Thursday, December 10, 2009

4.13/14 There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3

Follow along! The GARGANTUAN episode guide for “There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3” is in Finding Lost — Season 4, pp. 170-195.

I remember when I first watched this finale. I thought it was amazing. Not season 3 finale amazing, but amazing nonetheless. Now, going back to rewatch it after season 5, I love it even more than I did the first few times I saw it. What great stuff we have here!

Fun things I noticed:
• With “Enter 77” so fresh in my mind, I noticed the C-4 set-up on the boat is very much the same as the one in the Flame station. Is it possible Widmore is the one who rigged the Flame many years ago the same way he’s now insisting on them rigging the freighter?
• Seriously. DO NOT try to attack this badass Iraqi. Watching Sayid kick Keamy’s ass in this episode was as much fun as watching Jin go after Mikhail in season 3. I’d love to see the two of them pitted together in a steel cage match: “Jinja versus the Wacky Iraqi!” Ooh, Vince McMahon could make a mint, I tells ya.
• Walt asks Hurley why they didn’t come to see him. Obvious answer: Because you CHANGED YOUR NAME and were in hiding. Even if we’d WANTED to find you, there’s no way we could, Dude.
• SUCH a fantastic scene between Locke and Jack. So amazing. Note to Patrick or anyone making those videos: Parse together the scene where Locke pulls Jack up off the cliff in season 1 and Jack hangs on Locke’s every word, then the big “Do you really think this is all an accident?” scene from the finale, then one of the great Destiny vs. Free Will arguments that Jack and Locke have in season 2, then the showdown in this episode, then Jack pulling the trigger against Locke’s head, and then Jack talking to Locke’s corpse as he changes his shows in “316.” Let’s string ‘em all together. I’m DYING to see one more scene with these two… with Locke as the Man in Black facing off against Jack, the guy who now has faith.
• Rose: I’m gonna keep my eye on your, Shorty. Ha!
• You know, I’ve never been in a plane crash, but *I* would be nervous around that open helicopter doorway, and yet everyone seems extremely calm to be taking off in a helicopter. Strange, since the last time they were in a flying apparatus it was hurtling toward the earth.
• Oops: Didn’t notice this for my book (dammit) but when Sawyer leans in to kiss Kate, he tilts his head to the left. When the camera moves behind his head, it’s tilted to the right. And then back to the left when shown from behind Kate’s head.
• Sayid tells Hurley, “They say it was suicide,” referring to Locke. Who’s “they”?
• Honestly… I’ll never forgive Jin for staying with Michael. What kind of husband/father DOES that, just abandons his wife and child to the deck of the freighter to be a good buddy to Michael? I understand the symbolism (everything comes around… this was the guy who he’d punched because of a watch and who caused him to wear a handcuff for weeks and now they’re all good and all that) but it’s just… ridiculous. Desmond wastes no time in racing off, and Penny’s not actually STANDING ON THE DECK the way Sun is.
• In Season 3 Desmond uses CPR to save Claire, and now Claire’s brother saves him.
• “Gouge Away” by The Pixies. I’ve had my issues with Jack, but I adore his taste in music.

Things that have new meaning:
• I STILL don’t buy that Bentham crap that was strung out throughout this episode. I’ve ranted too much about that so far, though, and don’t really want to go on about it again. But after “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,” where he barely even mentioned the name, and when he did he never insisted on anyone calling him that, I doubt they’d all be calling him Bentham in this episode. Thank goodness for Hurley asking Sayid why he’s calling him that…
• Ben thanks Richard for helping him, and Richard says flatly, “My pleasure.” But his tone would indicate it’s anything but. His immense doubts about Ben are already in place, and his sights are set on Locke.
• Did you notice the liquid nitrogen tank that Michael’s pulling has the date “1977” on it? Interesting that it’s got THAT year of all years on it as the UN registry date.
• Miles knows all about Charlotte: since we now know he’s right, is this proof that he has been talking to the Dharma Initiative dead? How would he know that?
• Locke and Ben go down into the Orchid station: The level that they descend to, where Locke watches the video and Ben blows it all up, do we assume that’s the same long pathway that we see still under construction at the beginning of season 5? They do a sonogram of the wall and find the FDW, and yet Ben goes down a long tunnel, then descends down a staircase and finds the FDW… yet in “Because You Left,” the construction worker says the FDW is 15-16 feet inside the rock wall, not a hundred meters away. Is it possible they were digging in a different spot?
• Here’s another question: If the people were evacuated in 1977 in “The Incident,” then who stayed behind to finish the construction on the Orchid?
• Ben’s apology to Locke seems sincere, and even bigger than it should have at this point. Is it possible Ben can already see into the future and knows what he’s going to do to Locke later?
• There’s definitely some significance to that kerosene lamp. It’s like it’s a way of bringing Jacob’s spirit into a place.
• I remember at the time wondering why they didn’t just leave Aaron with Desmond and Penny (stable couple who would take care of him and get him to civilization much quicker, and would keep him away from the glaring media spotlight and make it so Kate doesn’t have to create a big story) but in “The Lie” we’ll see that she’s already immensely connected to Kate shortly after getting onto Penny’s boat.
• Pretty much everything Jack tells Ben that Locke told him… Locke never actually told him.
• In this final scene we get the proof that Jack talked to Locke a full month before seeing him in the coffin, yet Locke killed himself only a few days after talking to him. I find it strange that the corpse didn’t decompose at all. Something’s up with that.

And that completes season 4!!! We're almost there, everyone! Make sure you pick up the season 5 disks this week, on DVD or blu-ray, and you can get a copy of my season 5 book here. More words on this season than any other one previous to it!!! You can't go wrong. :)

Tune in tomorrow for my rundown of season 4!


Marebabe said...

By the time Jack, Sawyer and Hurley arrive at the Orchid, it’s just Locke there by himself, looking around. I was really confused about how much time had passed, until Locke said that Keamy and his team took Ben to the helicopter about an HOUR before Jack, Sawyer and Hurley got to the Orchid. I sometimes (often) forget how big the Island is, and how far apart some things are.

We were clearly meant to think that Keamy was dead after Richard shot him, because he was lying there with the classic wide-open, staring, dead eyes. And we soon learned that it was a fake-out, because Keamy had a few more scenes to do before his dead-man’s switch blew up the freighter. But hold on a minute, reality check time: If someone were stunned by shots to a bulletproof vest, wouldn’t his eyes be closed? When Charlotte was shot while wearing her vest earlier in S4, I think she was lying on the ground with her eyes closed, like anyone would be who had been knocked unconscious. The open eyes are reserved for those who are really most sincerely dead. (Oz reference.)

Some great lines. Hurley to Sayid: “Dude, I’ve been having regular conversations with dead people. The last thing I need now is paranoia.”
Ben to Locke: “I’m sorry I made your life so miserable.” Nikki, as you asked in your book, “has he been watching John Locke for as long as Richard has? Could he have been the one who sent Richard to spy on John? Has he somehow orchestrated the lifelong misery that has befallen John?” These are BURNING questions in my brain, and I truly hope they will be answered in S6.

When Locke found the Others and Richard said, “Welcome home”, I was filled with HOPE (and tingly excitement) that we would soon get this great download of information when they started answering his (and our) questions. Still waiting.

Marebabe said...

A few miscellaneous items:
~ 500 pounds of C-4?! That really seems like enough to sink an aircraft carrier. Talk about overkill!
~ Sun wears a lot of all-black-and-white outfits, especially in her O6 days. She looks great in B&W, but I started to wonder if there was perhaps some significance to that wardrobe choice. Nikki, I like your suggestion that maybe it’s just to keep us guessing about whether she’s a good guy or a bad guy.
~ What is the source of the blue light down in the Frozen Donkey Wheel chamber? It illuminates the area very well, so I don’t think the kerosene lamp is actually needed as a light source. I agree with you, Nikki, it must have some symbolic importance when dealing with Jacob. Maybe it’s how you get his attention when you have something to say to him.
~ When Jack was doing CPR on Desmond in the raft, I thought how much harder it would be to do (if not impossible) on the flimsy, moveable floor of an inflatable raft.

The reunion of Desmond and Penny was like the O6 rescue, in that we never imagined we’d get to see it so soon. And Nikki, you pointed out in your book how, on Penny’s boat, “Desmond comes up to her level and she comes down to his so they meet in the middle, which is symbolic of how they have sloughed off the class distinctions that could hold them apart.” I hadn’t made that connection before, and I’m so glad you pointed it out. It makes me wonder how many other brilliant layers of subtext I’m missing.

For the purpose of keeping the secret of who was in the coffin, of course it was essential for the writers to give John Locke another name. But it somehow never seemed organic (if that’s the right word) for the O6 to ONLY use the name Jeremy Bentham when speaking of him, even in private. Hurley almost said Locke’s name, but Sayid quickly interrupted and warned him to not ever say that name. Was it because they were afraid of spies and surveillance? I mean, no one else was in the room except Mr. Eko. : ) Were they concerned with keeping news of Locke’s death from members of the press, who would’ve started poking holes in the O6’s story of what happened to flight 815? Maybe that’s it. And you’re right, Nikki. Locke never made a big deal about the alias himself. He just said something like, “I’ll be staying at the Such-and-Such Hotel under the name of Jeremy Bentham."

Gillian Whitfield said...

I love this episode. I had forgotten how good this episode is.

Have you ever listened to the commentary by Damon and Carlton for this episode? It's hilarious. The best part of the commentary is when Sawyer tells Kate to find Clementine and then he kisses her.

My favourite part of the episode however, is when Locke is watching the Orientation video and Pierre says "Do not place metal in the vault under any circumstances", and Ben is putting metal in the vault. :P

I think it may be a continuity error for John to have visited Jack a month ago. But then again, Jack could have been rounding and he really was visited by him 3 weeks ago, and Ben killed him a week before the events in "Through the Looking Glass"/"There's No Place Like Home". I don't know. Ben did say to John that Jack bought a ticket in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham". But Jack could have boughten several tickets before Ben told Locke. Am I confusing anyone??

Joan Crawford said...

I LOVE the Pixies! "Gouge Away" and "Hey" and "Monkey Gone To Heaven" and "Gigantic" are my favorites!

Susan said...

Nikki THANK YOU for the comment about Walt and Hurley. This is something I shout at the TV every time I see it, and I've not seen anyone else make the comment like you did. I mean, how would the O6 even know that Michael made it back to civilization for sure, and even if they did know, why would they want to visit him after what he did to them?

I liked your point about Jin staying with Michael instead of joining Sun on deck, I had never thought of that before. Seems like you could add Jin to the list of people Sun could blame for Jin's death.

Michael Emerson is a great actor at delivering his lines, but he is a master of facial expressions. My all-time favorite Ben scene occurs in this episode. He is loading things into the time travel chamber, and John asks Is that the magic box, and Ben gives him this awesome look that I translate as "No John, it's ... well never mind you're too stupid to understand anyway."

Stan said...

Nikki...great analysis of this episode as usual. But I disagree with you that Sayid "kicked Keamy's ass." If I remember correctly (without going back to view the scene again) Keamy was on top of Sayid choking him to death when he was shot several times by Richard. I also think that it was unfair to the viewers to show Keamy with his eyes open in the classic death pose (as noted by Marebabe) and then bring him back to life. Reminded me of "Halloween" or "Friday the 13th".
Another point of disagreement (more of interpretation) is that I think that you are being too hard on Jin for staying with Michael and the c-4. I think that he thought that he had a legitimate chance to disarm the c-4 (he was the one that stopped Desmond from cutting the wrong wire earlier)and thus save the entire ship including him and Sun. He also seemed to be in shock somewhat and that would seem normal given the circumstances. Michael "woke" him up by reminding him that he's going to be a new father, etc. Jin then bolted, but too late to make the ride (but quick enough, as we know now, to dive off the ship and away from the explosion).

Fred said...

There seems to have been a hint about the Frozen Donkey Wheel when Michael freezes the battery. Freezing will slow down a chemical reaction, so the idea is the cold chamber is slowing down whatever is functioning under the Orchid. I believe that turning the frozen wheel simply brings together 2 separate masses of whatever on the island (some sort of exotic matter). When brought close together, they react and cause the time shift. It's clear that moving the wheel requires some strength, hence the polar bears (also the dead one in Tunisia).

Ben seems to have let Kate and Sayid go too easily for him. He simply asks Richard what the agreement was, and accepts it. Did Ben already anticipate/know there would be a deadman switch on Keamey, or that Keamey had rigged something to blow up the freighter? I wouldn't put it past Ben, since keeping all the survivors on the island was an intention on his part.

Again with the chess. Hurley is playing black, while Eko is white. When Abaddon came to see Hurley, he was sitting behind white's position. Maybe we are supposed to see black as the good guys? So is LOST a 4-d chess game, with Jacob and Esau as two players, or are even they pieces on the board? Stealth chess, from Disc World, allows the assassin to move as if "under" the board. Sounding very much like the smoke monster. Rebirth in chess occurs with Circe's chess--ghosts coming back to the island? Dark chess involves incomplete information--need I say anymore about LOST and clues? Finally, Knightmare chess involves cards which change the rules of how pieces can play.

Marebabe said...

@Fred: Wow! I had absolutely no idea that gamers have come up with so many intriguing variations on Chess! And they ALL apply to Lost. I'll bet Damon and Carlton play it every day when it's time to take a break.

Susan said...

Fred I think the scene with Ben letting Kate and Sayid go illustrates how clever Ben is. We all know, and the Losties and Others all know, that Ben lies a lot. But he's smart enough to know that to get away with a lie, you can't be known for always lying. He knows when to keep his promises and tell the truth, so that people will believe him the next time he lies.

JW said...

@Gillian: I'd forgotten how good this episode was, too. I think the exciting thing for me with this rewatch is that the further we go with it, the less I've seen the episodes we're watching. (I've only seen season 5 once, of course.)

How'd we get to season 5 already, anyway? One day it's a warm and sunny July and I'm watching season 1 and the next thing you know, there's a foot of snow outside, it's colder than a frozen donkey wheel outside, and we're about to start season 5.

The Question Mark said...

I love how, when Chang mentions the "no metal in the vault" rule, Locke just looks up at Ben and attempts to say something, but stops himself. HILARIOUS!!

@Nikki: seeing Sayid & Keamy in a fight was indeed awesome! They're definitely the two heaviest hitters on the Island, so it was great to see them duke it out. My wish now is to see a battle royale between Sayid, Keamy, and Mr. Eko (please fulfill my wishes, Season 6!).

Regarding Sun's B&W attire: I've noticed that the Oceanic 6 tend to wear a lot of dark clothing in the future. Every flashforward scene tends to feature charcaters in black clothes against a bleak grey or white background, as if to tell us that the future is looking bleak for our poor heroes.

JS said...

Great insightful comments all. I loved this episode even more, and the level of intensity was amazing - so much happened!

I am not as bothered by the dead Locke timeline, and the Jeremy Bentham unnecessary references (except for the audience) but for what ever reason, I am bothered by Miles' ability. If he knew what he knows, and maybe he is talking to the island unburied dead, then I need to know the rules about when and how he talks to dead people. How did he know anything about Michael when he was boarding the freighter the first time? though we agreed the "I wouldn’t be too sure about that" line was for dramatic affect, how would he know she was GOING to die? No two people have seen a walking around dead person at the same time until MiB/Locke. So she isn't dead. I doubt Christian told him Claire was going to die. By season 5 his powers seem fairly limited. They need to explain that whole thing.

I have a couple of recommendations for the regulars, but I'll wait til Nikki posts her season wrap up.

Anonymous said...

The awesome Limited Edition Dharma Initiative Season 5 DVD set arrived in my mailbox today from Amazon. Whoo-hoo! I can't wait to look at all the cool stuff. There's a sticker on the box that claims *some* of the sets have an extra patch inside. (I've got my fingers crossed!)

Anyway, not much to add here except I have to wonder why Michael was allowed to walk around a free man on the ship after being exposed as a saboteur. When he was walking down that corridor with Des and Sayid, Keamy just looked at them and then shut the door as if it was no big deal. I suppose that since, at that time, he had engaged the "secondary protocol," he didn't give a crap what happened on the ship - but how did he know Michael wasn't on his way to sabotage the helicopter?

I'd also like to know what the "exit" plan was for that secondary protocol. How did Keamy & Co intend to get Ben off the island once they blew the ship to kingdom come? Methinks they needed to plan that a little better.

crazyinlost said...

@Nikki- " I’d love to see the two of them pitted together in a steel cage match: “Jinja versus the Wacky Iraqi!” Ooh, Vince McMahon could make a mint, I tells ya."
Now that would be worth seeing!

Concerning Sun and her attire, I just figured (didn't assume!) she was in mourning.

Walt coming to visit Hurley is a fun scene. They always had such a neat rapport.

Hurley's still eating those 15yr old crackers!

The way Ben keeps acting like he's one of the "group" when he's around the Losties, every time I see him do this, it just cracks me up!

John, "Is he talking about what I think he is talking about?" Ben, " If you mean time traveling bunnies, than yes." hahaha
Isn't John suppose to be this science/math nerd? Wouldn't Ben know this, if the Others have been following him around all his life? So, why does Ben keep treating him like he's stupid?

Kenny Rogers-ha!

So, why did Sawyer REALLY jump out? And, boy that was a LONG swim back to the beach or what? Must be one of those island mysteries that he made it back to the island as quickly (or at all) as he did!

I sooo feel for Sun. I get quite emotional (like sobbing) w/the freighter exploding scene, and she's just about to jump out of the 'copter after him, and everyone is holding her back. Man, oh man, she is living my worst nightmare, to lose my spouse...

One thing I alway wondered about was how or why would they really want to lie about everything? Then I started thinking about it-who would believe their story. And how would they explain the island disappearing? This made the excuse that they had to protect the left-behinders safe moot, since they weren't there anymore. I'm all for the truth, no matter what, but...

Penny's boat! Yeah! As tragic and heartbreaking it was to see Jin get blown up (at least we thought he did), on the other end of the spectrum was the joy of seeing Des and Penny reunite. Nikki, as Marebabe mentioned you have in your book (I'm going on her word, since I, gasp! haven't gotten any of your books yet. I'm working on it, really! I have some requested for Christmas, and then we'll go from there. I'm hoping at least for S5 for Christmas, so I can follow along!), “Desmond comes up to her level and she comes down to his so they meet in the middle, which is symbolic of how they have sloughed off the class distinctions that could hold them apart.” I love the way you said this! As wonderful and rewarding (character wise and mystery wise) this finale was, this reunion was the icing on the cake!

This was definitely my favorite finale (which I didn't realize until I watched it this time), even above "The Incident". But S5 in general is still my favorite season!

EvaHart said...

I definitely have to agree with Crazyinlost, this is the best finale, the cliffhangers at the end were so annoyingly good I think I screamed at the tv screen several times. And when the island disappeared, there is only one word for it: Bloop!

The only thing about this episode i'm still not sure about is Kate's dream/vision of Claire. If Claire needed to raise Aaron, why is she telling Kate not to bring him back-to her?

Well I'm ready for season 5 next week, Finding Lost Season 5 came in the post today! Thank you Nikki! I think it is my favourite cover yet and now I have something to do this weekend!

Fred said...

Okay, I may have to repeat this on anther thread as we go into Season 5. This is my wild and stupid idea, concerning Ben's ability to plan. What if Ben intentionally knew Alex might die at Keamey's hands. We've seen Eloise shoot her son, and present day Eloise suffer knowing she had sent Daniel back to an inevitable fate. One theme in LOST is that children suffer at the hands of their parents. So why not Alex.

Why? Some plot elements could work out if this is the case. If Ben sacrificed Alex, then MiB would think Ben could be easily manipulated. When the smoke monster appears before Ben in the tunnels and appears as Alex, this would never have happened had Alex not been sacrificed. Similarly, the false Locke would have questioned Ben's despair concerning not ever having seen Jacob, and might have questioned whether Ben was a good candidate for the loophole.

But this would have required Ben knowing some of this possible plot by MiB long ago, when he was told by Widmore to kill Alex and Rousseau. One way around this is that Jacob or Richard had told Ben not to do so, but save Alex. Could there be such a long con, requiring sacrifice of such a nature? Who knows. After all it is Ben, and this is LOST.

Teebore said...

I STILL don’t buy that Bentham crap that was strung out throughout this episode. I’ve ranted too much about that so far, though, and don’t really want to go on about it again.

I'm with you Nikki, and everyone here's heard my own rant before so I'll save it.

Okay, fine, one more thing.

For the purpose of keeping the secret of who was in the coffin, of course it was essential for the writers to give John Locke another name. But it somehow never seemed organic (if that’s the right word) for the O6 to ONLY use the name Jeremy Bentham when speaking of him, even in private.

And really, all they needed to do was have him mention the name more stringently in "Bentham". Have Locke say something like "for all our safety, don't call me Locke. Call me Bentham."

Then we can just assume LOCKE believes it's for the best that he remain anonymous, whether it's true or not.

Ah well. This is still a great ep, and finale.

Stan said...

Qusetion Mark: @Nikki: seeing Sayid & Keamy in a fight was indeed awesome! They're definitely the two heaviest hitters on the Island, so it was great to see them duke it out. My wish now is to see a battle royale between Sayid, Keamy, and Mr. Eko (please fulfill my wishes, Season 6!).

Don't forget Jin. How about a tag team match: Jin and Mr. Eko (the baddest of the 4) vs Keamy and Sayid. Or any combination!

Nikki Stafford said...

Stan: You're right, I know... Keamy DID end up beating Sayid. But that's only because Sayid LET him win. Totally. *cough*

Nikki Stafford said...

Joan Crawford: I saw the Pixies this past summer on tour and it was freakin' amazing. They did a ton of stuff from Surfer Rosa, which you never see... one of my fave bands ever.

tiasabita said...

I was a Lostie by this point two years ago but I still wasn't watching every week - was taping two or three eps then watching in marathon fashion - and reading a LOST blog or website never entered my mind, so I did not hear/see any spoilers and was completely shocked to find Locke in the coffin!

Several of you have already commented on the fact that Michael and Walt were using assumed names and none of the O6 could have found them, and I just gotta say that I too was screaming at Walt 'they don't know your names!' Unless there was an interaction we haven't been privy to yet, one where Ben tells them the whole story about Michael and Walt getting back, Michael dying on the freighter and where they can now reach Walt. And if this was brought up before plz accept my apology but it has bothered me how M&W could have entered the country without documentation, without passports, etc. Of course they could have entered as illegals do but that being said, how did Michael rent that apartment and pay that cable bill without some form of proof of id? I think it's possible the Others gave M&W new identities when they left the Island, complete with passports, etc, and that the O6 at some point found out what name Walt was using but decided it was too dangerous to involve him. We've seen the birth of Kevin Johnson so of course the Others have connections to create new identities. Don't know, just rambling!

@Fred - "maybe we are supposed to see black as the good guys." I keep having a funny feeling that we're looking at this all backwards, that we're being conned by the black/bad, white/good thing! I mean, really, any character could go either way at this point.

Pamalamb said...

I loved watching this finale. I had not watched this episode since it originally aired and I had forgotten how wonderful it was. The way the writers had been setting us up all season for this finale with the flash forwards and then giving us just the right amount of answers, with new mysteries being given at the same time was awesome -- story telling at it's very best.

When the helicoper passengers were in the survival raft Hurley says something like, "I can't believe he did it, Locke actually did it, he moved the island." and what is Jack's response? No he didn't! Oh Jack Jack, the island disappears right before your eyes, and you still can't believe. (of course technically Jack was right -- Ben moved the island, not Locke):)

@ Gillian Whitfield: I agree the scene when Ben is putting metal objects in the chamber while the tape is saying never put metal in the chamber is great! I love the look on Locke's face and how he looks like he's about to say something and then stops himself.

@Nikki and Susan: I remember the first time I saw this yelling for Jin to get the heck out of that engine room. As you said Desmond certainly didn't waste anytime getting out of there. Also when Michael was on deck and Sun told him she was pregnant, he told her he would send Jin back up to her right away; when he got back however, he didn't say one word to Jin about going out on deck with Sun. This always really bothered me -- Michael knowing Jin was going to be a father and not insisting he leave the engine room immediatlly.

@Fred: Great observation about why the frozen donkey wheel is frozen. I always wondered why it was in a frozen chamber, and your idea about the freezing temperature slowing down whatever reaction is happening under the Orchid is really insightful.

Jenn said...

I don't have a lot to add—as always, the wonderful and smart contributors to this blog have summed it up perfectly.

I just wanted to say that, for me, this finale was awesome. I remember feeling that good goosebumpy feeling when I watched the island completely disappear. It was just amazing. I also never suspected that it would be Locke in the coffin—I don't know why, but until they revealed his face, I just assumed it would be one of the Oceanic six. It was an awesome twist!

I am actually really relieved to hear that I am not the only one that's a bit confused by the whole Jeremy Bentham angle. @Nikki: I wonder if he wasn't more decomposed because he was some sort of fake-Locke? Maybe real-Locke is the live Locke that we saw in S5. Oh Lost! Only you would have us saying things like that!

Anonymous said...

Just popping back in to tell Nikki I finally got around to reviewing your new book on Amazon. WOW - lots of 5-star reviews there already! Nice work.

I also reviewed the Ltd Ed Dharma Initiation DVD set, which left me a little disappointed. Not only is the price rather steep for what you get, but I was one of the unlucky ones who didn't get a fifth (submarine) patch. I have to wonder why they thought this was a good idea. It's not like a pack of baseball cards; people aren't going to buy multiples in order to get the full set!

Oh well - it's still a package of geeky goodness, so I can't complain too much.

SonshineMusic said...

Oh so many good moments in this finale. I was also so happy that I had finally caught up and would be able to watch the new episodes in S5 live :D

I love the look on Kate's face when she comes running out of the jungle. She's thinking, never in a million years did I ever think I would be conning people to save Ben's life.

When Ben returns to the Orchid I find it hysterical how he and John just start talking like they're old buddies.

My all time favorite Lost line ever - "If you mean time travelling bunnies, then yes."

I want to know where the rest of the survivors are. Shouldn't there have been a mad rush on the helicopter? I can't believe all of them just went below to chill.

I know there are probably some sort of regulations about this kind of thing, but it has always bothered me that Aaron and his blanket are absolutely and completely dry when they climb onto the raft

Marebabe said...

@Sonshine: I'm still laughing quietly to myself after reading your comment about Aaron and his blanket being completely dry. D'oh! I bet you're right about there being some sort of rule about that, concerning what they can and can't do with actor babies. So the way they got around it was to give Aaron about 1 second of screen time as they were climbing aboard the raft, hoping most people wouldn't notice. And sure enough, I didn't notice until you pointed it out. So I'm laughing at myself!

crazyinlost said...

@SonshineMusic and Marebabe- I missed that with the dry blanket-have to go back and check it out. But what I can never understand is how Aaron stays SO pale (like vanpire pale) after 2mos on the island. I keep expecting him to start sparkling-ha! It doesn't matter how much you are in the shade, at that lattitude your gonna get sun, (Not Sun) from reflection mainly. My mom never spends time in the sun when my parents go to Mexico for a week or 2, and she still comes back with some color. Me, well I'm out there as much as possible, trying to compete with the locals!

JW said...

I know there are probably some sort of regulations about this kind of thing, but it has always bothered me that Aaron and his blanket are absolutely and completely dry when they climb onto the raft

It's those pesky liberals and their child labor laws interfering with business again. Where does it stop?

crazyinlost said...

@Batcabbage-they probabally allow Lost because Australia is a big part of the LostUniverse!

crazyinlost said...

OOPS, that was suppose to go on part 1!

Batcabbage said...

@crazyinlost: LOL! Well, as Hurley says, we are the key to the whole game. :)