy, Sawyer's 4-year wish comment and getting Walts age wrong by 4 years, and the similarity between Jack's Ajira 316 arrival on the Island and the pilot episode (just a few of the possible hints of multiple times on the Island).

Fred said...

If Desmond painted the mural, then why did he paint in an arrow at 325degrees with the word "OUT" next to it, and then never leave the island? Was he really waiting for a replacement? (Did Kelvin paint in the arrow at 325)?

Or is the mural the work of many artists (Kelvin Inman, Radzinsky and Desmond) adding layers of meaning? (to see how much meaning go to Lostpedia and type in "mural"). The mural is really a clue for the whole show, a picture puzzle.

@variabull: Love the idea of Desmond crossing out "sick" to signify "well". And I really like the idea that what we see the first time is Jack's subjective POV (that makes sense given the context of the episode).

variabull said...

So is it loose cannon, Billy Pilgrim-Mr. Minkowski spacetime Desmond alone, or multiple artists? Is all the similar styled artwork from multiple artists or one person?

So how did Kelvin wind up in the Swan in the first place. Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at his Dharma interview(s). You would think he's more "Others" material (think Patchy and the Building 23 brainwashing program). I remember his disillusionment as a spook officer and having to give certain orders. He then made those sarcastic comments about Dharma ("Namaste and good luck") to Desmond. He just didn't seem, as Horus would say, Dharma material.

So what is your take on the Joshua Tree National Park print also in the Swan. Is it a reference to the biblical Joshua and his leading the Israelites to the promised land? Is it the Joshua tree itself and its unique reproduction which relies on the Yucca moth, or its ability to live in the desert for hundreds of years? Is it the "Old Woman" rock formation also seen in the print? Isn't Joshua tree country Area 51 territory? U2? New age gatherings in the park?

Fred said...


LOST is a visually rich entertainment, and it is meant to be visually rich for the single purpose of viewers trying to screen capture and decipher images as clues to the plot of the story. In many ways, LOST is a development of past ARGs, and early games, especially MYST, where the rules of gaming involves gaming itself. (There is more of Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose" in LOST than we care to imagine: think the island as labyrinth, complete with Minotaur (smoke monster) and hero (Jack?)).

So what is the Swan mural? Who painted it? First off, the mural was always meant to be a big clue to the whole of LOST. Similarly, the various artists we see throughout the series capture in their works elements of the island: polar bears, Buddhas, islands, sharks etc, much like in the Swan mural. Are these artists all linked through their unconscious imagination to a super-island consciousness? Do the artists merely represent conduits for transmitting the messages of the island (though the artists are not aware of their roles)? I'd say yes, and also point to HEROES, where Issac Mendez acts as a conduit for painting the future.

Somewhere, in one of Nikki's back episodes from Season 5, I considered the island a sentient being, in fact a female sentient being, transmitting her thoughts to the various people on the island. The reference to Philip K. Dick's "Valis" suggests we might need to see the island in such a manner (as well as other clues). (A minor theme comes from Stephen King's "The Tommy Knockers", were the villagers' thoughts and actions are taken over by the alien device, much as those entering the Temple become Others).

I think the paintng may have been done by Kelvin (recalling we saw him painting with detergent powder on the blast door) and Desmond (who was an artist). They may not have been aware of what they were painting, as they might have added parts from dreams. The mural itself looks like a hodge-podge of a game board (look up Peter Pan's Island, game board, rather telling in this circumstance). But whereas a game board has an "ENTER" square and an "EXIT" square, there is only an "OUT" in the mural, which meaning is ambiguous(maybe "ENTER" is like in MYST, you suddenly appear by falling into the game with a book, much like on LOST the characters enter through a falling plane). How do you "OUT" on the Swan mural: death? Or is it meaning something else (a light beaming out of the Temple to some other planet--a fitting idea given Dick's "Valis" novel).

You're right about the ambiguity of the Joshua tree. What is its purpose? Is the sentient being on the island all the trees? (Not so ludicrous if we see LOST as part of eco-criticism, and consider James Lovelock's hypothesis of Gaia: the biosphere of the planet adjusts like a living organism). I also like your raising the ecological relationship between the Yucca moth and the tree. Notice how people live on the island: Sun becomes a gardener, while Jin a fisherman and Locke a hunter; Kate gathers fruit, while those in the Swan have their food airlifted to them.

Sorry this is so long, but you raise a whole lot of questions. And really good ones. Maybe, Jorge Garcia should have asked these at Comic-Con.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure where to put this, but there's a new movie called "Dead Like Me: Life After Death" premiering tonight with Henry Ian Cusick as the new boss of the "reapers." I'm guessing they're going to revive this series; does that mean we won't be seeing Desmond on LOST this coming season? :(

variabull said...


Fascinating post(s). Unfortunately I am a barely functioning semi-illiterate child of television who hasn't read Valis. Maybe I should get on that. As a C.O.T. I have seen Jeremy Davies/Faraday/Snow and another Kelvin in Solaris although the relationship between the Island and its inhabitants (and visitors) seems to span hundreds of years as opposed to the time span in Solaris (Valis?).

Believe me I am overjoyed that Lost remains a visually rich entertainment (chock full of symbolism, metaphor, mythology, philosophy, and theology) meant for the purpose of viewers screen capturing clues to decipher and solve the mystery, with the ulterior motive of making a ton of money selling DVDs.

Do you believe the Island is a female sentient being because of all of the "daddy issues" or because of the intact four-toed statue (Taweret??).

Have enjoyed the "shared consciousness" (is that in itself redundant??) aspects of Lost. The transference of character traits among characters (Jack, Locke, Sawyer). Locke's dream as Eko in which Yemi appears having never seen or met Yemi, so that Locke and Eko can find the Pearl. Characters aware of other characters secrets that they couldn't possibly know without the ability to mind read (or perhaps implant memories). Just love Locke's premonitory dreams.

Couple of nits. Jim Spencer,a Lost production designer,in the Season 2 DVD attributes the mural to Desmond in "Secrets of the Hatch".

Just because you find a pallet of Dharma food with a parachute attached to it doesn't mean it was airlifted. Why the lockdown? Nobody saw or heard an airplane and the pallet with flashing light was already on the ground when they found it.

Fred said...

@variabull: the food pallet is one of the things they were supposed to answer in Season 6, or so I've heard. Could this be timelines?

Anonymous said...

When Hurley is inventorying the food, he asks Rose if she has ever heard of an Apollo bar and it appears to be new to him, so why is it in the vending machine in Jack's Jacob flashback? And if it is what Boone offers to Shannon, is it an Australian thing? Did he bring it from the US? In my experience junk food is not the same all over the world except for a few very popular kinds. I find these little hints of Island life the keep popping up off island, even in flashbacks long before island life, quite intriguing. Is it possible that it is all a game? Kind of like that show "Virtuality" that FOX played the pilot of; it all looks and feels real, but...

Kate said...


I've noticed that too...along with the new supposed "revelations" about Season Six and all the clues abc has been giving about how the bomb might actually have sent the Losties to's got me thinking: what if some of the "flashbacks" we've seen...are not from the same timeline as we think. There's always been the whole "parallel universes" theory going around since season one even but it is interesting to think about. I was actually developing an idea for one of my novels about something like this--imagine it like a figure eight. You can start at any point on the figure eight and travel forward until you cross over the center which in turn crosses over the "path" you begin in...the island could be like the center--the meeting point where you are pushed from one timeline and one "reality" into the other and back again. No matter where you start you always end up crossing through the center some point and doubling over your own path into another one and the back--which is a lot like what's been happening. So maybe, the bomb worked, but, since it altered the Losties' timeline they no longer have a place to belong in that reality--because the younger versions of themselves are now off living their own lives after landing in LAX, so what happens to our versions? Do they just disappear? Does their consciousness get zapped into the bodies of their younger selves, dazed and confused? Or is that when they find themselves crossing the center of the figure eight into the next loop? I always imagined that, whatever happens in the coming plot arc (or according to the figure-eight crack-pot theory of mine, plot "loop" equalling one side of the 8) would somehow be the beginning of know, like--whatever happens would somehow explain the creation of the island, the temple, the smoke monster, the energy, the statue, etc--I never felt like those were things that would be explained in flashbacks entirely as something the past--it feels like those are the conclusions to everything. The climax rather than the beginning. Lost has always seemed to arc back on itself like that and it just seems to fit.

I doubt the figure eight thing is right (and I kind of hope not because I still want to write my book), but I feel like it's something like that and the fact that some flashbacks seem to have very strange inconsistencies that just don't make sense with how maticulous the writers are...I don't know, it makes me wonder if the whole show has been a long con to make us believe simply because something is a flashback and the character in the flashback appears to be someone we know--that it's actually the same character from our time, our universe, etc. Maybe the apollo bar universe is out there somewhere, just shy of the Twilight Zone... =P

Nikki Stafford said...

Steven Christopher: Duh... honestly, I've written about that scene so much in the S5 book, it completely went over me as something we'd already discussed (we did discuss it a lot last season, too). But you're right: Sayid making the Chernobyl comment is the direct link to S5 in this episode. I can't believe I didn't write about it, since I was completely leaned forward and taking in every single word of that scene.

Seabiscuit: I have to agree with you on AL. Not only did the writers write her as too harsh, but Rodriguez plays her with that tough underbite, clenched teeth, slitted eyes rage that was too over-the-top for what the character needed. It's too bad, because in the few scenes where she attempts subtlety she's really good. And she's a really great actress in other things she's done.

Sonshine: LOL!! I actually said out loud, "OK, Jack, ANY MINUTE NOW you can close the door." Like sheesh... you'd think he'd never seen legs before.

Fred and variabull: your posts are amazing. I'm loving reading them! I'd never actually noticed the 325 with the OUT next to it... thanks for pointing that out!! And Variabull, definitely read Valis. I read it for season 4 and there was a LOT more in season 5 that referenced it. Castaneda's book has some of the same attributes, but I enjoyed Valis a lot more.

Anon/Katey: One of the things I pointed out in my S5 book is that the Apollo bar went from being this obscure chocolate bar no one has ever heard of to appearing in the vending machine at Jack's hospital (you don't put little-known candy bars in vending machines) and being on the side of the bus that hits Juliet's husband (there's a huge Apollo ad on the bus... I have a picture of it in my S3 book). It could be a timeline switch, or an inconsistency.

The awesome thing the writers can use at this point is cleaning up EVERY inconsistency by saying, "NOT an inconsistency -- just a different timeline!" Haha!

Susan said...

Lots of criticism for Jack staring at Kate's legs, but I remember a few months ago, when Juliet walks in on Jack in the shower to yell at him about operating on Ben(season 5 sorry don't remember which episode), people were griping at Juliet for NOT looking. And I think they established in the pilot that Kate isn't all that much into modesty (her bath in the ocean). If you've ever watched the show Survivor, you'll notice that people in primitive survival situations throw privacy out the window.

OK ready for the next 4 episodes starting tomorrow night!

Nikki Stafford said...

Susan: Actually, I have no problem with Jack staring at Kate's legs. I thought it was funny. These scenes speak volumes to me -- his attraction to her is clear in the way he can't take his eyes off her.

In the Juliet shower scene, however, maybe my memory is fuzzy but I don't remember people criticizing her for it -- they praised her for it. They said she was making her point VERY CLEAR that she was no interested by not looking down even once. Just as we can tell Jack's feelings as he stares at Kate, we can see how not interested Juliet is by the way she never once looks down at him. I don't remember much criticism aimed at Juliet at all for doing that, just amusement in much the same way we've all been amused by the shower scene in this ep.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

That bit about the dead Pakistani had me in stitches! Thanks for reminding me, Nikki!

And as for glimpsing Paulo in the background, Aza, am I just imagining it or has he been popping up all over the place in the last 5 or 6 episodes? I wasn't sure if it was him or not... Glad someone else has spotted him too!

paleoblues said...

As Hurley and Johnny walk out of the music store the camera holds briefly on a blonde girl (out of focus) coming around the corner behind them. Shannon?

The Rush Blog said...

["And I will admit, when she was shot I threw my hands up in the air and whooped. So maybe I wasn’t really as different from everyone else as I’d like to think I was…) Someone needs to tell her to have a cluckety-cluck-cluck day. Or to just cluck off."]

I guess Ana Lucia failed to live up to the fans' idea of being a tough woman, yet being feminine . . . like Kate. Nor did she look like a female cast member of LOTR.

I think the antipathy toward her is very sexist, even by many female fans. The moment she clocked Sawyer in the jaw, I became a fan.

["This episode really shows that maybe Hurley should have been the leader. Jack should have been the doctor, cause that's what he is good at."]

I consider this a joke. I'm sorry, but I do. Man child Hurley was not ready to be a leader. In the end, Jack had to force him to become one.

The Rush Blog said...
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RosieP said...

Michael: “So we’re friends now, huh?” WTF is Michael’s problem? Sawyer has never acted any differently. Michael is the one saying, “I don’t LIKE you anymore. You’re not allowed to play with my toys,” and stomping over to his side of the daycare. Sawyer just stands there aghast, putting up with Michael’s little tantrums. So annoying.

Does everyone have to love Sawyer? I certainly didn't. And I still don't. When Michael had to deal with Sawyer's indifference and sarcasm all of the time, what on earth did you expect?

Ana-Lucia was a dick, huh? Perhaps that's why I like her. At least she was different and fresh 0from the likes of Kate who pretended to be Ms. Tough Chick, while playing with the affections of two men.