Wednesday, January 6, 2010

5.09 Namaste

Follow along! The episode guide for “Namaste” is in Finding Lost — Season 5, pp. 130-141.

Bear with me on this one… my 2-year-old found my notebook and scribbled in pink marker all over it. And then probably on himself somewhere. I’m sure I’ll find it in his armpit later tonight. I love this episode, which completes what was begun in “316” and brings the two separate storylines together. Isn’t it crazy to think that we’d been watching for a couple of months and Sawyer, Kate and Jack were never in the same scene together? Great to have them all back.

Fun things I noticed:
• I’m surprised Jin going on about a plane landing on the island didn’t immediately raise alarm bells for Radzinsky. Why doesn’t he question Jin about it later? WHY do you think a plane landed, for instance?
• Phil: “You’re not on the sub manifest!” Kate: “F*** you, Phil. Why don’t you go get impaled on a rebar?”
• Radzinsky: “He saw the model of the Swan!!! Because… I… um… led him here and walked him right by the table where I’d been building it.” God. Ambivalentman, I’ll add one more for you: F*** you, Radzinsky.
• I can’t believe I didn’t notice this the first time, but Phil tells the new recruits to enjoy the hamburgers and “the punch.” Hahahaha!!
• Who would you rather have in your corner if it all came down to a war: Jack or Sawyer? Can I pick a third option? SUN. That woman is crazy awesome.

Things that have new meaning:
• Ilana has a knowing look on her face when the plane turbulence begins.
• I always find that “Thirty Years Earlier” title card deceiving in light of the conversation Miles and Hurley have in “Whatever Happened, Happened.” Because it’s all a matter of perspective, and to the people involved in the very scene they show there, it’s not actually 30 years earlier, it’s a few minutes later. It’s only 30 years earlier if you’re looking at time in a linear fashion, which we aren’t. But I guess it’s the only way they could have really explained this.


Marebabe said...

“Nama-what?” :) I had forgotten how wonderful this episode is. The opening 7-8 minutes before the LOST title were so intense and gripping, I tried to imagine being a viewer who had never watched Lost before, just tuning in for the first time with this episode. Some would say, “It’s too confusing.” And some would say, “I wonder if I can watch ALL of the previous episodes before next week!”

During the flash of white light as Ajira 316 was bouncing around, the shaky image slowly turned upside-down. Did the plane literally do a slow-motion barrel roll, and if so, WHY?

That “Thirty Years Earlier” title card still makes my head swim, even after seeing all of Season 5!

Eric Lange, who plays Radzinsky, is a pleasant, engaging guy. Who would-a thought? I was surprised to learn this when I heard him interviewed for a Podcast last summer. It reminded me of how it felt to find out that Michael Emerson is funny and charming, a perfect late night talk show guest. Seeing actors be themselves instead of portraying evil bad guys is always a revelation. It lets us appreciate how well they disappear into a totally make-believe character.

And by the way, Nikki, I love the running commentary provided by you and Ambivalentman! And the hamburgers and PUNCH? You really make watching Lost more fun. :)

It’s strange that I (personally myself) find it easier to accept the fact of the 30-year time split with the Ajira passengers than the fact that Sayid landed separately from Jack, Kate and Hurley. It seems like an Island whim, with no rhyme or reason (that I can see). But I have a pretty firm belief that there’s a reason for everything on Lost. So, what’s the reason for Sayid’s isolation? And speaking of Sayid, I loved all the shocking revelations that Sayid experienced. I really should’ve kept a list of all the times he had to pretend to not know people, because it would’ve blown his cover, such as it was.

Marebabe said...

Nikki, there were several things in your chapter for this episode that I would like to point out for their sheer wonderfulness. You described the moment when Sun “out-Bens Ben” by bashing him on the head with that oar. Bwa-ha-ha! And in your listing of flesh wounds: “Jack’s ego is hurt by his new work assignment.” Brilliant! Although, I would say that Jack did a good job of swallowing his pride and gracefully accepting his work assignment. Speaking of people’s jobs in the DI, I read with interest all your guesses about who made the assignments and why. I would just like to suggest another possibility. Those particular jobs may have been assigned because there were openings for them right then, and it helped the cause of protecting Jack, Kate and Hurley to have them fill those positions. It would seem logical, and help them blend in.

I noticed what you noticed when Juliet said to Jack, “We’re not supposed to know each other.” And yet they hugged on the porch, where anyone (like Phil) could see them! I can’t decide who made the worse blunder – the writers for having these (normally smart) characters do something so foolish and dangerous, or Jack and Juliet, for letting their guard down so carelessly.

It seemed to me that most of the actors looked especially yummy and gorgeous in this episode. I think (Hawaiian) island living agrees with them!

One tiny quibble: They could’ve made more of an effort to get a baby that looked like a newborn. Baby Ethan was supposed to be less than 24 hours old in this episode. I remember when Aaron was born, they managed to get a reasonably small baby for the role. And for Ji Yeon and Ben and John Locke, too.

Veritication word: anchini - a miniature anch.

Anonymous said...

I have a little nit to pick regarding Sayid. How can he possibly know he's landed in the past? No one has had a chance to tell him, because Radzinsky was tagging along the whole time Jin and Sawyer were taking him to the jail cell. Sayid never experienced the "flashes" in time, nor was he around for Daniel's "skipping record" explanation. Sayid has no reason whatsoever to suspect that they are not in 2007, and would have likely surmised the same thing Jack did: that the Dharma people had come back to the island. Not such a far-fetched idea. After all, there was a guy pushing a button in a hatch and regular Dharma food drops as late as 2004. Yet when he meets little Ben, Sayid immediately knows who he is. Sorry, that doesn't make sense.

(Do you think we'll EVER find out why they were still making food drops in 2004, where they came from, how they were brought there and how they found the island, if it's so darn difficult to find? Did the food droppers not get the message that the Dharma people were toast?)

Marebabe said...

@studiorose: Wow, good questions! I'm just as mystified as you are, but probably nowhere near as mystified as Sayid! I think it's most likely another thing we weren't supposed to notice. It would be different if Ben had introduced himself as Ben LINUS.

humanebean said...

First off, I have to say that Nikki's writing in this section of the Season Five: Finding LOST book is some of the finest in the series. Reading (and re-reading) her descriptions of these past few episodes (and accompanying material) reminds me of how much pleasure and anticipatory excitement I have discovered well beyond the boundaries of the show itself. Probably all who are following this blog and commenting at this point already have the book - but if by some chance you don't, brother are you missing OUT!

Okay, I'll stop gushing now. On second thought, I might not. MAN is this book GOOD!

*ahem* I'm sure we may have covered this little mystery the first time around but I've forgotten. Why, exactly, do we hear a man's voice repeating the numbers as Flight 316 careens in for a crash landing? Was Rousseau's recording blocking this other transmission, so that when she shut it off at the end of Season 3, this underlying one became audible? If so, shouldn't we have heard it sometime since then? If not, where is it coming from? Was it turned back on after the O6 left the Island and the remaining Lostaways starting jumping in time - winding up as Red-Shirt flambé or D.I. wannabees?

This recording sounds different than the one that Rousseau et. al. heard when they arrived. Was it re-recorded? Who did it this time? Is there a limit to the number of sentences you can end with a question mark in one comment? If so, what's that number? Have I hit it yet? Why not?

; ]

SonshineMusic said...

I like the way Sun is playing with Jin's ring the same way that Rose always fiddled with Bernard's.

Jack looks like one of the Brady bunch in that blue polo. HA!

The Island is healing Ben again! Does that mean he's where he's "supposed" to be?

tiasabita said...

studiorose - I was wondering the same thing about Sayid - how did he know the year? Did he kinda figure out he was somewhere in the past by some conversation he overheard between Jin and Radzinsky, by the make and year of the VW bus, by a song on the radio, by the fashions, and kinda put 2 + 2 together when young Ben showed up? Don't know!

When Caesar tells the 316 survivors about the buildings and the other island Ben suddenly gets up and walks into the jungle. Did this info clue him in to his exact whereabouts? Wouldn't he know his rough whereabouts since he built the runway? Or did he just get scared that the survivors had too much information too soon?

Radzinsky is really good at giving the smarmy welcoming smile one second and the evil stare the next! Marebabe, I totally agree that it's so nice to see these actors be themselves and be really likable!

humanebean - excellent question about why 'hurley's' numbers are being repeated when 316 lands in 2007. and i agree with you about the awesomeness of Nikki's books. I've had to give up any other free-time reading and I've seriously decreased the necessary reading I have for a weekly class. Bad girl, Nikki!

In Nikki's book she asks why is Ethan's name Rom and not Goodspeed? Do we know that Horace and Amy are married or that Amy took his name? Or maybe we'll find out later that Horace isn't the babydaddy.

Susan said...

studiorose excellent questions about Sayid, I never even thought of that!

Hurley's concern about knowing the president in 1977 will come back to haunt him soon!

Another reunion for Jin that doesn't involve Sun, instead he gets Sayid.

About the food drops, I think I read that Darlton plan to answer that particular question this season.

Marebabe said...

@humanebean: By any chance, are you a fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyway"? Because you'd be really good at a little game called "Questions Only".

Stan said...

Just to digress a little. Past comments have been made about how bad Claire's mother's Australian accent is, specifically pronouncing her daughter's name (Clehh). Not being Australian or a linguist, I accepted the comments as true. However, tonight I watched Jay Leno interview Hugh Jackman, who I believe is an Australian, and my ears pricked up when he said "...ovah thehh" about something. Curious, I waited until he said the word "there" once again, and sure enough it was "thehh" ryhming with "Clehh." Is it perhaps a particular dialect from a different section of Australia? Or are my old ears deceiving me?

Verification word: "ormis" -- opposite of hit.

SonshineMusic said...

@marebabe: By any chance, are you a fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyway"? Because you'd be really good at a little game called "Questions Only".

hahahahahah! I LOVE that show. You know, if we ever DO get together for a Nik at Nite party, we should totally play some of those games. I would love to see Blam, Humanebean and Joan (just to name a few) go at it!

Verification: corptifi - graffiti scrawled onto a corpse

Marebabe said...

@Sonshine: My husband and I have sometimes tried playing "Questions Only", and mostly what happens is we get a renewed respect and admiration for the improv geniuses on that show. As a bonus this evening, I'd like to share one of the best-ever rounds of "QO" from "Whose Line":
-Didn't anyone teach you to stand when I enter the room?
-You're the President?
-Didn't you see my picture?
-That's you?
-Couldn't you tell?!
-What happened to your hair?!

Anonymous said...

Tiasabita, I think the only clue (for Sayid) that they might be in the past is the newness of the VW bus. OTOH, lots of people restore old vehicles, and the VW "bug" made a comeback, why not the bus? The jumpsuits, while fashionable in the 70s, are utilitarian and worn any modern decade. As for the hairstyles - heck, look at Sayid's hair! It's as "70s" as Jin's, and Sawyer is wearing the same style he had in 2004. As for the song on the radio, it could've been an "oldies" station - or, rather, an oldies tape, since it's not likely they can pick up any station other than HCN (Hurley's Cursed Numbers). Nope, I'm still not buying that Sayid could have had any inkling they were no longer in 2007.

I thought of another question about that food drop, too. Why would the Dharma people drop food from a height into the jungle, risking damage, insect infestation or discovery by the "hostile indigenous people" when they had a gosh-darned submarine? That sub went back and forth every two weeks; you can't tell me they couldn't have stuffed a few pallets of Dharma beer and ranch dressing in there on one of those runs. What were they doing going back and forth that often anyway, if they only sent new recruits every six months? I'm guessing to get supplies, which is why the 'food on a parachute' protocol makes even less sense. I'm glad to hear that's going to be explained in the upcoming season.

Fred said...

Notice when Frank is bringing the plane into the landing strip on the Hydra, in the background (very difficult to hear) a voice says 2 of the numbers: 15, 16. Is this an alternate timeline (the numbers are back on)?

Susan said...

My idea about the food drop is that the DI, in their heyday, didn't need the drops because they had the sub (though there seems to be long periods of time when the sub is not available).

However, after the Purge, they needed to supply the guys holed up in the Swan, so maybe they started the food drops then.

Fred said...

Trust Sayid to have learnt from Ben. There he is in a jail, held by unfriendly Dharma people, and he manipulates young Ben. He sees young Ben wanting to get away from his father, and Sayid takes full advantage of it. Sayid really has studied his older Ben. And the whole scene seems reminiscent of when the Losties held Ben in the Swan.Sayind entered Ben's cell and tortured him. Horace ebnters Sayid's and threatens him, but is more humane about it with Oldham (but there is the implication of torture when Horace holds the clippers).

Sayid is as cold as imaginable. Seeing how Roger treats Ben, Sayid still feels compelled to shoot young Ben. Interesting how Kate sees a more compasionate side to Roger. But we must remember, Roger is frequently drunk, forgetful of his son's birthday, and generally abusive. This is not to say Roger could not be a good guy, but he frequently isn't becuase he feels inadequate to the task of raising Ben. Maybe Ben should have been raised by an other.

And I'm with Juliet, Kate and Sawyer, no matter what adult Ben will be like, it would have been wrong to let him die the way Jack had wanted. Had Jack acted, Ben would not have become the way he was later; did Jack make the wrong decision by not acting?

And, man, where does Richard get his clothes pressed. Every other Other is looking pretty shabby when they bring Sawyer and Kate to meet Richard, but Richard looks like he stepped out of a sporting goods store.

Azá said...

I think it was the previous episode where we learn that the island's first born child was Ethan. When we were first geared up to that, I thought it would be someone way may special, that felt a bit of a let down!?

In the opening scenes, as the camera pans across Dharma and all its folks in the outdoor gardens, did anyone spot a kinda faded/out of focus shot of two people playing chess? This is another direct reference to chess again - there's been some pretty good theories out there about chess and all this being a game!

crazyinlost said...

@Marebabe-I agree, these actors are AMAZING!

Hey, totally off topic again, I was watching s4 bonus features, and I came upon the glorious making of "The Lost Symphony". Wow, what I wouldn't give to go back in time (I wasn't even watching Lost in '07) to have been there that night! Does anyone know if the entirety is available on DVD, and where I can get it? I think I read somewhere that they were gonna put it all on the bonus disc, but didn't have room. I play violin, and have loved music, and the music in Lost is, as Damon Lindelof said, "Just as much a character as Jack, or Kate, or The Island". Please, please, if anyone has any info, (or a time machine-ha) I would be forever grateful.

crazyinlost said...

@humanebean: By any chance, are you a fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyway"? Because you'd be really good at a little game called "Questions Only". I love that show! And my kids go to school with Ryan Styles' kids!

crazyinlost said...

@Marebabe-maybe Sayid was separated from the other three because he 'needed' to be captured, in order to ultimately kill Ben. The island was 'course correcting'.

@Studiorose/tiasabita-was the banner with the "Welcome 1977 Recruits" up by the time they brought Sayid to Dharmaville? Maybe he guessed after seeing Jin's sideburns! HA

So, was it the flash (that causes the O6 sans Sun) that caused 316 to crash?

"We're gonna name him Ethan" ew, how fast can I put this baby down 1)w/o dropping him, 2)w/o seeming rude!

humanebean said...

@Marebabe: Do I know the show 'Whose Line Is It Anyway"? Am I familiar with 'Questions Only'?

Why do you ask? ; ]

@crazyinlost: No, I don't believe the entirety of "The Lost Symphony" is available anywhere, in any fashion. There was some talk of including it on subsequent DVD's. Perhaps the Super Duper LOST Complete Series on blu-ray someday? (*he said with a wistful yearning in his voice*)

Verification word: "tolidef" - slang expression for ultimate approval of another's wardrobe, musical taste or personal belongings.

JS said...

How does Sayid know stuff? He always seems to know things we don't see him being told. Remember, this is the guy who KNEW Sun understood him in S1 even though she was passing herself off as a non-English speaker, but somehow didn’t know Sawyer didn’t have the inhalers (I’m re-watching S1). He knew Henry Gale wasn't, but wasn’t so good with the later Ben cons. And, most annoyingly, in the finale, knows exactly what Dan tells Kate and Jack about the bomb and timing without being there. Completely believable as well - that he is an electronics expert AND knows how to modify a hydrogen bomb with just a few instructions. I think we are just supposed to believe that the dude just KNOWS sh*t.


@Fred re numbers - could it be that they are hinting at the alternate timeline this early in the season??

@JW – Sawyer has some good nicknames for you – he must like you 

@crazyinlost - I mentioned something here during our S4 re-watch discussions on the symphony and the amazing music. Now whenever I listen to the music, I listen for which character the music is supposed to represent. His choices on how to represent each character distinctly - Hurley, Kate, Jack, Sun, and best of all, Ben and Locke....It just makes the experience of watching even richer.

crazyinlost said...

@humanebean-thanks for the info. I was afraid of that. Now I'm bummed.

How do these actors run around in long sleeved shirts all the time? I'd be dying! I was in my shorts and tank top and sandals BEFORE the plane landed, so I would be ready for the heat/humidity.

I think Sawyer's totally enjoying this power he finally has over Jack. It's been a long time comin. And I think Juliet stuck Kate in the motor pool with her so she could keep an eye on her!

tiasabita said...

@studiorose - ha! You make valid arguments against all the ways Sayid may have known it was 1977. Maybe crazyinlost is right and he saw the welcome sign when he arrived to the barracks! Or maybe the magicness of the island has given him super powers of deduction!

@fred - 'where does Richard get his clothes pressed?' ha! maybe there's a dry cleaners in the temple.

@crazyinlost - maybe Juliet did purposely place Kate with her in the motor pool - that whole 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' thing. Or maybe Sawyer put Kate there so he could see Kate more often. He wouldn't need a special reason to go visit Juliet - both his lovely ladies in one place!

I wrote earlier that I thought Rad was great at the smarmy smile and evil glare all in the same breath, but I meant Phil!

The Question Mark said...

PHIL: You're not on the sub manifest!
KATE: F*** you, Phil.

You know, a lot of people say that this episode (as well as "Because You Left") did not focus on anybody like all the other Lost episodes tend to do. However, I kinda disagree. I think that (technically speaking, anyway), "Because You Left" focused on the O6, and "Namaste" focuses on the Dharma Initiative. I think it's more of a group thing, kinda like how "Exodus" was about the Lostaways, and "the Other 48 Days" was about the Tailies.

Every time I see Richard Alpert on screen, I can't help but just start feeling giddy and excited and thinking, "When will we learn what the heck this dude is all about?! Why is he immortal? What is his purpose? Can he give me the number of his dry cleaner?" (Fred, that one's for you LOL)

Marebabe said...

@crazyinlost: I like your guess that Sayid was separated from Jack, Kate and Hurley because the Island was setting everything up so he could/would kill Ben. I prefer "deliberate reason" to "Island whim". *sigh* Is it February 2nd yet?

Ambivalentman said...

@ The Question Mark: I think Kate's response to Phil is one of the deleted-deleted scenes. Damn!

@ Nikki: I was saying "f*** Radzinsky," too during my re-watch, but I was afraid of going overboard...:)

This episode is terrific -- I just think the picnic is classic. All the DI needed were some DI musicians hanging around with guitar-icon DI logos on their jumpsuits as they performed cover versions of Three Dog Night and Doobie Brothers songs. Then the village would have really been rockin' it like it was 1977!

Fred said...

The Dharma Initiative holds a picnic for new arrivals. Need we say anymore about the lore of picnics and what happens? Why didn't Amy run out screaming, "Don't hold a picnic." Or why wasn't Hurley a bit upset, seeing what happened when he tried to go on a picnic with Libby. No wonder the DI ended in the pit; they just held one too many picnics.

Ali Bags said...

@Stan re: Australian accents

You've hit on my favourite topic. Australians probably do pronounce 'there' and 'Clare' in that way but believe me if you are used to genuine Australian accents (as I am) Claire's mother's accent is not even close to genuine. The differences are probably too subtle to explain but it's just that you know it sounds all wrong. Hopefully batcabbage, who is Australian can back me up on this one.

I was thinking Hugh Jackman's accent might have become Americanised so in the interest of accuracy I have just watched that Jay Leno/Hugh Jackman interview on Youtube and believe me he has a fairly standard Australian accent and to my ear Claire's mothers' accent sounds nothing like it.

Sorry to bore everyone with the accent issue again!

crazyinlost said...

@Ambivalentman-they wouldn't be singing Dooby Bro's, they'd be singing Geronimo Jackson! But definitely Shamala!

crazyinlost said...

@Fred-Hilarious! Picnics be banned!

crazyinlost said...

@Ali Bags-accents? boring? Never!

The Rush Blog said...

I'm watching "Namasate" again. I'm curious. Why didn't Sawyer just keep Jack, Kate and Hurley away from the Dharma camp? It would have been so much easier for him. And I would have been spared that annoying speech about leadership he gave Jack.