Friday, January 22, 2010

We Did It!!

And here we are, at the end of season 5, bracing ourselves for season 6, and we did it. We didn't give up, we trudged on: 29 weeks, 100 episodes, countless comments. And throughout that entire process I didn't check out a single other rewatch site. First, I didn't want to be swayed by what other people were saying, and secondly, the best group of people were right here. When I finished last night I finally was free to jump around and look at a few others, and I was interested to see that sites with much bigger traffic than this one had far fewer comments. People were generally reading what the main blogger had to say and that was it. In our case there was so much to discuss, and we had a lot of fun along the way doing it.

I want to thank all of you for keeping up with all of this, for reading my books along the way, for offering so much insight, and for not having one SINGLE war. Not one. For a show that could create such heated debate, we somehow managed to do this from beginning to end without ever devolving into a bunch of namecalling. (Well, except for the time that Batcabbage and Humanebean had that smackdown, but that was just entertaining!!) I'm so proud of all of us for making it to the end!!


Batcabbage said...

Huzzah! Yay us! Yay NIK! And humane must have won the smackdown, coz I can't remember it. Must have been a head shot. Also, I forgot my middle name, but I hear that's to be expected. Kudos, humane. Kudos!

Less than two weeks, people! Can you imagine how many comments we'll make on the premiere? I predict more than.... four! No! FIVE! ...twenty-six?

The Question Mark said...

Hooray! First poster! LOL
Nikki, this has been great, & I'm super-psyched for the final 18 eps!

I remember, waaaaay back when we started this rewatch in the summer, I hurt my leg pretty badly playing basketball. So strangely enough, one of my fondest memories of the rewatch was limping home from physiotherapy on my crutches, hopping carefully into my kitchen, and sitting down to watch "Outlaws". It feels like a million years ago! Now I'm back to running around on my own two feet, ready for Season 6, kinda like John Locke, I suppose!
Way to go to all of us for sticking through it and, like you said Nikki, not turning into a bunch of curse-hurling, online battlebots. I think this is the best darn group of Lost fans this side of the sonar fence. My ultimate dream would be for Damon or Carlton to read these blogs, say "Hmm, these people seem pretty cool & fun & knowledgeable", and then they invite us all down to LA for a special screening of the finale!
Well, less than 12 days to go, everybody!
Let's do it!
(cue the marching/climbing music from Pilot, Part 2)

The Question Mark said...

LOL Batcabbage, I respectfully withdraw my "Hooray! First poster" comment! Looks like ya beat me to it!

Batcabbage said...

@The Question Mark: Missed first post by that much!

verfication word: jimboi - alternate pirate speak, usually preceeded by 'Arrrrr'.

The Shout said...

Despite my lack of posts (everyone else's insightful comments covering everything I was thinking anyway) I've been with you every step of the way and loved every minute.

Consider me the Rose & Bernard of the re-watch.

Hyped(and a little bit sad) ready for Season 6.

Bring it on!!

JS said...

Yay us! This has been a lot of fun. I have enjoyed the re-watching and the discussing and the throwing out of the crazy ass theories, and the people picking up on those theories and making them plausible.

I'll repeat a piece of my post on The Incident:

Sooooo, what are we planning to do for the next week and a half? I think I have run out of LOST sites to read and youtube videos to watch. I have already re-re-re-watched season 1. I am reading from the LOST reading list (Flannery O’Conner is kind of twisted). I have read and re-read all current publications in the Finding Lost series, natch. I have been hiding my screen at work so no one will see me reading LOST alternate theories and parodies.

What have you planned for us, dear Nikki?

Nikki Stafford said...

I have absolutely nothing planned. Nothing at all. Just a bunch of sittin' around and waitin'.

BAAHAHAHAHA!! Like THAT would happen!

Oh, I have some plans all right!! Let's just say... it's questionnaire time again! :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I'm proud too. This is by far the best Lost blog out there... You rock, Nikki! Thanks for keeping us on track and on schedule. Remember back in July when the months stretched out in front of us? And now, here we are with a week and a half to go!

Thanks for all the insightful comments, everyone. I love visiting here every day! And I am so with you "Question Mark"... let's hope Darlton realize how fab we all are and invite us down to the finale party. Ooh, and maybe Josh and Henry and Jorge and Matthew and all the rest will be there! (I'm off to daydream now...)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Nikki, just read your comment and at first I thought, "What? Nikki has NOTHING planned? That's so not like her..." Then I read on. Bring on the questionnaire!

Joan Crawford said...

Thanks for doing this rewatch with us, Miss Nikki! It is such a fun and positive (and quite frankly a little weird) blog! I can't wait for questionnaire time :D

Fred said...

Thanks not just to Nikki for hosting this review of LOST, but to all the other bloggers for their comments, their humour, and their good nature--we have certainly fulfilled Jack's ethic of "live together" on this site.

Now for Season 6. Will our Losties find the peace of living together, or will Widsmore's warning of a coming war be prophetic? There is that comment on Jacob's tapestry, that only the dead know an end to war. Sadly, it's truth may foreshadow LOST's final outcome. Or will we discover it has been a lot of smoke and mirrors (two prominent symbols on this show)? And that Juliet's striking of the Jughead triggering device is really a "knock-knock" joke (will her exploding the bomb open another door to an alternate reality)?

One week and an half. It almost feels like Christmas. Oh, yeah, I got to take down those Xmas lights.

EvaHart said...

Thanks to everyone -especially you Nikki -for all the amusing and wonderfully insightful comments over the last few months, it's been a pleasure reading through everything!

Just two weeks left (for us in the UK)! And it seemed like such a long time back in July....

Austin Gorton said...

Thanks for captaining this crazy ship full of vibrant, intelligent and insightful people!

Not only was this the best rewatch, but, to my knowledge, one of the few that actually finished. I know rewatches were all the rage last summer and most fizzled out before the leaves had turned.

Red said...

It's truly been a pleasure reading your rewatch. I feel more prepared now for Season 6 having just spent over half a year recapping the series with you. It was always engaging and enlightening.

Bring on The Final Season!

JS said...

@Nikki - Ooh you scared me there for a sec. Phew!

humanebean said...

&^%$ all you @&#$%ing $#&@*ers!!!

*phew* Gosh, that felt good. Imagine waiting over 100 episodes to let out all those fabulous curses? Now, about whether Kate and Jack should wind up together ......

*sound of gunshot*

; ]

P.S. @batcabbage - oh, it was a lovely brawl. I think you bashed me with the flower pot and then I ninja-kicked you off the balcony. When the ambulance arrived and they hit you up with the ephedrine, you attempted to remove my spleen with a melon spoon. I, of course, smoked you with a double-finger-poke, half-twist and scored a solid 10.0 on the dismount.

Then, we finished the other bottle of tequila and called it a Rewatch. Ah, good times, good times...

Nikki Stafford said...

humanebean: Now, about whether Kate and Jack should wind up together ......

*sound of gunshot*

Oh man, this just made me laugh so hard I think I hurt something. I'm still laughing!!!

JennM said...

I had a lot of fun reading this rewatch blog, and I really enjoyed posting comments along with the rest of the readers. Most of the comments fell into either the incredibly insightful category, or the incredibly entertaining category.

See everyone in the comments of Nikki's post on the Lost premiere on Feb 2! (Can't wait!)

A questionnaire, you say? I'm intrigued:)

Rebecca T. said...

@humanebean: hahahahah Can't... hahahahah ... stop .... hahahahaha... laughing ..... No, seriously. All day tomorrow I'll be at work and then suddenly break into a giant grin thinking of you ninja kicking batcabbage off a balcony and him trying to remove your spleen with a spoon.

Ahhhh..... and people wonder why I spend so much time on here.

I am so proud of all of us. The rewatch was SOOOOO much fun and I loved every minute of it. We have the best leader and the best gang of commenters ever. I poked around on some other sites during last season, but they're either too big or too snarky or too spoilery, but Nik at Nite is JUST RIGHT :)

All of you feel like family or, even better, really good friends and I really, really hope that some day we can have a giant Nik at Nite ... reunion? (but it won't have happened before, so would it just be a "union"?) Ahem. I hope we all get a chance to meet face to face.

Thanks for all the laughs, the theories, the outlandish scenarios and everything else. I am SO looking forward to S6 with all of you :)

crazyinlost said...

@SonshineMusic-"All of you feel like family or, even better, really good friends and I really, really hope that some day we can have a giant Nik at Nite ... reunion? (but it won't have happened before, so would it just be a "union"?) Ahem. I hope we all get a chance to meet face to face."
Yeah, 'union', that...sounds...right(?) But seriously, I would so want to do that, can we get a 'group' discount on the plane tickets?

I know I joined the party late, right at Tricia Tanaka Is Dead, since I had discovered the blogs a few weeks before, and after reading everyone's responses, I just HAD to jump in. It was pretty scary for me, since at that time I didn't even know how to access our email, to the detrament of my kids and even my parents, and pretty much everyone else on the planet! But this has been so much fun, and I even know how to email all because of Nikki and the rest of you (with the help of my kids on the emailing part)! I wouldn't have stuck with this if y'all weren't so nice, and fun and insightful!

word verif-tescaly-slang for a fungas infection you get in the Caribbean!

Oh darn, that didn't work. So I have a new word verif-rubvera-what you use to put on 'tescaly'!

Anonymous said...

Sonshine Music: It would be an intervention, I think. :)

I had this whole "I love you guys!" thing all typed out and then it disappeared (perhaps into the Swan hatch with Radzinsky's splattered remains?), so I'll just reiterate what everyone else here has expressed and add that I am looking forward with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm to watching Season 6 with you guys!

Disclaimer: Unless, of course, Sayid doesn't make it, in which case I'll be off alone somewhere, drowning my sorrows in McCutcheon.

Nikki, you've been an awesome host, and finding your books was the best (LOST-related) thing that ever happened to me. I recommend them to every fan I've converted! :)

Azá said...

Thanks and well put.

Sadly I haven't made it to the finale just yet - 2 eps behind - but nearly there.

I am very much looking forward to the premiere of Season 6 now - it is going to be brilliant story telling and I look forward to discussing it with you all on here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Niki,
I lost your blogs.
Thanks for all the fun.
Can you tell me where to find
Jack the Cat pix you posted last week or so?
I can't locate it and want to send out to a couple
of family members who need a good laugh.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

LOL well that shows you,
I just wrote
I lost you blogs, what I meant was I LOVE your blogs.

Rebecca T. said...

@Dena: I lost your blogs

IMO that is the BEST misprint EVER :D

verification: aphipse - something without phipse of course

Ambivalentman said...

This is, by far, the best LOST community on the Internet(s). I am constantly blown away by how intelligent, insightful, and courteous everyone is. It has been a lot of fun re-watching with you, and I'm looking forward to spending season six with you folks.

What I love best is knowing I'm not alone with my obsession. Nikki, you've brought together a lovely "LOST" family here!

Pamalamb said...

Wow, I can't believe we watched the whole thing!! I would just like to echo what everyone else has already said, It has been a joy and a honor sharing this rewatch with all of you. Thank you Nikki for being so faithful to this rewatch. You were always there every Wednesday and Thursday and every week I looked forward to reading the insightful, and yes often hilarious, comments that you and your followers posted. I, like crazyinlost, was a little late coming to the party but I am so glad I finally found you. I will be right there every step of the way for season 6!

Ali Bags said...

Well done everyone - I can't believe it's nearly time for season 6. It's gone much quicker than I thought it would, probably due to the rewatch keeping me going.

The best bit was rewatching episodes while I was actually in Hawaii in the summer (I was organised enough to take the DVDs with me) In fact I've rewatched in Canada, Hawaii, Engand and Hong Kong!

I haven't checked out any other rewatches either, mainly due to my determination to stay spoiler free and I have almost succeeded - only a week to go. I don't even want to know the episode titles this time around.

Here's hoping for lots of shirtless Sawyer and Desmond, a less annoying Kate and better Aussie and British accents!

Word verification: austrat
How appropriate.

moomin said...

Hi Nikki and everyone

Not posted previously but have been enjoying the great Lost re-watch with you all
Got slightly behind at some point between Seasons 2 and 3 but now caught up and can't wait for Season 6 (trying to stay away from all spoilers)

Can i just say I am a fellow Lost obsessive from the UK and your posts have been funny, moving, knowledgeable. My favourite characters are Sawyer and Hurley and I am hoping for Mr Eko to return in Season 6

Have fun watching first episode of Season 6, have to wait a few days more in the UK and I know I will be so tempted to look at this site before

One question I have is when exactly did MIB take over Locke - did he do this partly when Locke was alive and then fully when Locke died - oh so many questions, I for one am going to be so upset when this season is over but I know this show is something I will watch and re-watch for years to come - I dont think I can say that about any other tv series I have watched

Have a great day

Word verif - uncop - deceased Ana-Lucia?

crazyinlost said...

@Ambivalentman-"Internet(s)"?? Are you blogging in an alternate universe, and not telling us about it??

Hannah said...

I'm so bummed I missed this!! I got a heads-up from Teebore but I am too late...*sigh*. I will definitely stay tuned for Season 6 though!

Great Blog!

Stan said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed the books and posts by our host Nikki and the comments by all of you. Just want to make two comments: First, I think that it is a credit to the writers/producers that after 102 or whatever episodes were scrutinzed by this group (and others), no real "smoking gun" was found. Oh sure, a lot of comments by the characters, especially Locke and Not-Locke could have been revealing but only invited more questions. A lot like the movie "The Sixth Sense" the reveals only made sense after you saw the actual ending. Going back for a rewatch after knowing the ending showed obvious clues and I think that "Lost" will be the same. After Season 6 another rewatch may be warranted. I would bet we will then see the obvious clues.

Second, I read a recent interview with Darlton on another website (I think Hollywood Reporter) and I was bothered by one of their comments: Although they "love" the mysteries of the island, the real story is in the characters and how they turn out. This raised warning bells with me and when I read some of the comments I saw that many others shared the same feelings. With apologies to all of you who are "skaters", "shippers, "jaters" and whatever other romantic combinations there are, I didn't come all this way to find out who Kate winds up with. I am really interested in the Jacob/MiB relationship, who is in the temple, who are the "shadow seekers" (a great name) and all the "mysteries of the island.". I enjoy the characters and I do want to see how they turn out but the real Christmas present will be the big sci-fi (and maybe religious or philosophical) reveals. The fear that many people have is that the writers really don't know how to answer the many big questions that they have raised and will cover that up with end stories on the characters ("...and they lived happily ever after")

"Lost" has the opportunity to be the greatest TV event of all time, but if they come up with a "Sopranos" or "Seinfeld" ending they will be remembered as a bust. Reading all of your comments over the re-watch shows what high expectations all of us have for Season 6 and the finale. It will be very hard to live up to those expectations.

tiasabita said...

Nikki, I listened to the interview you did at a tv station I believe and was shocked to learn you do this blog and your regular blog and your books all in your spare time!! Amazing! You deserved a medal before for the wonderful, humorous and insightful recaps but now, wowwee!! Thanks so much for all you do!

I am obsessed like all of you out there and feel honored to comment in the presence of such eloquent and intelligent and just all around great folks! I am always enlightened and educated by your thoughts! I hate to admit that I now find it difficult to talk to the 'average' LOST viewer about the eps - it's all 'it was so cool when that really weird guy with the dark hair knocked on that metal door and that weird Australian guy in the astronaut suit came out.....'. ARGH! It's Daniel and Dez and a hatch and he's Scottish and it's not an astronaut suit.... ARGH. Yall have turned me into a LOST snob!! And I'm so grateful!!

See you in a week!!

crazyinlost said...

Okay, I know I can be a bit slow on the uptake, but what is this "eye" at the end of s5 I keep reading about? I have watched the finale and rewatched it and I'm not seeing an "eye". Was it only on when it was aired live? I have Dishnet, and our local provider for ABC was in negotiations with them from Dec '08 thru May '09, so I had to watch the whole season on-line! Can anyone help with this?

word verif-aftsa-the opposite of forsa.

JW said...

With apologies to all of you who are "skaters", "shippers, "jaters" and whatever other romantic combinations there are, I didn't come all this way to find out who Kate winds up with.

I couldn't agree more! This series, like Harry Potter and Star Wars, needs an ending that ties in on itself and ties up the whole series as if it were all planned out in advance.

"Lost" has the opportunity to be the greatest TV event of all time, but if they come up with a "Sopranos" or "Seinfeld" ending they will be remembered as a bust.

Except for the fact that it made lots of money, the true aim of entertainment. ;)

Just for fun, here I will list my favorite television series of all time. (Note: there are many series I haven't seen.)

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation
2. Lost (although as stated, it needs a good finale).
3. Mysterious Cities of Gold
4. Star Trek
5. Firefly

Austin Gorton said...


Mysterious Cities of Gold...Holy crap! I thought I was the only person who remembers that show. I LOVED it when I was kid, and I really need to get the DVDs and watch it again.

Rebecca T. said...

Batcabbage, Humanebean and Evil Blam... you might want to check this out...

verification: lessess - when someone wants you to stop hissing

Rebecca T. said...

@JW: I like the idea of posting our other favorite series just for fun, so here are a couple of mine...

1. Lost
2. StarGate SG-1
3. Pretender
4. Castle (though it's just begun)
5. Star Trek: Voyager

Hannah said...

I have no idea what the Mysterious Cites of Gold is but I'm intrigued.

I like the idea of posting my favorite shows no particular order.

1. Lost
2. SG-1
3. Buffy
4. Star Trek:TNG
5. X-Files

JennM said...

Fave series?

Tough, but I will say:

1. Six Feet Under
2. Lost
3. Smallville (yep—I said Smallville)
4. Dexter
5. House

JennM said...

Okay, maybe there's a tie for #5, because I really also love Fringe, though I know it's just into S2:)

Rebecca T. said...

I can't believe I forgot one of my favorite shows of all time (well recent time anyway)


tiasabita said...

2. Northern Exposure
3. Six Feet Under
4. Sex and the City
5. Seinfeld

humanebean said...

Oh, I could do this list five hundred times and it would probably be different each time. For now, I'll say my Top 5 are:

2. Deadwood
3. The West Wing
4. Monty Python's Flying Circus
5. Rome

Verification word: "pontato" - chips you eat with a burnger or a hont dog

Nikki Stafford said...

Oh humanebean, you are my kinda guy. I'll even forgive you for not including Buffy in there.

But now I have a hankerin' for pontato chips.

JS said...

fictional series/scripted

1. Lost
2. x-files
3. six feet under
4. glee
5. house


1. the colbert report
2. the daily show
3. top gear
4. tom jones variety hour (those velvet pants!)
5. sesame street (pre 1980)

Batcabbage said...

Much like my erstwhile gladiatorial opponent, my top five change often.

1. Deadwood (I know almost everyone else put Lost first, but I'd be lying if I didn't put this first).
2. Lost
3. The West Wing
4. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
5. The Sopranos

Here are five more that can be interchanged with the above depending on my mood.

1. The Wire
2. Carnivale
3. Rome
4. The Shield
5. Oz

Batkitty said...

Here is my top five.

1. Buffy (I'm watching it right now, actually. Reptile Boy, from season 2).
2. Lost
3. The Wire
4. Doctor Who (David Tennant in particular)
5. Battlestar Galactica (Batcabbage wishes he included this too).

Oh yes, and Batcabbage wanted to put Arrested Development also. I was going to include the original 90210 in my list, because it's goddamn funny, and I'm always looking forward to the next season coming out on dvd. (Come on, season 8! Go lame '90s shows!) Angel is another that comes in close to my top 5, especially since it also featured Sawyer (tiny role in the pilot), Bernard (coolest agent of hell ever), and Jin with his real accent.

PS Batcabbage was typing this for me and posted it on the wrong page. He's a little punchdrunk from the smackdown.

Blam said...

I had to get on the Rewatch train late and constantly fell behind, but it was a blast. Thanks, Nikki, for hosting it; everyone else, for providing your insight, humor, and virtual camaraderie; and Nikki again, for writing those wonderful books!
For a sense of closure, I just peppered some old posts with comments, but you're not missing much if you're no longer checking in; some have been sitting around awhile and most are just snarky or stream-of-consciousness riffs because by the time I got to say anything it had almost all been said.
Verification word: SubsTru -- Eliza Dushku's stand-in on her previous Fox series.

Blam said...

Okay, despite the last few words of my last post, I was surprised throughout the Rewatch that some stuff we brought up during our first go-round on Season 5 (the only one I've been here for) didn't get addressed. Whether here or in another thread on Nik at Nite — as I imagine Nikki will have quite a few more goodies and genuine conversation starters before next Tuesday — it'd be interesting to hear from folks not what they hope the show will answer but what they expected to see us discuss that didn't get touched upon during the Rewatch. I won't answer the question here yet in case Nik wants this blog to quiet down in favor of the other one, but I have some ideas and some other questions for all o' y'all as well.
Verification word: actranat -- Someone who appeared in the movie The Right Stuff?

Blam said...

I really can't come up with just 5 and be satisfied. But if I had to, and left out pure nostalgia, plus kept it to drama or at least fiction, i.e., no Daily Show...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Star Trek: The Next Generation
The West Wing
The X-Files

All sorts of stuff is practically taking control of my hands, though, and of course I'll smack my head when I think of some no-brainer right after sending this. Lost and Supernatural get incompletes by virtue of still being on the air, and I hate to say it but Lost especially still has the potential to be tremendously disappointing in a way that colors the whole series for me, although I couldn't regret being part of the community here.

Blam said...

I hate to think of we few, we proud, we band of brothers — and mothers, and sisters, and masked cruciferous vegetables — just drifting apart when Lost is over. Even before I saw these Top 5 TV lists I thought that a nice, leisurely manageable Rewatch of something like Buffy or Alias would be a great way to stick together around a more cohesive, longform topic than just the latest posts on Nikki's or our own blogs (and boost sales of Nikki's back catalog at the same time, because I've never read her other guides). So without any conference with our hostess and months before we actually have to face a Lostless world, I hereby informally formally propose such a thing to keep in the back of our minds. 8^)
Verification word: unons -- The technical term for off switches.

Marebabe said...

As much as I’m enjoying current shows like FlashForward and Fringe, I’d drop them without hesitation if I could re-experience-for-the-first-time WKRP in Cincinnati and The Wonder Years and Star Trek Next Generation. LOST and 24 bring my total to 5, with Pushing Daisies as runner-up. But wait! That doesn’t leave any room for The Simpsons or South Park or Eureka or Stargate SG-1 or The Kids in the Hall or Family Guy... ;)

crazyinlost said...

Yeah, my list is long too (product of the TV junkie era) but the first 5 (I agree we shouldn't count lost yet or any other that's not done with their runs)

1. All 5 of the Star Trek franchise.
2. SG1 and SG Atlantis (I'm not sold on Universe yet and it's still on)
3. X-Files and The Lone Gunman (which I loved but didn't last beyond the first season).
4. Monty Python and Fawlty Towers (ditto above)
5. Early Edition (which I seem to be the only person I've ever met who watched this show, but it had Kyle Chandler-yeah baby!)

I could've added Red Green, Monk, and Twin Peaks but we were only allowed 5, and I wanted to include Top Gear, House, and Psych, but they are still playing.

Anyway, does anyone have any info for me from my last post about the "eye"? Someone, please help, you're my only hope!

Phe11 said...

Hi all, this is my 1st comment to the site, I have been stuck on the rewatch (minus Nikki's books) since wk 2 and I have to say I am sad to get to the end of the re-watch but hyped for the new season.
Its starting on the Friday night here in Ireland so I will be abandoning this site for a few days next wk.
Well done to all for insightful comments and theories heres hoping some of them turn out correct and thanks to those who spotted things in episodes I never saw.
Nikki - I promise I will try not be an anonymous person from here on in reading and not commenting

Ali Bags said...

-Father Ted
-Gavin and Stacey
-Twin Peaks (thanks for reminding me about that one crazyinlost)
-The Singing Detective
-Prime Suspect

Not sure in what order.

JS said...

oh shoot, I have changed my mind a bunch of times, and if we are now restricting to completed shows, well my list changes completely. any there are many I didn't even want to start watching until the full series was on dvd. So the shows I have up on Netflix (which I have been ignoring lately) are Buffy,
Twin Peaks,
Battlestar Galactica,
The Shield,
The Wire, and
Arrested Development.

I could very easily add to my favorites
West Wing,
NYPD Blue,
Homicide:Life on the Street,

if I think baout how much I enjoyed them while watching regularly.

Rebecca T. said...

@crazyinlost: Early Edition! Kyle Chandler! AHHHHHHH!!!! How could I have forgotten to put that on my list!?!??!?!?! One of my favorite shows EVER! And NO one has ever heard of it! Thank you for reminding me :)

Oh, and I loved the Red Green show, too :)

verification: inness - the essence of a hotel

Blam said...

crazyinlost: Anyway, does anyone have any info for me from my last post about the "eye"? Someone, please help, you're my only hope!
Then where's the holographic droid projection? 8^)
Okay, here's what I can tell you:
When the S5 Lost finale first aired on ABC, the title card went up white instead of black (as you know). After the Bad Robot animated shingle -- presumably; I'm going from memory -- on came the bit where they either do a promo for next week's episode or, if the show is in repeats, another ABC show, while the end credits run super-tiny at the bottom (and if the show's ending at 11, to boot, then the Powerball drawing usually takes up most of the screen on my local station with all of the above promo/credits stuff relegated to like the top-right quarter of the screen). While in this case there was no next episode, the finale having just aired, instead of some come-on for another ABC series we did indeed get a Lost promo, but it was fleeting and involved no actual footage beyond an eye, surrounded by white light, and I think the Lost logo once more; again, I'm going from memory, but gosh knows this must be online. Somewhere, and it was probably here, I heard that while the eye and the white light were sanctioned if not produced by the Lost team, no new footage was filmed or even computer-generated to create the eye, so, while the shot was conceptually valid as a hint of where things were headed, the eye and whatever might be reflected in it would not stand up to scrutiny in terms of revealing canonical information.
Please anyone jump in and correct me if I'm wrong!

humanebean said...

Confession time: I have only ever seen 1.73 episodes of Buffy. Heather is a HUGE fan (as you know, Nik) but I came very late to the Joss Whedon Party. The first episode I actually watched was the musical and I was blown away by how good it was. Other than that, I've only seen bit pieces here and there. Now that our household contains the Official Nikki Stafford Guide To All Things Buffy, I surely will go back and catch up on it at some point.

@Batcabbage - for placing Deadwood atop your list, I hereby humbly apologize for whatever it was I said that started our aforementioned smackdown. Clearly, I was blinded to your perspicacity, erudition and all-around fabulousness. You sir, are a prince amongst cabbages.

Verification word: "atsals" - where you can-a always find-a good slice-a pizza

Austin Gorton said...

Top five, in no particular order (because it's always changing, usually based on what I'm watching at the moment):

The Simpsons
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

paleoblues said...

Not including Lost:

The Twilight Zone (The Original)
Quantum Leap
Star Trek (The Original)
The Adventures of Superman
The Prisoner

The Wonder Years
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Andy Griffith Show
Rocky & Bullwinkle

paleoblues said...

A list by Benjamin Linus:

To Tell The Truth
I've Got A Secret
What's My Line
Candid Camera
Good guys

paleoblues said...

My favorite shows:

by Kate:

The Fugitive
Run for your life
All American Girl
Here’s Lucy
Daddy Dearest

by Jack:

Dr Kildare
St. Elsewhere
Doogie Howser, MD

by Sawyer:

That Girl
The Avengers
Men Behaving Badly
Pros And Cons

by Hurley:

Dave’s World
People Do The Craziest things
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
My Mother the Car

by Sayid:

Have Gun/Will Travel
The Equalizer
I Spy
Ladies’ Man

by Shannon:

Family Affair
Grace Under Fire
Brotherly Love

by Boone:

Get Smart
Brothers And Sisters
Gimme A Break
Fall Guy

by Juliet:

The Outcasts
Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman

by Daniel:

The Time Tunnel
Misfits of Science
It’s About Time

by Desmond:

Quantum Leap
Flash Forward
Movin’ On
You Again
A Penny For Your Thoughts (Twilight Zone episode)

by Charlie:

Charlie And Company
Charlie’s Angels
Don’t Call Me Charlie
Sea Hunt
You All Everybody Loves Raymond

by Locke:

My World And Welcome To It
Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper
Madman of the People
Dear John

by Jacob:

Who’s The Boss?
Lamp Unto My Feet
Man From Atlantis
The Immortal
What’s Happening

by Vincent:

Those Amazing Animals
Gentle Ben
Mr. Ed

by Ana Lucia:

Police Woman
Starsky and Hutch
Anna and the King
Just Shoot Me

by Phil:


by Dr Arzt:

Here's Boomer

Here’s Boomer

JW said...

@paleoblues: LOL... what did I start?

Ali Bags said...

Wow paleoblues- is there really a show called 'Hootenanny'? That's my favourite word EVER.

paleoblues said...

Hootenanny was on during the college folk music craze of the early 1960's and featured such groups as the Limeliters and the Chad Mitchell Trio. At the time the word referred to an informal gathering, often with folk music and dancing.

Marebabe said...

I remember watching "Hootenanny" when it aired in 1963-64. (I was 7 when it debuted.) It was my first exposure to folk music, and I still love folk music to this day. Because my memories of the show had grown fuzzy with time, I went to Google to read a bit about it, and it's a fascinating article. Being a kid at the time, I had no idea of the political/protest stuff associated with the show. Kids were sheltered and allowed to be carefree kids back then. I learned about the Cuban Missile Crisis in high school!

paleoblues said...

This is why I had a good chuckle when Phil used the word. No one in 1977 would have said "you're having a hootenanny" and especially to a couple (Jerry and Rosie) dancing to Tony Orlando & Dawn.

Jazzygirl said...

Paleoblues that was awesome!
*sigh* I'm jogging behind you all, waving frantically, trying to catch up! UGH! I have 5 more episodes in S5 to do this week! How dare work and life get in the way, right??!?! I've been so out of touch for the past month but know that I've thought of many of you and read all the old posts on all the episodes, even though I was behind. I really cared about what everyone had to say. :)
I'm proud too...we're quite simply...the best! :)
I think back to the summer too...I was not working and it was SO easy to stay on top. I did okay in the Fall too which is amazing since school starting is a stressful time. Anyway, I just simply cannot believe we're here...ONE week away! OMG it felt like it would never come! I feel a jumble of nerves...part of me is like "I'm not ready!" and then of course the other part is "bring it on!"
I will savor each and every week of LOST this season with you guys. I don't want to think about May. Live in the moment...well, unless it's 1977 suddenly. :)
I feel compelled to add my favorites TV show list too. Although it's SO hard to limit and also I know I'll forget one!
Drama style:

2) Star Trek (TNG, DSN, and Voyager - yes I'm cheating and putting them into one)
3) Six Feet Under
4) Sopranos
5) ER
6) True Blood

Not so serious style:
1) Ugly Betty
2) Gilmore Girls (guilty pleasure)
3) Grey's Anatomy (I know I'm alone on this one so don't flog me, okay?)
4) Project Runway
5) Two and a Half Men
6) Any 80's classic LOL

Rebecca T. said...

@paleoblues: hahahahahahahahahaha! That was hilarious! But you forgot one for Ben... "Lie to Me" hee hee.

It's so much fun seeing everybody's other favorite shows and seeing how much we have in common.

I feel like doing my not sitcom favorites now....

Family Matters
Cosby Show
Home Improvement

verification: quite - really, no, seriously. that's no fun

Nikki Stafford said...

Ali: I, too, adore the word "hootenanny," but for a reason that's probably entirely unique to me. When I was a kid, my grandpa said there was a "hootenanny" living in their basement, and he used it as a synonym for bogeyman. So we'd be in the basement and suddenly he'd say, "Shh... what was that?! Oh no, it's one of them hootenannies!!" and my brother, myself and my cousin would tear up the stairs, screaming our heads off and killing ourselves laughing. I was probably a teenager before I found out what the word actually meant. But to this day I love it. :)

Marebabe said...

@Nikki, what a great story. I love it! :)

Ali Bags said...

Lol Nikki - you had a GREAT childhood what with playing with Barbies and screaming in basements!I am now envisaging Canada to be a nation of lovely Grandpas and cozy childhoods!

That 'Hootenanny' show reminds me of the mockumentary 'A Mighty Wind' Anyone else seen that?

Batcabbage said...

@Ali: A Might Wind is seventeen different kinds of awesome. Eugene Levy has never been funnier in a movie. And the Colours! "Yellow, green, white, red, indigoooooooooo!" Man, that movie cracks me up. You have excellent taste, Ms Bags. :)

verification word: unflo - to... to not flo, I guess.

Marebabe said...

@Ali & Batty: I'm sitting here trying to remember some of the wonderful song lyrics in "A Mighty Wind" and failing miserably. Time to screen it again!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, you guys have been busy! Clearly I'm not the only one at loose ends without an episode or two of LOST to watch this week. :)

Jumping in on the fav TV bandwagon, of the ones that are still on:

2. Project Runway
3. Survivor
4. South Park
5. How it Works

Actually, I watch very little TV; those top three are the only ones I make sure to watch on a regular basis.

Of the "oldies":

1. Mission: Impossible
2. Star Trek: TNG
3. MST3K
4. Roseanne
5. The Carol Burnett Show

Ali Bags said...

'Hey nonny ninny nanny ninny no'
'It's kinda academic'

So funny.


It's Sue Sylvester - I'd forgotten she was in 'A Mighty Wind!'

(we've really gone off topic haven't we?)

word verification - glera - so like 'Glee' this thing is beginning to freak me out.

crazyinlost said...

@SonshineMusic-yay! A kindred spirit! Do you watch 'Friday Night Lights'? I didn't start it origionally, because it's about football, but after reading all Nikki has said about it, I'm gonna give it a try. More Kyle!

@Blam-Ha. Ha. Sorry, but I don't know how to do that! But seriously, thank you so much for the info! I'll have to do more research and see if I can find it.

@Teebore- wow, most people who like the Star Trek franchise don't care for DS9, so it's nice to find someone else who does! My mom is origionally from New Orleans, so it was fun to watch Sisko and his dad with all the Cajun/Creole cooking!

@paleoblues-That was great! So FUN! I have a couple more for you. Jack would watch House, and Daniel would watch Space 1999!

@Jazzygirl-don't worry, I cheated too with Star Trek and Stargate also! My list was just too darn long!

word verif-aneurec-what you get when you redo your basement

paleoblues said...

Imagine if you will....A scene from Lost.

Subject: Daddy Issues
Title: It all started when
Location: Family garage or workshop
Scene: A flashback. Father and son working on whatever

Father: Hand me that hootenanny.

Son: What?

Father: The whatjamacallit.

Son: This??

Father: No you idiot. The thingamajig.

Son: This???

Father: No knuckle head. The thingamabob.

Son: This????

Father: Can’t you do anything right?

Son (to himself): Someday.....someday.

Alternate ending:

Son (to himself): I want my mommy.

Alternate ending #2:

Son (to himself): I’ll never get the girl, win the big game, hold a steady job,
amount to anything, etc, etc, etc. Maybe Stephen King is adopting.

Nikki Stafford said...

Ali: "There's a mighty wind a-blowin'/ And it's blowin' you and me." I remember DYING with laughter in the theatre when they sang that line. And Batcabbage, my friend and I were in hysterics during the "indigooooooo" scene as well.

Damn, I've got to see that movie again. It was just brilliant.

paleoblues: That list of TV shows the Lost characters would watch was hysterical!! Do you mind if I post it separately?

Austin Gorton said...

@crazyinlost: yeah, most people I know turn down their noses at DS9 too, but I have a few friends that love DS9 most of all.

I've always maintained that while it may not be the best "Star Trek" of the Star Treks, it's the best show of them all. So while it may not be as Star Trek-y as people would like, it has the best writing, acting, characterization, etc of them all.

Regarding Mighty Wind: it is awesome. So much awesome sauce.

paleoblues said...

@Nikki: Be my guest. Ben might have also enjoyed "Rat Patrol" , "Spin City" and "Life With Roger" (maybe not so much). Jin may have watched "Fish" and "Dragnet".

paleoblues said...

As a group they may have watched:

Games People Play
This Is Your Life
Second Chance
The Liars' Club
Something Is Out There
Camp Runamuck

Susan said...

Crazyinlost and Teebore I'm with you about DS9. I think it's the best of the bunch. I don't even put Next Generation second. I've been rewatching some of the episodes when they come on TV, and most of the characters are so judgemental and smug. When DS9 first came out, I thought, how could it be Star Trek while taking place on a space station, not a starship? But it ended up having the best captain and the best stories.

Austin Gorton said...

But it ended up having the best captain and the best stories.

Couldn't agree more. :)

Marebabe said...

@Ali Bags: Thanks for posting the YouTube clip thingies. (They weren't actually links, and therefore I'm not sure what to call them!) It's amazing how often I forget that, if you want to see a particular movie, very often you can at least see clips from it on YouTube.

JW said...

@paleoblues: I think it would be criminal if we didn't include "Numb3rs" as one of Hurley's favorite shows.

Also, Desmond would have liked the Carpenters' "Make Your Own Kind of Music" show that ran for eight weeks in 1971.

@Teebore: I think Deep Space Nine is fabulous and underated, and it's too bad they didn't get a crack at their own film. (And one way or another, I'm writing a book about the Star Trek films!) But for me (and this is just me), TNG had a zing that the other Star Trek series didn't... something special that caused the temperature to change when I was watching it and made me not want to miss a thing.

With regard to Mysterious Cities of Gold, yes it was fabulous, wasn't it? If you get a chance to watch it on DVD (which is a great format for it, because it's a serial), you'll see it still holds up today! It actually reminds me of Lost in some ways.

Austin Gorton said...

one way or another, I'm writing a book about the Star Trek films!

I, for one, would pay money to read that!

you'll see it still holds up today!

It's been YEARS since I last watched it, so that's good to hear. I'll definitely have to move it further up my DVD queue.

Batcabbage said...

Just to weigh in on the DS9 thing - It's my favourite one of the bunch (but I love them all), and the reason is, as someone mentioned earlier, the writing, and the character development, which is far better than most of the other ST series. Just to show how awesome DS9 is, Batkitty, my long suffering better half, hated Star Trek in all its forms. Never watched it, never intended to. But because she's with me it was inevitable that she'd see it, just in passing. She now loves DS9, and we rewatch it regularly together. I think we like it because rather than showing a mission of the week kind of thing, DS9 showed life in the Federation, and the over-arching storyline was just brilliant. Because she loved DS9 so much, she's branched out to the others. She kind of liked Voyager, liked TNG more, but not as much as DS9. Hell, she even sat through all four seasons of Enterprise with me (I'm one of the few that thought they'd gotten pretty good by season 3) and she didn't mind it. But she absolutely loves DS9. Sisko is our favourite captain, ever.

verification word: cadtical - the tactics of the cad.

Rebecca T. said...

weighing in on the Star Trek issue... DS9 is my Dad's favorite, too and it contains one of my favorite episodes of all time - "Trials and Tribble-ations". It's probably my second favorite. Voyager is my all time favorite for many reasons. Rewatching it recently I think it's because the characters seemed so much more human to me than some of the others. Next Generation I liked parts of, but they were too "perfect". Of course, I haven't watched DS9 straight through, only seen episodes on tv and on the one season we picked up used, so that might tip me in its favor.

2nd reason Voyager is my favorite? Robert Picardo :D

verification: ingsn - compulsively adding "ing" to every word

tiasabita said...

Hey, Keep forgetting that I have a brand new Swan Logo Tee that I'd love someone to have to wear for the big premiere! It's a Ladies Medium but is actually a Small at the biggest! It's a pale blue shirt with a dark blue Swan Logo. I tried it on, pryed it off my body and that is the most skin contact it has had! If you want it I'll put it in the mail tomorrow, Thurs, so anyone in the US should have it by Tues! Of course it's free!! Respond tonite, Wed, to and I'll get your address!

Susan said...

I loved Voyager for its first 1-2 seasons but then the seasons started to worsen. Instead of a season with maybe 2-3 bad episodes, they ended up with seasons that had maybe 2-3 good episodes. Janeway started out as a tough but still feminine captain but turned into a female version of Kirk's over-emoting.

SonshineMusic you're spot on about the TNG characters being too perfect. They are about as far off as they can be from our favorite Lost characters!

crazyinlost said...

@Teebore-Yeah, DS9 being the first ST being made sans Gene Roddenberry (do you worship at the alter of Roddenberry? haha, SonshineMusic should get that!), so it was much darker than any of the other shows, but that's what was so intreaging about it. But it was still humerous, and as long as a show has humor, it will be good!

crazyinlost said...

@Susan, sorry, I hadn't read your post yet when posting the last-add you to that too.

crazyinlost said...

We're up to 95 comments! Will we make it to 108 before next Tues?

I was running all the DS9 chatter by my husband, and what he liked about it was that since they were on the station instead of a ship, they were limited in a way, but that helped build the character development. @SonshineMusic, my favorite episode was 'The Visitor' from s4. It's right up there with STTNG's 'The Inner Light' and TOS's 'The Guardian of Forever' as my all time ST's favorite eps. (I go for the emo eps, can you 'tell?) But "Trials and Tribble-ations' was really fun. Loved how they put old footage in with the new, and when Kirk interviews Miles (O'Brien, not Stromm) it's classic (meets modern?)!

Susan said...

crazyinlost I'm one who doesn't "worship at the altar of Roddenberry" lol. While I credit him with the idea behind the franchise, his view of the future was a little too rosy, and it really showed to disadvantage in TNG. It would be a nice future if it were real, but perfect doesn't make for good television.

Joan Crawford said...

@Crazyinlost - Here is my contribution to making it to 108!

Jazzygirl said...

You KNOW you're tired when.....
when you get home from work, watch 4 episodes of LOST in a row, try to go for broke and continue on to watch The Incident...and nod off within the first 15 min of it. *sigh* At least I'm ALMOST all caught up. :)
Now I have two hours of "me" time to look forward to this weekend as I watch The Incident 1 & 2.

Austin Gorton said...

@Susan: I'm with you. I have tremendous respect for Roddenberry, but I don't worship at his altar. His view of the future, while optimistic, hopeful and genuine, didn't lend itself to a lot of conflict (or even romance).

The thing I loved about DS9 was that the characters seemed REAL. And of course, that it was more serialized. I'll always prefer a serialized show to a done-in-one (which probably goes without saying on a Lost blog... :) )

Virgina Katz said...

I guess I am a little late to the party and I have really nothing to say about star trek, but I am unbearably excited about February 2nd!!! And I wanted to help reach the 108 comment mark.

Thank you everyone here and Nikki for all the time and energy that goes into making this blog so wonderful! I don't know what I would have spent my time at work doing without this re-watch, definitely not working :P
I have abandoned all other LOST blogs in favor of this one and its awesomeness. My husband now asks me every time I tell him ANYTHING if I found it on "that LOST blog I lost you to."

I just have to add my favorite TV shows because I love TV and it seem like fun:

Strangers With Candy
My So-Called Life
Veronica Mars

humanebean said...

On our way to 108 posts, I wanted to go off topic for a moment and ask all of you most excellent people to pop over to Nikki's regular blog and read today's post on a charitable effort to raise funds for the people of Haiti - and show some LOST pride in the process!

I beg your indulgence on behalf of this worthy cause and now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.

JennM said...

Here is my attempt at helping reach 108.

So, uh, absolutely NO ONE besides me put Smallville on their top 5 list? Really?


Rebecca T. said...

On the topic of Star Trek, I enhanced my geekdom in this area by purchasing the Star Trek Monopoly. (It was on sale!)

Also, another show that my Dad and I have been rewatching and loving is Babylon 5.

(another post closer to 108!)

Ali Bags said...

And one more post closer

I watched 'Castle' the other day for the first time. My God, Nathan Fillion is one fine specimen of manhood (totally off topic but it had to be said)

crazyinlost said...

Thanks to everyone for getting us to our goal! lol

word verif-prenum-numbers that come before zero?

Blam said...

One post to go... I won't be greedy and claim it.
You guys do realize that 108's only about half of our record from when Lost is "in session" over on the main blog, though, right?
Ali: I watched 'Castle' the other day for the first time. My God, Nathan Fillion is one fine specimen of manhood
Great little show! I'm sure others will chime in with how suavely cocky he was on Firefly or how deliciously nasty he was on Buffy, so I'll recommend Waitress, a funny, bittersweet, quirky film that starred him and Keri Russell (who, fun fact, reunited as the voice leads on last year's direct-to-DVD Wonder Woman animated film).

Ali Bags said...

and I may rent it tonight, Blam. Can't believe i haven't seen it already.

Rebecca T. said...

Gah! We hit 108, but I HAVE to comment, so my apologies for pushing us past the magic number :P

1. I LOVE Castle. It is my 2nd favorite show airing right now. Nathan Fillion makes me happy, happy, happy. ::sigh::

2. He was in Waitress!?!?!?!?!?! How on EARTH did I miss that one? I must have looked at that cover a million times when shelving at work and I never noticed it!

3. He was also delightfully ridiculous in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

verification: Zhoutt! - A cleaning product that promises to Zhoutt! every stain!

Batcabbage said...

Thanks, Sonshine! Now it's not me that breaks the '108' thing! :)

@Blam: I LOVED the Wonder Woman animated movie! I heard Steve's voice and went 'Hey! That's Mal!' I'm really looking forward to more DC Animated Movies (I have yet to see the Green Lantern: First Flight movie. Have you seen it? Have you seen the new Superman/Batman - Public Enemies movie?).

Ali Bags said...

I have a question: What's going to happen to the rewatch blog once we start watching rather than rewatching? Is Nikki gonna pull the plug or are we going to just carry on talking about things that only have very tenuous connections with Lost?

Rebecca T. said...

I think it should sit here, lurking and waiting for that moment a year from now or more or less, when we all decide to do another grand rewatch once we have all of the pieces that they choose to give us :)

crazyinlost said...

The only other thing I've seen Nathan Fallion in, other that Lost, is 'Blast From the Past'. One of my all-time favorite movies!
I didn't even know his name before this blog. (I know, pretty sad, but I can be rather behind on some things-I've learned alot here!)

word verif-florekyja-the new sister store to Ike(yj)a!

Anonymous said...

Tenuous LOST connection: Has anyone seen the L'Oreal makeup commercial with Evangeline Lilly? It came on Thursday night during my second-favorite show, Project Runway, which was awesome least it was for me. (The rest of you, compare it to being on during a re-run of ST:TNG.)

tiasabita said...

Here's the link to an interview with Darlton that I heard on NPR yesterday!

Susan said...

SonshineMusic: "I think it should sit here, lurking and waiting for that moment a year from now or more or less, when we all decide to do another grand rewatch once we have all of the pieces that they choose to give us :)"

I second that!

Nikki Stafford said...

Ali: What's going to happen to the rewatch blog once we start watching rather than rewatching?

I'm going to put a post at the top of the page that welcomes people to it and lets them go through older posts and reread them if they want, but otherwise, the blog will just kinda sit here. :) As Sonshine says, if we rewatch it after S6, we can go back through the older posts and add in new comments. :)

Jazzygirl said...

YES, I saw the L'Oreal commercial with Evangeline in it! I was like OMG! I'm so used to seeing her all grubby in the jungle. LOL!
I can add that I saw Nathan Fillion WAY back when he was on One Life to Live years ago!
And, I too loved DS9. It take a bit to grow on me but then I loved it and also thought it was rich in storylines and characters. :)

So, I did it. I finally finished the re-watch last night. And the finale left me as breathless, speechless and in shock as it did the first time. Watching S5 again made Juliette and Sawyer's relationship more real for me. Nikki always said that it was 3 yrs for THEM, not us, so that's why some people freaked out when they saw them together. I "got it" this time around. Which, of course, made it all that much harder when she falls down the well. But at the very end, when she hits the bomb and it goes all white...I sat there, not saying anything, feeling all this emotion and my boyfriend goes "So are you finally DONE now??" ACK!! I wanted to KILL him! Here I am feeling all these emotions and he yanks me back so rudely!! Hmpf!! He better watch OUT on Tues!

JW said...

I saw the L'Oreal commercial the other day, too, and I thought, "Oh God... well at least she's not doing phone sex commercials anymore."

Getting back to Star Trek, I recently did a rewatch of every ST episode and film (for every series) in air date order (I'm a bit obsessive) and it's so much fun to see Lost actors guest starring ever once in a while. For example, in a TNG episode, Riker's former Captain beams aboard the Enterprise... and it's John Locke! (Or rather Terry O'Quinn playing an angry, obsessed character who is convinced he's right and wants everyone to accept him as their leader.)

Then, in an episode of DS9, Dax falls in love with... Goodwin! (Or rather Brett Cullen playing an ambigous love interest from this awkward society of others.)

And I should mention that Jin - er ah, Daniel - appeared in several episodes of Voyager and Enterprise. Sam Anderson (Bernard) appeared in an early Star Trek TNG episode.

I think the fun for me of seeing these people now is that I remember the characters they played from when these Star Trek episodes first aired, but there was no reason to take note of the actors. Now the actors seem like family.

Jazzygirl said...

OMG..JW! I remember some of those episodes! I do remember Terry O'Quinn in that episode! LOL!

paleoblues said...

Just a couple of comments before the big night. I rewatched Season 1 (for the umpteenth time) over the weekend and noticed a few things.

1) It’s a small world after all: The family vacating the motel room that Kate goes into at the beginning of “Born to Run” is the Rutherfords. The bickering siblings are Shannon and Boone.

2) rats were mentioned no less than 6 times (not including Locke’s favorite game Mousetrap)

3) Hurley and Sawyer both referred to Jack as “brother” long before we meet Desmond

Joan Crawford said...


Joan Crawford said...

This is the place where creepy comments come to be by themselves.

Blam said...

This is the place where creepy comments come to be by themselves.
You would know.

Joan Crawford said...

Aw, and yet you found me and joined me :) You like me and my creep-itude. You know who likes my Weird Toe?

Joan Crawford said...

*breathing quietly*

Nikki Stafford said...

*Jumps out from behind a bush*


Rebecca T. said...

AHHHHHH!!!!! Quit scaring the lurkers!

Joan Crawford said...


well, hellllooooo, Sonshine.

I'm over here!

Now I'm over here!


Blam said...

@Joan: You know who likes my Weird Toe?
Um... Your husband? Foot fetishists? Your husband the foot fetishist?
Oh, wait... Is his name an anagram of "Vile Lamb"?

Rebecca T. said...

psht... Joan, you're not fooling anybody. I see you behind that cabbage.

Batcabbage said...

Sorry, Joan, didn't see you there.

Joan Crawford said...

@Everyone - Hahaahaha!

*continues muttering to herself*

Suzanne said...

Nikki, I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful rewatch project. I didn't know about it at the time you were doing the rewatch. However, my kids became interested in watching LOST a little over a month ago, and we have been rewatching all five seasons at a very rapid pace ever since (at the same time as my husband and I have been watching Season 6). I have been a LOST fan since the very beginning, but this last month or so has been the most fun I have had with it because of the rewatch, and your blog has played a large role in making it so much fun.

Joan Crawford said...

Crazy! Crazy for feeling so lonely!

*begins dancing awkwardly, in a fashion that some might describe as "An Angry Cowboy"*

Crazy! Crazzzy for feeling so blue!

*knocks over wine glass with flailing arm*

Hehehehe, who left that there? Oh, excuse me, Good Sir! Shhh! Did you hear that?! I think I heard someone yelling "Walt".

*goes to get another glass*

I tried! And I cried! And I don't know the words, all I know is I'm crazzzy! Crazy for lovin' you!

*sits down abruptly*

I really miss Lost today ;_;
I put it on a shelf this past while and now I feel all sentimental and creepy*.

Quelle surprise, Joan, quelle surprise.

*Such is the burden of being Joan Crawford!

Blam said...

Look for Sentinmental and Creepy: The Burden of Being Joan Crawford — Not That Joan Crawford, Of Course, Just Some Weird Zombie Canadian Chick, later this summer from ECW Press' Excessive Subtitles imprint.

Blam said...

This just in: Lifetime is slated to begin production soon on Dance Like an Angry Cowboy: The (Other) Joan Crawford Story, based on ECW Press' upcoming book Sentinmental and Creepy: The Burden of Being Joan Crawford — Not That Joan Crawford, Of Course, Just Some Weird Zombie Canadian Chick.

I hear Rick Baker is doing the makeup. Casting ideas, anyone?

VW: unpopple — Let your soda go flat.

Rebecca T. said...

In outrage, Joan Crawford has released a press release today that nothing should be believed concerning the recent release of Sentinmental and Creepy: The Burden of Being Joan Crawford — Not That Joan Crawford, Of Course, Just Some Weird Zombie Canadian Chick and announced the imminent release of the multi-media experience The Burden of Being Joan Crawford: Hearing Voices, Stalking Torcha Scrunchies, and Lurking on Forgotten Blog Feeds by the one and only living dead Joan Crawford

Batcabbage said...

In other news, former Lost actor Naveen Andrews was reportedly accosted by what he described as 'some sorta zombified Canadian bird'. In a brief statement, Mr Andrews said 'At first I didn't notice anyfink outta the ordinary, but then I heard someone shoutin' sumfink like 'I'll be your Torcha Scrunchie, Sayid! Strap me down and call me Nadia! CALL ME NADIAAAAAAAAA!!!' It was well out of order, know wot I mean? Funny old world, innit?' Independent reports that the woman was the reanimated corpse of the actress Joan Crawford have been categorically denied by the authorities.

Blam said...

@Rebecca: In outrage, Joan Crawford has released a press release today that nothing should be believed concerning the recent release of Sentinmental and Creepy: The Burden of Being Joan Crawford — Not That Joan Crawford, Of Course, Just Some Weird Zombie Canadian Chick

Ha! Only Joan would disavow her own memoir. (You'd expect it to be other way around, though.)

VW: Roppler — Name of an esteemed Austrian physicist as pronounced by Scooby-Doo.

Nikki Stafford said...

ECW Press released a press release following Joan's that confirmed her memoir was, indeed, in the works and would be published in spring 2012, co-written by Nikki Stafford. Says Stafford, "I didn't have much of a choice. She threatened to do the 'angry cowboy.' I don't know what that is, but it sounds frightening." Stafford became more enthusiastic when she began gathering the details of Crawford's life from the subject. "People's minds are going to be blown by her life story," she says. "It's got more twists and turns in it than an episode of Lost."

Joan Crawford said...

*The reviews for Sentimental and Creepy: The Burden of Being Joan Crawford... are in! I haven't had a chance to read them, but I highly doubt they could be anything less than glowing.*

“One walks, nay runs, away from Ms.Crawford's book feeling as though they have personally offended her... mostly because she ends every chapter with: 'You have personally offended me'”.
--Elbert Suckling

“If I had to sum up the experience (and this is lifted directly from the book: “You don't read my book – you experience it!”) of Joan's latest work in one word it would be “baffling”. How does she claim that one word or even just a frowny face emoticon counts as a chapter? I mean really, 15 “chapters” on one page?”
--Veronica Buckbut

“I felt gritty after I finally reached the surface again after delving into this twisted little book. Yes, the book does have 197 chapters but it is only 60 pages long (many of them with photocopied pictures of a butt with a subtext of “Whose bum is this, Professor Smarty Two Shoes, if you're so smart? Wrong! It's your face!”) and yet completing this “Iliad For the Little Lads” (whatever the hell that meant) was the most arduous task I have ever endured.”
--Marquo Polquo

"This is, sadly, her best work to date."
--Florentine Flouncypants

“Why did she spend 3 pages quoting a fictitious conversation that she would have had with an imaginary Fat Elvis at a bus-stop? Why did she repeatedly ask the reader to send her their fingerprints? Is there a reason she kept insisting that an elephant and grizzly bear would be the best crime fighting duo ever? And why did she keep yelling "I know you are going through my garbage and I AM TELLING THE MAYOR!”?"
--Cynthae Plinth

“Don't be fooled by the slimness of this book – inside is a massive tornado that will rip you up and toss you in every direction. Joan Crawford will literally (and pathetically) beg for your approval while simultaneously letting you know you aren't fit to lick her boots... I imagine knowing this woman personally would be very frightening indeed. She keeps claiming she is the “Shakespeare for people who want more” but the only thing Joan could be in the world of Shakespeare is the actual tempest.”
--Margelene Fickletick

"I'm pretty sure English is not her first language."
--Edwin Nerdington

Austin Gorton said...

This book is like some kind of Frankenstein's monster of literature, cobbled together from the scraps and entrails of murderers and thieves. It reads like the ramblings of seven different mental patients. I couldn't put it down!
--Victor Slaughterschmidt

I was told to endorse this book or suffer the consequences; having read it cover to cover, I can honestly say it is the best book I've ever read. Buy this book immediately. In fact, buy two. For my sake, please, buy two!
--Christopher Ninnymuggins.

Never before have I been so offended and so turned on at the same time.
--Olivia Closehoff

Blam said...

"Spring has sprung;
The grass has risen.
Buy this book?
A bad decision!"
— Ray Zeburn, The Burma Shave Times

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Nearly threw up
And just on Page Two"
— Flo Wipetal, Horticulture Today

"What the f--- is going on here?!?"
— Dee-Lo Groin

Blam said...

"This is, sadly, her best work to date."
--Florentine Flouncypants

I have no doubt that Ms. Flouncypants is correct (a statement that heretofore I would only have expected to make when visiting an extremely young and/or extremely lonely relative after being told that I was being addressed by her tulle-sporting cat during tea).

Also: You could sell me on a book of these blurbs quicker than Joanie's drawers would drop at after Sayid walked in from a night of angst-ridden torturing.

VW: batillo — Drawing of the Dark Knight.

Marebabe said...

Wow. All of your demented comments from March, 2011 were heaped like cherries on top of my LOST rewatch of 2013. They didn't spoil by keeping! Love you guys!

Rebecca T. said...

Marebabe, your comment brought me back to the comments here and I just read through them all, stifling gales of laughter as I'm in my office hours and there is a class going on across the hall. Oh my goodness, but I miss you all SO MUCH. I was alternately giggling helplessly and tearing up at the wonderful memories I have of this blog and all you Nik at Niters :)

humanebean said...

My god but we are funny. And, by "we" I mean you people, mostly. Not Joan. She's not funny, she's DEAD SERIOUS.

*sound of gunshot*

Rebecca T. said...

I swear all these comments just get better with age.