Monday, September 7, 2009

Ahead of Schedule!

D'oh... I just got back from the airport after a weekend of weddings and lots and LOTS of shopping in Chicago (and many crazy adventures with my best friend Sue) and I was catching up on comments on the blog. Everything was going along well and then I saw Ashlie's comment about how "Fire + Water" was scheduled for next week. I thought, "That can't be right... and clearly the 20 comments before it show that we're all OK" and then I looked at the schedule and it's a good thing SOMEONE is paying attention to the schedule, because that person clearly isn't me!! Thank goodness Sheriff Ashlie was watching and keeping us in line!! :)

I'm so sorry to those who were actually following my schedule and now we've gotten one ep ahead; I got so used to 4 a week that I just kept going. I realize now that when I made the schedule, I was keeping in mind I had a wedding to go to this past weekend (and I'm traveling next weekend, and my daughter is back to school this week, etc. etc.) and probably assumed it would be easier to drop to three episodes a week. And instead, I've gone and gotten ahead of myself.

SO. This week the schedule is supposed to be Fire + Water, The Long Con, and One of Them (our first Michael Emerson episode... YAY!!!!) So to get things back on track, I'm going to post The Long Con on Wednesday night, and One of Them on Thursday. For those of us who haven't been going back to double-check the schedule (:::raising her hand sheepishly:::) here's how we're doing the rest of season 2:

September 13-19
S2E15 – Maternity Leave
S2E16 – The Whole Truth
S2E17 – Lockdown

September 20-26
S2E18 – Dave
S2E19 – S.O.S.
S2E20 – Two for the Road

September 27-October 3
S2E21 – ?
S2E22 – Three Minutes
S2E23/24 – Live Together, Die Alone, Parts 1 & 2

And I promise to stick with it!!


Jazzygirl said...

No problem Nikki! :) The lighter schedule actually works out great for me with school back in (teacher). Who can blame us, right? I know once I start watching I just keep going with th whole disc! LOL!

celandinehaleth said...

SNORK! I too was on a roll with the 4 eps. per week, but a little respite this week will be good for me! As you may have noticed I have hardly had time to post:(

Susan said...

This is hilarious. Most of the Lostpedia rewatches are so behind schedule. We started a month later and not only have we caught up to and surpassed them, we are even ahead of our own schedule!

ashlie said...

I'm not trying to be the watchdog or anything, I just use the rewatch schedule as my bookmark in "Finding Lost" so I always have it handy. I don't mind getting ahead of schedule, I just wasn't sure what would happen this week!

Nikki Stafford said...

ashlie: You have no idea how grateful I am that you caught it, actually; now all this mad viewing I had scheduled this week can be on a much slower schedule! And I realized last night after I posted this that "Sheriff" might have sounded bad, but I meant it in the best, most loving way... the way that Sawyer is sheriff of Dharmaville! You are our Sawyer... xoxo :)

Susan: That's because we ROCK. LOL!

Jazzygirl and all teachers out there: Have a great first week of school!!

ashlie said...

No offence taken - I'm just crazy about scheduling right now! I'm getting married next month (on Thanksgiving weekend) so I'm all about making sure my LOST schedule can fit in around my wedding schedule! (Or rather that my wedding schedule can fit in around my LOST schedule!)

Late to the Party said...

Oh, good ... I'm almost caught up with the rest of you! I've been watching episodes like crazy on the weekends to try and get back on schedule. Got a late start with my Lost re-watch because I "had to" re-read Harry Potter 1 thru 6 to get ready for the movie (which I've since heard isn't all that great - sigh).

Not that I love HP more than I love Lost!

Joan Crawford said...

@Ashlie - Aw, Thanksgiving is the best holiday! What a beautiful time of the year to get married! Congratulations!

ashlie said...

@Joan - thanks! Hopefully the weather is nice - it's been 30 degrees for Thanksgiving weekend here the last two years (Canadian Thanksgiving that is) so I'm hoping the trend continues! I might have to bring along the laptop or download some episodes of LOST on my iPod for the honeymoon though!

The Question Mark said...

what a koinky-dink.
I just finished watching "The Long Con" and "One Of Them", and I was tempted to keep going, but I was like, No, No, I'll stop and save the other 2 eps on Disc 4 for another time.
So this is perfect! I've followed the new plan without even knowing it! Fluke!

@ Late to the Party: HP 6 was a pretty good movie. If you're an HP fan, don't miss out on that action. Sure, there are some omissions and some odd new additions, but hey, that's adaptation for ya.
At least we know we're gonna totally get our money's worth with FOUR HOURS of Deathly Hallows in 2010-2011!

Ali Bags said...

@Nikki - 'Jazzygirl and all teachers out there: Have a great first week of school!!'

Thanks for thinking of us, but I've been back at school for 3 weeks already! Whichis why I haven't been posting much.

Susan said...

Nikki, not only do we rock, but we are way nicer to each other than some of the people on Lostpedia are.

Late to the Party, HP 6 was a pretty good movie. While the book drags at times, the movie does not.
I did not re-read before seeing the movie, so I didn't do a lot of comparing movie and book like I usually do. And yes, Lost is better than HP (and even Star Trek) LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I'm so glad you didn't rewrite the whole schedule because of this. I have the episodes pasted into my weekly planner so I know what to watch next. (Clearly it didn't help me last week; I just automatically watched four episodes like the rest of ya did!)

Only two eps this week will do well for me, too. I've been rewatching all my Project Runway DVDs. (I had loaned them to someone and now she wants to *discuss* them, so I gotta refresh my memory.)

SonshineMusic said...

Yeah, the 4 eps was a disc a week, so I was just all lalalala with everyone else. I'll probably end up watching ahead so that when unforseen business comes along I won't have to worry :)

Congratulations Ashlie! That's so something I would do (schedule my life around Lost) so I'm glad I'm not the only crazy out there. OF course I know that all of us on here are just a tad Lost crazy (otherwise we wouldn't be here :)

And I enjoyed HP6 and would definitely watch it again. It was good as a movie, but I'm curious how they will handle certain plot points in 7 with all of the omissions, not only from this movie, but from the previous ones (particularly 4 and on.)

Nikki Stafford said...

Congrats, Ashlie! I love fall weddings. :) And you should totally have Lost feature in the honeymoon. I remember the first time my husband and I went away for a night when my daughter was one year old. It was our first time together without her... and we ended up propping my laptop on some pillows and watching Battlestar Galactica. ROMANTIC!!!