Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rewatch Schedule

Just a quick note that I'll be posting both of this week's episode recaps -- "The Little Prince" and "This Place Is Death" -- tonight, because I'm assuming people have better things to do on Christmas Eve than sit on this site (though WHAT would be more important than chatting about Lost, I have no idea...) ;)

Next week's episodes are "316" and "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham," and again I'll post on both of them on the Wednesday, because I doubt a lot of people will be here on New Year's Eve.

For anyone who asked for S5 for Christmas, that'll mean that by Christmas you'll only be 5 episodes behind, and could probably catch up quickly.

In January we're back up to 4 episodes for the week of January 3-9, then 3 episodes the following week, and 3 episodes the last week. We'll be officially finished our rewatch on January 21, giving us one week of sitting around being sloth-like and waiting for Season 6 to begin on February 2.

See y'all tonight!


Lisa said...

You rock Nikki. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Paul K said...

Considering my lovely family, I would actually prefer reading your posts and chatting about LOST Nikki on Christmas Eve;) And my family isn't so bad ;)
You're wonderful, a truly beautiful person and I really wish you a very merry christmas and a happy New Year:)
Lots of love from Poland

crazyinlost said...

Yay! I have to work all weekend so I will have plenty of time to catch up with my new S5 dvd AND my Finding Lost S5 gift package. During work you ask? Well I work in a STAT lab at a hospital and though it can be quite busy, the hospitals try to send as many people home for the holiday (even though alot of them come back thru the ER Chirstmas night!) So I do have alot of dead time in-between traumas, and codes, and "life or deaths". Plus it's a 10hr shift in the middle of the night. Besides, I work 7 on, 7 off so get a week vacation every other week, or 3wks off in a row when I actually ask for time off! I like my job!

crazyinlost said...

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas to you Nikki, and to all your loyal fans!

The Shout said...

Have a great Christmas Nik (and everyone else)! Hope you get that Henry Ian Cusick doll I know you asked Santa for.

The Question Mark said...

A Very Merry Christmas to you & your familia, Nikki!
All the best!

JW said...

Merry Christmas, all!