Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can You Guess the Lost Finale Title?

UPDATE: This has officially been closed to new entries, and will remain at the 256 comments that it has now. We'll have to wait until they announce the title of the series finale to see if any of us got it right. Good luck, and enjoy reading the suggestions below!

I don't take credit for this idea, and it's a great one that we can play for the next few months leading up to the new season. After my Rewatch post on "Three Minutes," one of my regular commenters, The Question Mark, made the following suggestion:

Now, I have a little FUN CHALLENGE for anybody on the blog who's interested. Our next episode is the finale, "Live Together, Die Alone". As I was watching it, I was thinking about all of the awesome names the writers have given to episodes, and how the names of season finales always stand out as being super-interesting, this one being no exception.
How would you guys feel about a game? For the next recap (Live Together, Die Alone) each of us comes up with at least 1 idea for what we think will be the name of the absolute, ultimate, FINAL episode of Lost. I'll write down all of the submissions, and then in May 2010 we can see who came closest.
I think that'd be pretty fun, and let us stretch our creative juices a bit.

I love this idea, and a bunch of you already attached your titles to the comments. If you submitted already, please put them under this post and this is how we'll keep them all together (and that way Question Mark doesn't have to write them down!)

We should probably have an end date for this contest, since you could find out the episode title when it's actually announced and submit it, which wouldn't really be fair. So how about saying you can submit your ideas for the next month (Question Mark suggested a maximum of 5 titles per person, so let's follow that) and as of October 31, I'll shut down the new comments and this will stand as a document, PROOF of the winner, if one of us should get it right.

And come on. We're the smartest, most insightful Lost fans on the planet, so OF COURSE one of us is going to get it. And hey, I'll pick my faves from the bunch and put them into the season 6 book as a sidebar.

So start submitting!! I would attach my five right here, but I really want to think about it. :) (Although I keep seeing the ones submitted so far and I think, "Ooh, that's a good one!!")

And thanks for the game, Question Mark! Brilliant.

UPDATE: Actually, I was thinking about it, and is there any particular reason why this should be limited to 5? Question Mark was probably thinking about their poor hand getting tired having to write them all out, but if we keep this as the main log, I say you should send in however many you'd like. Let's say a limit of 5 per DAY (so people don't send in gigantic lists all at once), but if you want to send 5 more tomorrow after thinking about it, you can keep sending them in every day until Halloween. :)


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humanebean said...

I'm sure I should spend some more time thinking about this, but off the top of my head:

"And In The End..."

"The Doctor Will See You Now"

"Ye Of Little Faith"

... and this is not an official title, but I would be tickeld pink if they just called it .... "DUDE!"

; ]

Captain Peabody said...

I've had this title in mind for quite a while now, and I've already made a bet with my brother regarding it. The title is (or rather, shall be)...

"Jacob's Ladder"

Also, for a few secondary choices:

"The End"


I also have a bet with my brother about a theory of mine regarding the plot of Season Six...but that's a topic for another time.

Fred said...

After turning The Question Mark's great idea over again in my mind last night, I came up with at least four new titles and kept one old one:

"So it goes"


"Adam and Eve"

"The One Who Will Save Us All"

The Magic Box"

The first is a homage to Kurt Vonnegut,and the four is sort of asking is it really Aaron who will save them?

Marebabe said...

Here are my five guesses for the Series Finale title.
"The Road Not Taken"
"I'll Miss You Most Of All"
"From End to Beginning"
"Our Mutual Friend"

brent said...

"The Circle"

Yep, only one choice. I know it's the easy one but I've had this penciled in for a few years now. Seeing as the show wasn't originally called "LOST" but rather "The Circle." And it drives homes the big themes that we are inevitably heading towards in the final season.

Jon Stueve said...

Razzle Freakin Dazzle

Michelle Rowen said...

"...And Then They Woke Up."

Which I really hope is not the title. ;)

filipe c said...

"It was worth it"

JS said...

@Fred - clearly you've been thinking about this! Here are the couple (maybe too) obvious ones:

- "Last Place on Earth"
- "Progress and Destiny"

Three more to come.

Fate is a fickle B*tch (no, not really)

Rebecca T. said...

I'm really pondering this, but here is my first entry...


More to come as I think of them. This is fun - now my brain will be even more filled with Lost than it already is!

Joan Crawford said...

"Kate Was Too Much Work, I'm Glad I Chose Juliet."

"How Rose Got Her Groove Back"

"Why The Island Made All Jack's Chest Hair Fall Off."

"Sun Kills Everybody"

"Sayid Finally Gets A Manicure - Only To Realize His Long Nails Were The Very Glue That Holds All The Universes Together."

Nikki Stafford said...

Joan: LOLZ at "How Rose Got Her Groove Back"!!!! OMG, I'm laughing out loud here...

EvaHart said...

Oh so many choices!!!!
Here are my first 3, I need a bit more time to think of some more!



"Back to reality"

The Question Mark: Briliant idea!

Anonymous said...

they will call it "LOST"

Nikki Stafford said...

OK, here are my first attempts:


Nikki Stafford said...

"Two Players, Two Sides"

Nikki Stafford said...

EvaHart: ARGH, you beat me to Revelation!! I typed it in like half an hour ago and then went to grab lunch and didn't realize I hadn't posted it.

I shall forfeit it to you. (But could I have 2% of your honour should it win?) ;)

B.J. said...

My main guess was already taken: "Found."

I also think of:

"All Good Things..."


"There's No Place Like Home" (was this one already used? I can't remember!)

"Finale" (to off-set the simple title of "Pilot")

Casey S. Pitman said...

Depending on the context of the name LOST (which we still don't know...), I would go with either "Found" or "Won." Leaning towards "Won" because we already had an episode called "...and Found."

EvaHart said...

Nikki: Of course! ;)

Heres another:


Nikki Stafford said...

OMG, Eva!! I must meet you in person, because that is EXACTLY what I was going to post as my final one! I am so serious. HAHAHA!!! I wanted to do it in the context of the title of this week's rewatch ep.

Seriously. We are like TWINS. In our brains. Er...

Nikki Stafford said...

"Pilot, Part 3"

HA! Kidding...

EvaHart said...

Well, you know they say great minds think alike...

Anonymous said...

Darn, Nikki, you beat me to it. I was gonna post "Two Sides."

Or possibly, "One Light, One Dark."

Rebecca T. said...

Joan you crack me up!

How about

(for simplicity)

"The List"

"Great Expectations"

"Smokey gets in Your Eyes"
"Smokey on the Water"
(okay not really those last two)

Eric Antoine Scuccimarra said...


Stan said...

I thought I was really smart with "Found" but I guess it was pretty obvious.
My 5 entries for today:
1. Black to White (or vice-versa)
2. Fade to Black
3. The Good, The Bad, and Hurley
4. King Richard I
5. Paik's Peak

tiasabita said...

Reposted from Three Minutes comments:

Cool idea, Question Mark! My guesses: Omega, That's All Folks, The Really Long Con, Thanks for Playing, The End.

Rebecca T. said...

@Anonymous: oops, sorry, I missed that you already claimed "LOST". Oh well.

@Stan: Paik's Peak

Anonymous said...


"The Next Beginning"

"It Only Ends Once"

Gillian Whitfield said...

"Light and Dark" is my guess. Or like Nikki said "Two Players, Two Sides". When I read that, I thought "wouldn't a perfect ending title be 'Two Players, Two Sides. One is Light, one is Dark'" but that would be too long.

The Question Mark said...

These entries are awesome! I love "DUDE!" and "How Rose Got Her Groove Back". Fred, you toally read my mind with "Checkmate" as well!
So, here are my 5 five picks:

1) Somewhere Over the Rainbow
2) There & Back Again
3) The End of All Things
4) Another Life
5) Paradise...

Although I wouldn't feel right unless I added some joke ones too! LOL

"You All Everybody"

"Jack Forgets Something"

"Yes, Penny's Boat"

"PSYCHE! Turns Out The Video Game WAS Canon!"

"Hugo Reyes & the Deathly Hallows"

The Question Mark said...

How about:
"Exit, Pursued by a Polar Bear"

JennM said...


JennM said...

Oh my Gosh Question mark! "Exit, Pursued by a Polar Bear." Best. Title. Ever.

MJCarp said...

"On the Count of Three You'll Wake *Snap*"



"The Helgus Antonius"

Anonymous said...

Question Mark, you are ever so clever! ????

Although some of my ideas have been submitted, I've thought of a couple more to add :






Ali Bags said...

As I posted on '3 minutes' yesterday:

1. The Beginning
2. Pilot Part 3 & 4
3. Tomorrow is Another Day
4. Any questions?
5. Trust Me.

Leah said...

Hmmm...What about "4 8 15 16 23 42"?

Or possibly "The Reason"? ("We were all...brought here...for a reason," as John Locke breathlessly puts it.)

Let's see..."Eye of the Island" would work, another nod to a Locke quote. What about "A Wrinkle in Time"?

Ali Bags said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ali Bags said...

'Fade to ...?
'Lost Again'
'I Think We'll Need to Watch that Again'
'Nothing Stays Buried for Long'

Nikki did say we could do 5 a day!

Ali Bags said...

And QuestionMark - I thought of 'Exit pursued by a bear' last night, honest I did, but the addition of 'polar' was the genius stroke.

Unknown said...

I'm guessing humanebean is a fan of the Beatles and Beej is a fan of TNG. :)

JS said...

Three more


"What about Ben"

"What REALLY happened to Shannon's inhalers"

I kid

Stacy said...

I was thinking about Pilot 3 also...

"Back in Kansas"
"Not Lost"

Rachel said...

I'm thinking "God Help Us All"
Because God will need to help us all get through this permanent hiatus :P

Hunter said...

"Why We Push the Button"

"Destiny" or "Fate"

"Vincent Ate My Homework"

"The Island"

"The explanation for what the heck has been happening on that damn island for the last 6 seasons but certainly won't satisfy everyone even if we were to explain why Libby was in the mental hospital (which we won't)"

Stan said...

It has to be:

He Who Will Save Us All

JS said...

@Hunter - re: your last entry - regardless of what the ACTUAL title is, that WILL be the subtitle! LOL

alternatively, "Blame Canada", considering the sinister Canucks (my hubby is from montreal)

Kate said...

Oh know! All of mine were taken already! I've posted them on another site when we played this same game a few months ago--mine were "The End", "Found" and "The Beginning". All three of which have been snatched already by brilliant, speedier people. =P Oh well, I really don't have any entries at the moment I guess.

I really think "The Beginning" has a good chance, if I were a Lost writer, I'd think that was the most brilliant title for the very end of such an epic saga, especially with the whole duality of Lost as a whole. In fact--I'm writing a book where the last chapter is tentatively title "The Beginning"--it's just such a cool literary motif to include such epic irony!

glf said...

Yep all the most likely ones are gone (i.e. ...and Found; Redemption; God help us all etc.) so here's a serious one and not so serious entry (you'll have to guess which is which).

"Ben & Locke's wedding"

"Garden of Eden"

Batcabbage said...

I've only thought of one so far, because there's been so many good entries already. Here's my one.


And I still say that Ali should win. "Any Questions?" is brilliant. I can just picture Ben saying it in the last ever scene, his voice dripping with irony. Awesomeness. Wrapped in deliciousness. And bacon. Ali is a genius.

Batkitty said...

My suggestion:

"And Then There Were None".

Anonymous said...

"Vincent Wakes Up"

M9 EGO said...

My first punt....
1) 4, 8 , 15 , 16, 23, 42
2) Time to Tell
3) Trust me John
4) We begin again
5) Is is is is , There there there, An an an Eko Eko eko eko in here?

Ali Bags said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ali Bags said...

Gosh BatCabbage you are really making me blush now. I do have to confess that it is Margaret Atwood who is the genius (and a Canadian) - she ended 'The Handmaid's Tale' with 'Are there any questions?'

Ali Bags said...

I do hope the last words are 'any questions?' because I hate, hate, hate things to be tied up neatly. That never happens in real life, so shouldn't happen in good narrative either.

chris said...

First time here (from France):

- Once and for all...
- Fatality

A.G.Wooding said...

As its one of the most overused pieces of Lost footage in previously ons and fan made trailers, i thought a line from jack and lockes talk in exodus would be most likely.

1. For a reason...
2. Each one of us...

Or something from the 5th finale

3. It only ends once

No doubt someones alredi cum up wid these ones further up but i didnt hav time to look, altho i did notice one which is my favourite so far...The Magic Box. I hope that person wins

chris said...

And why not this one:

- Newton's Apple

chris said...

And finally:

- Of Polars Bears and Men

chris said...

I meant

Polar (pardon my French);)

chris said...

fifth and last for today (time travel again, here it's 1 PM):

- echo

M9 EGO said...

I couldn't wait another 24 hrs..sorry !

1) Heads or Tails ?
2) Penny For Your Thoughts
3) For Ate Fist Teen Sick Teen Trent Tea Tree For Tea Too ?
4) Restart the Clock
5) The Longest Con

humanebean said...

You are quite correct, J.W.! And, so outed, I hereby submit my All-Beatles-All-The-Time Top 10 titles for the final episode:

1) "Do You Wanna Know A Secret"
2) "All Together Now"
3) "A Day In The Life"
4) "Fixing A Hole"
5) "Get Back"
6) "Hello Goodbye"
7) "Here, There & Everywhere"
8) "I'm Only Sleeping"
9) "The Long And Winding Road"

... and perhaps the best of the lot:

10) "Tomorrow Never Knows"

WAY over the limit, I know - but, hey, "Try to see it my way/only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong..." ; ]

poggy said...

I really, REALLY like Humanebean's Beatles options! They all sound really fitting to me.

I was going to submit "Genesis" but I see that already came up :) I think I'm going to take a nap and see if I can figure out something in my sleep ;)

The Shout said...

Coming a little late to this, but heres my first stab. Spot the genuine one:

1) Full Circle
2) Vincent's Dream Machine
3) Purgitory Or Bust
4) Niki + Paulo: The Return
5) Joop Sorts It Out

Sagacious Penguin said...

There are some great ones already.

My favorites of the ones mentioned so far are: "One Light, One Dark" -- "!" -- "Over the Rainbow" -- "And Then There Were None"

But since the point of this is to guess your own, here are mine:

"Destiny Found"

"The End is Nigh"

"And Justice For All"

"The Libby Factor"


...and you just KNOW Damon and Carlton are trolling the forum crossing every suggestion off their list ;)

Gillian Whitfield said...

1) Destiny
3)Didn't See That Coming (just kidding)
4)He Who Will Save Us All
5)Black and White

JS said...

Since I submitted

"Destiny and Progress"

can that count as

"Destiny" and
"Progress" ?

So many great (and funny) entries!

The Question Mark said...

Thanks, Ali Bags! I absolutely LOVE "I Think We'll Need To Watch That Again"

I was thinking last night that "Namaste" would have been perfect for the finale, if they hadn't already used it in S5.
Here are a few more I cobbled together.

"Smoke & Mirrors"
"The Other 108 Days"
"Now Boarding"
"That's All There Is, There Isn't Any More"
"Last Call"

Nikki Stafford said...

The Shout: Niki + Paulo: The Return

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! OK, this one alternately made me laugh out loud and then think, "Oh god. No."

Nikki Stafford said...

humanebean: Awesome suggestions!! My husband got the Beatles box set the day it came out and we've been playing all the albums non-stop, and since Revolver is his personal fave, "Tomorrow Never Knows" has probably played more than anything. That song was SO ahead of its time... Though Day in the Life has always been my fave.

And either one of those could work for this!!

Question Mark: I think "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" actually has a really good show. Or simply "Over the Rainbow." Hm. You guys are AWESOME. Now to come up with more!

EvaHart said...

Right here is my suggestions for today:


"So long and thanks for all the polar bears"

"Game Over"

"Still figuring it out"

"How did it come to this"

Great ideas from everyone else, I hope that the Lost writers are reading this carefully!

Joan Crawford said...

"Juliet, I loved you to pieces"


Too soon?

Nikki Stafford said...

Joan: As of this moment, you and you alone are now allowed 15 entries per day. ;)

Austin Gorton said...

Here's a few (having not read any of the others, so apologies for duplicates):



"Second Star to the Right"


"Straight on 'til Morning"


Anonymous said...

"What Jacob Did"

Austin Gorton said...

Okay, since two of mine were already suggested, here's two more:

"So Now What?" (Which is the last line of my novel)

"In the Shadow of the Statue"

Nikki Stafford said...

I wonder if the title will be aimed directly at the crazed Lost fans? If so, I propose:

"Analyze This"
"So NOW What Do You Plan to Do With Your Life?"

humanebean said...

Actually, Nik ... if it IS aimed squarely at us crazed Losties, it will undoubtedly be "We Now Return To Your Regular Programming ...."

tiasabita said...

You guys are so very clever and absolutely hilarious!! I can't even begin to mention all the titles that make me laugh or think 'brilliant'!!

@Brent - I definitely think you're on to something with 'The Circle'.

@JS - Why not 'Fate is a Fickle B*tch'? It's perfect!

@Ali Bags - I totally agree with @Batcabbage about 'Any Questions?' Especially after Bat mentioned the words dripping with creepiness from Ben! I hope you're right!

So I am really old and maybe my mind is a little too fried from too much imbibing 35+ years ago, but last night I was going through old albums. Styx was one of my favorite 70's bands and I had to laugh at how many album titles I could apply to possible LOST themes - some were very long stretches!! Don't know what's lamer - these thoughts or that I have so many Styx albums!!!

*The Grand Illusion
*Return to Paradise
*Brave New World
*Kilroy (Benry) Was Here
*Man of Miracles
*Pieces of Eight (Artz!)

Sparty_Cyclone said...

My five entries for today:

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

Four Weddings and a Funeral

We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

All That and a Bag of Chips

Marebabe said...

I have more:
"The Pool of Tears"
"Sail Away Home"
"Beneath the Setting Sun"
"Simple Sorrows, Simple Joys"
"One More Time"
"It Doesn't Matter Which Way You Go"

JS said...

@Sparty Clone - I was totally thinking "Do Not Pass Go"!

How about


This may not be a finale title, but I am hoping for


And there are so many Oz and Alice references already, I am sure there are folks out there who could come up with others not already used on the show.

Nikki Stafford said...

Here's one:

"See You In Another Life"

brent said...

I'm still standing by "The Circle" for episode 6x18, aka Episode 121, aka the series finale. But I'm going to toss out one more prediction before it's too late. Episode 6x05 will be simply entitled "108" and will be Jack-centric.

J.W. said...

1. Jack & Kate Plus Eight
2. Sawyergasm (possibly the title of a spinoff series, too)
3. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust the Numbers
4. Living is Easy With Eyes Closed
5. Finale (it's already been posted by someone else, but darn it, I've been thinking it would be the title of the final episode for years!)

Unknown said...

I agree with Casey: "Won" is a very good possibility b/c while everyone has been thinking of the word "lost" in the context of "misplaced," it's very possible - especially in light of the S5 finale with Jacob and Man in Black - that we should be thinking of this all as a contest or game, where an outcome is either "Won"...or "Lost."

Also: "And So It Ends" would be a good bookend the Mobisode entitled "And So It Begins."

hoosiergal said...

"and this too shall come to pass" "Sawyer's folly"
"The Final Conflict" "Countdown" "Pawns" "The Sands of time" "Letters in a Bottle"

Stacy said...

"you got your peanut butter in my chocolate" (white/black reference?)

"And so it goes..."


Stacy said...

Sorry- just realized locke-down was a previous episode title already...

JS said...

@Nikki - I think you got it. "See you in Another Life" is it!

but just in case it isn't

5. "Saved"


"I'm done lying"

Joan Crawford said...

@Nikki - "See You In Another Life", that actually is probably it! At least it should be.

@Marebabe - "Simple Sorrows, Simple Joys" that made me sad:( In a good way:)

Marebabe said...

@Joan: Thanks! I was browsing through "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", looking for finale title ideas, and found the inspiration for that in the very last (paragraph-long) sentence.

Ali Bags said...

@tiasabita - I love 'Brave New World' It has the literary connection so loved by Lost, too. It's a phrase with so much resonance (originally from 'The Tempest' which always amazes me as it sounds so modern)

I think Nikki has it with 'See You in Another Life' Damn, why didn't I think of that?

Ali Bags said...

@Nikki - when will they announce the title of the finale? I don't want to know what it is until about 24 hours before it airs! I spoilt Season 5 by looking at too many spoilers and I am attempting to stay completely spoiler free for Season 6.

Ali Bags said...

I looked through my iTunes list and got these:

'Born Again'
'Close Your Eyes'
'Father and Son'
'Just the Two of Us'
'The Man Who Sold the World'
'People Get Ready'

Marebabe said...

I can do this all day!
"Never Give Up, Never Surrender"
"The Real Enemy"
"Where Are We?"
"You'll Find Me In the Next Life"
"As Real As You Made It"

Rebecca T. said...

The Question Mark: This was undoubtedly the BEST IDEA EVER! All of these submissions crack me up and make me think and realize you are all so brilliant.

@JS "I'm Done Lying" !!!!! Bwa haha!

Here's my go for the night:

"Sydney" or just "SYD" (the airport code)

To go with the musical ideas, what about Patsy Cline?
"Leavin' On Your Mind"
"Sweet Dreams"

Or to go with the Oz idea, what about...
"The Emerald City"
"And Your Little Dog Too" (the Vincent-centric episode :P)

Ali Bags said...


'Ding, dong, the witch is dead.'

'A Horse of a Different Colour'

Gonna stop now - getting too obscure.

chris said...

- rehearsals
- departure call
- and they'll all leave happily ever before...

Gillian Whitfield said...

"Don't Panic"

"Exterior- Circus Tent"

"Leap of Faith"

"Kiss from a Rose"

"Libby's Story"

Two of them were jokes. Can you guess which ones?

Anonymous said...

"42 23 16 15 8 4"

chris said...

- Won

Joan Crawford said...

@Againblack - Clever! "Won", Ha! I never thought of Lost like that, as in "I lost". Cool idea!

Anonymous said...

Somtihng makes me wanna say they will go with the (lost) translation/...and found type of titles....i really liked those

Rebecca T. said...

@Gillian Whitfield: "Exterior- Circus Tent" Ah hahahaha! LOL!

So, I had brainless stuff to do at work today, stickering CDs, when I came across a Patsy Cline CD and my brain moved into Lost world...

"Leavin' On Your Mind"

"Imagine That" (I like this one!)

"Not What You Expected"

"Unlocked" or Un-Locke-D"

"Aaron-eous Assumptions"

Marebabe said...

"It'll Come Back Around"
"Dark Territory"
"The Next Best Thing"
"Puppet Master"

Nikki, I got on a ridiculous roll this weekend, and as of this moment, I have an entire month's worth of title suggestions ready to go. 31 days in the month of October times 5 entries per day comes to 155 entries per person. With the above 5 entries, my total right now comes to 21. If given permission, I'll do all the rest in one fell ALPHABETIZED swoop, bringing my total to exactly 155, and be done with it. Awaiting your reply. In the meantime, I'll just keep doing 5 per day.

Gillian Whitfield said...

"Miracle Worker"

"All in the Details"


"Man In Black"

"Magical Mystery Tour"

Madally Wurlpiz said...

Finale (Part 1)
Finale (Part 2)

Joan Crawford said...

@Marebabe - I really like "It'll Come Back Around"! Gave me goosebumps!

Marebabe said...

@Joan: Far out! Goosebumps are near-'bout as good as LMAO!

Marebabe said...

Hey everybody! If you saw Nikki's post over on the main blog on Friday about Springfield Punx, be advised that there are now TWO MORE entries that you're sure to love. You're welcome!

Rebecca T. said...

Here's my set for the day... :)

"Twice Upon a Time"

"Ben There ... Done That" (not a typo)

"How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You, I Always Have a Plan"

"108" (was this done already? If so I apologize for reiteration....)

"Iteration 17294530"

@Marebabe: Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think if you enter them all at once it kind of reduces "chances" for everyone else. Not that we're really getting anything out of this, but that would be an awful lot of entries all at once for people to read and weed through. jmo, of course if Nikki thinks it's fine, then it's all right with me, just putting my thoughts out there :)

Marebabe said...

@Sonshine: I totally understand and appreciate your input. I'm 100% fine with doing this bit by bit. Here's today's bit!
"East Meets West"
"The Good Father"
"Until You Get It Right"
"You Won't Believe It"

M9 EGO said... we go
1) Life
2) The Question
3) Sunrise
4) Together for Never
5) The Little Bang


M9 EGO said...

Go on have another 5 although I do not want to upset Sonshine !

1) The Final List
2) Completion
3) The Plan
4) The Winner Takes It All
5) Previously LOST


Rebecca T. said...

@M9 Ego: :P haha... I'm not trying to play police or anything :) (assuming/hoping your comment was all in good fun)

@ marebabe: oohhh! I like "Failsafe"

How about....


Mike_D said...

Okay, so I've been racking my brain. Most people have already come up with my choices--they've been in my dreams again!

--Jacoby Rule (which is a rule for backgammon--freaky, right?)

--Let's Watch that Again

--Die Alone, Live Together


--The End

Whatcha think?


EvaHart said...

@Milke_D: "Die alone, live togther" Very interesting idea!!

Most of my ideas have now gone, but I thought of another five! I could probably go on forever!

"Journey's end"

"Anything to declare"

"The end of the end"

"Wake up call"

"Déjà vu"

chris said...

"One is the loneliest number"
"Never say never"
"A suivre"

chris said...

"Beilby Porteus' syndrom"

Marebabe said...

@againblack: What is your last title suggestion? Suivre looks like a French word, with that 're' ending. But I hardly know any French.

chris said...

@Marebabe: 'à suivre' means 'to be continued', in Rousseau's language (which happens to be mine as well. By the way, Nikki, how's your French?) ;)

chris said...

" The Harrows of Time"

Marebabe said...

@againblack: Thanks! Here's another question. Just now I checked both a print dictionary and Wikipedia for Beilby Porteus' Syndrome and found nothing. I'm curious about what it is, and why you chose it for a Lost title.

chris said...

@Marebabe:I don't know if this is the place to discuss titles (?). If that's OK, I'll answer (unless someone else does it for me...). Just one thing, I don't think there actually is a syndrome as far as B. Porteus is concerned...(hint: have you read Flashforward, or even seen last week's episode of ABC's newest series?)

Marebabe said...

@againblack: I don't think anyone will fuss about our little discussion. No, I've never read the novel, but I have seen the 2 episodes of FlashForward that have been shown so far. Was it mentioned in there, and I just wasn't paying attention? That happens sometimes. ;)

celandinehaleth said...

FOUND was my first choice, but it has been mentioned at least a dozen times. There are really some awsome choices from you all! I read through them all and I think these are new:

Jacob Knows Best

All About Ben

The Return of Arntz

Sayid Says

. . . In Time


Marebabe said...

"Better Late Than Never"
"I'm a Hunter"
"Just In Time"
"The Correct Answer"

M9 EGO said...

Another early morning list (not really I am in the UK so on proper time)...
1)World in Another (thats a good one)
2)Time Check
4)2nd Chance
5)Why ?


Gillian Whitfield said...

"Everything is Not Lost"

"So it Ends"

"Lucky Guess"

"The Scientist"


M9 EGO said...

God , I am desperate for Season 6!

1) Out of Sight , Out of Mind
2) An End Has A Start
3) 305 Degrees
4) Ambiguous
5) The Death Clock


Unknown said...

Man, I don't think I can think of any good ones. You all are so brilliant and I've been out of practice at thinking of Lost.

BUT... off of the top of my head...

"In Which The End Begins"
"Never Again"
"Presently the Past"

Uh...that's all my dead brain can think of right now.

@Joan Crawford: I'm still laughing at "Sun Kills Everybody" Ahahahaha...

chris said...

"The Observers"
"The Other Time"
"The Uncertainty Principle"
"The Expanding Universe"

@Marebabe: "He who forsees calamities suffers them twice over"... B. Porteus

Nikki Stafford said...

Wow, you guys are amazing!! I've been away for a couple of days but just came back and read the bunches from the last couple of days.

Sonshine: If the finale is called Sydney or SYD, I will be over the moon, since that's my daughter's name. ;)

And any Alice in Wonderland reference would be amazing.

I'm so excited to find out the finale name! I just KNOW one of you will have it right.

againblack: My French is passable, but I love A Suivre. (Though it makes me think of this show I had to watch in French class called "Suivez la Piste!" that always cracked me up.)

Marebabe: I LOVE that you've gone ahead and come up with so many names!! I'm looking forward to reading them over the next month. I like the idea of spreading them out, just so we can savour them every day. :)

I have a new one:
Don't Stop Believin'

(Which will end with Jack, Sawyer, and Kate sitting in a diner eating onion rings while Locke parallel parks the car outside...)

Marebabe said...

@againblack: That is SO COOL! I didn't know I was gonna actually LEARN something today. Just for everyone else's enlightenment, here is a little blurb I got from Google: (1731–1808), Bp. of London from 1787. He was of American descent. He identified himself with the practical ideals of the rising Evangelical school, and he promoted mission work among Negro slaves in America. He was also a keen Sabbatarian.

Thanks for sharing!

Marebabe said...

@Nikki: Can do, Skip! And I love your proposed final scene. I can just see it, in a year or two, someone with a talent for video magic and parody will probably do exactly that!

Marebabe said...

"Abide By the Rules"
"Between the Ages"
"Eve of Destruction"
"I Never"
"Not One of Us"

M9 EGO said...

Another day another dollar....

1) Paralleled
2) Destination
3) Conception
4) Two Lives One End
5) Home

And a bonus entry……...”Locke and Key”

@Nikki – I’m feeling lonely please comment on my suggestions !

chris said...

-"A Brief History of Times"
-"The Origin and fate of the Universe"
-"Quantum Leap..." + "...of Faith"

mgkoeln said...

Ugh, I'm too late! All the obvious ideas have already been taken. I'm strongly leaning towards "Finale" or "The Island". Other possibilities:

"The End of the Beginning"

"The Arrival"


"Down the Rabbit Hole"

"108 Minutes"

Marebabe said...

"A Passage to Nowhere"
"Earth + Air"
"This Is So Familiar"
"Time Capsule"
"We've Been Here Before"

Austin Gorton said...

Here's a couple of Daniel-inspired, physics-related ideas I had while brushing my teeth this morning (don't ask...)

"Schroedinger's Cat"

"The Uncertainty Principle"


Nikki Stafford said...

Wow, it seems so late in the game, and you guys are STILL coming up with great ones!

Marebabe: "Earth + Air" made me laugh. I love that one!

M9: I think "Why?" has great potential. The flip side could be an episode called, "Because." ;)

chris said...

"Dogma: I am God"
"Never Odd or Even"
"Now I Won"
"Ablata At Alba"

Nikki Stafford said...


and the alternate:

"Purgatory: Yeah, We've Been Effing With You All Along..."



"Live Alone, Die Together"

chris said...

"Leave Together, Cry Alone"

Are we getting any closer...?

celandinehaleth said...

Only one I can think of:

"In The Shadow"

Unknown said...

LOL for all the guesses, this is so much fun. I have only one guess: "I once was lost but now am found" or just "but now am found"

Marebabe said...

"A Good Day to Die"
"Child of Doom"
"Dangerous Intersection"
"Into the Eye of the Storm"
"With One Notable Exception"

Gillian Whitfield said...

Like humanebean using the Beatles for episode titles (awesome, dude, by the way), I'll use Coldplay songs.

"In My Place"

"Till Kingdom Come"

"A Rush of Blood to the Head"


"High Speed"

and just for the fun of it:

"Lost!" and "Everything's Not Lost"

Rebecca T. said...

ooh, ooh! I got another one...


chris said...

"Where There's a Will There's a Won't"

Marebabe said...

"Hope and Despair"
"Know Your Enemy"
"Survival of the Fittest"

Gillian Whitfield said...


"Enough for Now"

"Like Father, Like Son" (I don't know why, I just like it)

"Life Goes On"

"Faith is Found"

chris said...

"So Sort, So Long"
"Continuity Error"

chris said...

"So Short So Long"


Marebabe said...

"I Will Remember You"
"Insult to Injury"
"Look Me Up When You Get There"

Gillian Whitfield said...

"Star Wars was Awesome" (except for the Phantom Menace)

"You Found Me"

"Where The Story Ends"


"In The Next Life"

chris said...

"No Questions Asked"
"Every Now and Then"
"Hi, Jack"
"Finding..." ;)

Marebabe said...

"Surgical Strike"
"The Key"
"Window of Opportunity"

Rebecca T. said...

@Gillian: I like "Like Father, Like Son" too. It could have sooo many connotations.

@againblack: Love "Continuity Error" HA!

Okay, how about

"Man of Destiny, Man of Choice"

J. Maggio said...

I came here to post "It Only Ends Once..."


Gillian Whitfield said...

"All Roads Lead Here"

"Time's Up"

"You All Everybody"

"Black to White"

"The Ripple Effect"

chris said...

"second Thought"
"Dr Jack and Mr Locke"
"The New Cast-Aways"

celandinehaleth said...

"The End Game"

Marebabe said...

"At the Last Minute"
"For All of Us"
"Just Let Go"
"Noble Sacrifice"

Austin Gorton said...

Hmm, I'm not sure, but I don't think

"Two Sides"


"One Black, One White"

have been suggested yet. If so, apologies. If not, there we are!

Nikki Stafford said...

With apologies to U2, how about:


I was thinking of all the times the word "One" has been used, and thinking about Two Players, Two Sides... what if those two players become one in the end? I was also going to suggest "815" but mgkoeln beat me to it. :)

Derek Reading said...

so season 4's premiere was "The beginning of the end" so how about...

"The End of the Beginning"

chris said...

"Ceci n'Est Pas une Pomme"
"L'Invention Collective"
"Le Séducteur"
"Les Deux Mystères"
"La Trahison de Images"

Marebabe said...

"A Different Dream"
"If Only"
"Now and Forever"
"Reasonable Doubt"
"What You Think You Know"

EvaHart said...

"Said it all"
"Tell me tomorrow"
"I thought it was over"
"The arrow of time"

chris said...

"This Is Now and That Was Then"
"Nobody's Perfect"
"What If?"
"Didn't He Tell You?"

Rebecca T. said...

Love all of these. This is so much fun.

My stroke of brilliance for the day ;)


Marebabe said...

"All You Have to Do"
"For What It's Worth"
"I Promise You"
"The Best of All Possible Worlds"

chris said...

"Willing Suspension of Disbelief"
"We Never Said It Was Going to Be Easy"
"Have We Met Before?" + "Will We Meet Again?"
"The Cabin Is Yours Now"
"Not Yet..."

Gillian Whitfield said...

"Here We Go Again"

"Imagine . . . "

"We Will Meet Again"

"Moving On" (not likely for me)

"Smoke and Mirrors"

Rebecca T. said...

@againblack: Ha! "The cabin is yours now" made me lol!

Marebabe said...

Hi-dilly-ho, Contestareenos! The month of October is now roughly one-half over. Most folks have lost interest, but I’m sure I’ll continue to see this small group here every day until November. I’m still having a blast! It has occurred to me that, even though there are hundreds of suggested titles here, Damon and Carlton may very well come up with a finale title that is light-years away from anything we’ve cooked up!

"Be Seeing You"
"I Never Imagined"
"It All Depends"
"Myths and Legends"
"There's No Such Thing As Luck"

Blam said...

I haven't read through every comment, but page searches show that all of my ideas have already been suggested save for one that just now came to mind: "Count to Five".

Sparty_Cyclone said...

Aaron and Ji Yeon are Adam and Eve

Dharma Beer Hangover

So Now What do I do With My Life?!?

! {in the spirit of ?}

We Have to Go Back!

Blam said...

A few more:
"The Final Chapter"
"Resolutions" (perhaps a nice double meaning there)

Blam said...

Aargh! I just came up with something I'd actually lay money on and I've already hit five suggestions for the day. Can I take one back? 8^)

Nikki Stafford said...

Blam: For you, of course we can make an exception. :)

Blam said...

For you, of course we can make an exception. :)
Geez, Nik, I think my screen is blushing. So, ahem: "We're Gonna Have to Watch That Again". Except that I've since seen that Ali Bags has posted a version of it (Phooey!), and while mine own entry is, according to Google, the actual line spoken by Locke, as an episode title it'd more likely be "You're Gonna Have to Watch That Again" since the second person makes more grammatical sense in referring to both the characters and the viewers than the first person.

Nikki Stafford said...

Here a few, all in the same vein. Desmond says the very last thing he'll ever read when he knows it's all gonna end is Our Mutual Friend. So, going with that:

"Our Mutual Friend"
"Chapter the Last"
"The Voice of Society" (the name of the last chapter in the book)
"To the Temple, Gaily" (the last 4 words of the book... and oddly fitting!)

chris said...

"Chickens and Eggs"
"...and Delayed"
"See Ya in a Rerun, Brotha!"
"Don't Tell Me What I Can Do!"

We will find it!

EvaHart said...

hmmmm...This is starting to get tricky! I think i'm practically out of ideas, so well done to everyone who is still going!

I already thought maybe "!" so on the same theme maybe a full stop would be appropiate.

"The hard part"

"Times up"

Marebabe said...

Sorry, Nikki, but I suggested “Our Mutual Friend” clear back on October 1. However, I really like the chapter titles and the last phrase of the book. Those are cool!

"Alone In the World"
"Go Back"
"Some Things Never Change"
"Where Angels Fear to Tread"

Blam said...

I was going to offer "Whispers" in my next batch but have been beaten to it. Among my first impressions were the following, some of which were offered up almost immediately:
"The End"
"Jacob's Ladder"
"Adam and Eve"
"Another Life"
"The Longest Con"
Once these comments finally trickle to a halt, or when the last season is underway, it might be fun to have folks chime in with what they think are the likeliest suspects regardless of originality.

Blam said...

And here are my five for today.
"... Souls"
"... Causes"
(I have a feeling that we'll get at least one more "ellipsis" title even if it's not the final episode.)
"It Always Ends the Same" / "It Only Ends Once"
(This is presuming the last episode is a two-parter with separate titles.)
"Richard Alpert, This Is Your Life"

chris said...

"You Can Live Now"
"It Will Come To Pass"
"It Takes a very Long Time When You're Making The Thread..." +
"You Have To Be Patient"
"I Know What I Can Change"

Marebabe said...

"A Man of Constant Sorrow"
"For the Sake of Argument"
"Learning Curve"
"The Odyssey"
"The Wisdom of Our Ancestors"

Blam said...

"Frogurt's Revenge"
"And That's Why the Red Sox Will Never... Oh, Wait"

Gillian Whitfield said...

"Trust Me"

"Where the Story Ends"

"All At Once"

(I think I've said this before) "Ripple Effect"

"The Rules"

Marebabe said...

Wow! 200 comments so far!

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