Thursday, October 29, 2009

3.15 Left Behind

Follow along! The episode guide for “Left Behind” is in Finding Lost — Season 3, pp. 116-123.

This is one of my favourite of the Kate flashbacks. So much of the past came together in this one, from Cassidy’s relationship to Sawyer (and her reaction to her pregnancy) to Kate’s relationship with her mother (who makes Roger Workman look WARM).

Fun things I noticed:
• There’s still no explanation for why the Others have superhuman strength.
• Cassidy isn’t exactly taking care of the baby, since she appears to be having a hard drink in the bar with Kate.
• Is Cassidy wearing the same green coat that Kate’s wearing when she goes to see Tom in “Born to Run”?
• There’s another insinuation that Kate and the marshal had some sort of relationship beyond fugitive and cop when Cassidy says, “I don’t know what happened between the two of you, but he is REALLY angry.”
• You know, my husband watched this ep with me this time around and even he couldn’t stand Diane. The old battle axe couldn’t even offer her daughter a hug. UGH.

Things that have new meaning:
• I couldn’t help but think of the friendship Cassidy and Kate strike up after Kate gets off the island throughout this episode. In both instances it’s Kate coming to Cassidy for advice and Cassidy is sometimes blunt, but gets the point across. And yet at her core, Cassidy is in pain. I also thought of Cassidy opening the door and saying, “Oh my GOD, I’ve been telling everyone, ‘I KNOW that woman!’” And I thought if anyone in the law ever heard her saying that, they’d wonder WHEN exactly Cassidy knew “that woman” and had she been helping her stay underground?


Marebabe said...

I remember several weeks ago on this rewatch, people were asking how Dr. Jack got to be such a good shot. Well, how about Dr. Juliet? Did you notice her wicked self-defense skills, the way she judo-flipped Kate? Really, I don’t find this so unusual at all. By the time a person reaches his or her mid-thirties, there’s been lots of time and opportunity to learn all sorts of things, apart from one’s chosen profession. We know that Jack can run and throw a football and shoot accurately, and sort of play the piano. We know that Juliet can bake (muffins and dinner rolls) and hold her own against devious opponents, sometimes outfoxing them, and kick ass when needed. To all of you reading this, how many different things do you know how to do? Quite a list, right? And I daresay you started learning some of them at a very young age.

Sun looks so cute in pigtails! We saw her briefly in the distance, fishing with Jin.

“Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell’s going on.” You said it, Kate!

“Ben has a thing for mind games.” You said it, Juliet!

JW said...

I enjoyed this episode too. And I can't help but feel closer to Juliet after finding out that she's a frequent shoulder dislocator, too. (I dislocated mine several times before having surgery).

I like the balance of the flashbacks and the island story in this episode; neither overwhelmed the other.

The Question Mark said...

This episode always reminds me of "Thelma & Louise". LOL

Diane Austen is such a blind, stupid woman for mourning Wayne & pushing Kate away. She and Susan should get together and start an Evil Book Club with Martin Keamy and the ghost of Anthony Cooper. I can just see it now:

SUSAN: So, shall we start by reading "Parenting for Dummies"?

KEAMY: Hell, no! I a'int reading! I'm shootin' things! Yeee-haw!

COOPER: (leans toward Diane) Hey, sweetheart. Those are spome mighty fine-lookin' kidneys you've got there...

On a serious note, I wanna commend Elizabeth Mitchell on her acting in this episode. This was the first time I really, REALLY started feeling sympathetic towards Juliet, and it's all thanks to the scene where she dislocates her shoulder.
The wail of pain Mitchell delivers is so sincere and so painful to hear, that you can't help but feel sorry for her. Other or not Other, nobody wants to hear another human being suffer like that. Good work, Elizabeth!

Susan said...

ROFL at Question Mark's Evil Book Club!

How in the world did Kate survive for so long on the run? She has the element of surprise, she has a weapon, and Juliet is carrying a tray, and still Kate gets her clock cleaned by Juliet.

The thing I wonder about, is Juliet helping Ben as part of the deal where she got marked, is she helping because she still wants to be an Other, or is she helping so that she can later turn on Ben and tell Jack everything? Yes she does tell Jack, but I wonder when she decided to do it. According to the mobisode, she doesn't tell Jack until she is well established at the Lostie camp.

On the humorous side, Hurley once again cons Sawyer. As a Survivor fan, I loved the reference to voting him out of the community. I guess surviving on the island is one big giant immunity challenge.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I still despise Juliet. Okay, so she was *totally cool* with Ben's plan to make Claire ill to the point of SPITTING UP BLOOD so that she could make herself look trustworthy? Yeah, that's compassionate.

And since when is Jack such a dupe? He's always been slow to trust and quick to judge, yet now he's letting Juliet - an OTHER - slither into their camp. How does he not remember that Sayid is always right? (Especially with his eidetic memory...)

For that matter, why didn't Sayid take Jack aside, like he did when he knew Michael had been compromised, and tell him Juliet *clearly* could not be trusted?

Susan said...

I think Jack wants to go home so bad, that when he sees the same thing in Juliet's eyes, he automatically trusts her because he feels she has the same motivations as the rest of the Losties.

glf said...

@ Question Mark - Evil Parent Bookclub -Fantastic but shouldn't we add Eloise & even Charles in there as well?

Did anyone notice the now prophetic line by Hurley when he was talking about his other 815ers (the extras) how they might want to forget that they're 'totally screwed'. Sad as they all did end up on the red shirt pile.

Otherwise re Juliet - Oh No not another sandwich – yawn! She's pretending she's asleep – very sneaky; She was making a CUP OF TEA; She’s an expert on handcuffs?? The four times her shoulder has been dislocated - how? (I'd like to put this one on the list of trivial questions that will never get answered); Kate broke Jack's heart – very cruel to say that and woopdeedo she knows his weight

Final question - Why didn’t they search and ransack Otherville alot more before they left?

SonshineMusic said...

@ The Question Mark: Oh man, you totally need to flesh out that evil book club scene. That's pure comic gold right there :)

I'm sorry, but I still cannot like Juliet. I have tried and tried, but I just can't. :(

Nitpick: so, what, the marshal LIVES at Diane's house? It makes no sense that they were all there at a moment's notice before she'd even knocked on the door. AND where are they getting all the money and man power to have 2! cops follow Diane around ALL the time?

What were those light flashes into Juliet's face when Smokey chases them down? Is it anything like the "light" that John saw?

Best line of the episode goes to Sawyer: "Your baby. He's not as wrinkly as he was a couple of weeks ago."

This is really the episode where Sawyer begins to see what he could become (and what he will become) and it's Hurley that gives him the key :) It might seem like a little puff piece about Sawyer making nice, but it has pretty serious ramifications in the next couple of seasons with him becoming a leader that everyone can look up to.

I don't understand why Cassidy called the cops on Sawyer. The way she talks to Kate, it seems like she does a complete turnaround from "I still love him" to turning him in.

What? They couldn't hang around New Otherton long enough for Kate and Juliet to shower? It's not like they'll get any chance on the beach!

crazyinlost said...

I am a big fan of Hurley/Sawyer scenes, and this one is definitely at the top of the list (if not the top). Sawyer-"You sir, Hurley,are rotund, annoying, and you're ruining my view...hows that for amends".

Sawyer gutting a fish-priceless!
Hugo-"Dude, you stink!"

I'm one of the ones that usually skips thru the flashbacks (I was shocked to hear I wasn't the only one!), but I have been watching them for these rewatches, so it's been awhile since I saw this one all together.

I noticed Kate was playing around with a backgammon set when John comes in to see her-significant?

I was suprised Kate couldn't knock down the game room door. It seemed quite flimsy with just a padlock or something on the outside.

Kate says "out" in that cute little Canadian way...twice! And as i said I live pratically on the Can/US border, about 60mi (100km for you Nikki) from Vancouver, and growing up with Canadian commercials (which I loved-much better than ours, at least they were about 10yrs ago) and almost every one (Lost being the exception) of the shows I watch are filmed in and around the Greater Vancouver area, and I spent a week at a remote mission on Vancouver island and came back talking like one of them, I would say I'm pretty good at spotting one. I have been waiting to tell a story since I read "The Moth" rewatch blogs about accents (which incidently is the one that inspired me to start blogging for the very first time in my life). My husband and I were in Cancun, swimming along a river and we passed this guy who started to talk to us. I immediately turned to him and said, "So, what part of Canada are you from?" He started laughing and told me where (I want to say it was Alberta, but can't remember). After we swam away my husband turned to me and said "That was not very polite", which I replied by saying "but he laughed!". Later on the same trip ran into a similar situation with an older couple, so I politely asked them (I just couldnt help myself), "Are you by any chance from Canada?" knowing full well they were. They were from the Vancouver area, so we actually had something to talk about!

crazyinlost said...

What's with the Smokey flashes when Kate/Juliet in the Banyon tree? I dont recall ever seeing those before with Smokey.

Why did Aaron cry when he heard Sawyers voice? I thought S's voice was the one that soothed him?

As I said on "TMFT", I love the luau montage. Does Sun ever forgive Sawyer that we see?

@Marebabe-I know some Tae Kwon Do. I even won high score on our last belt test! (yes I'm bragging but it was so unexpected, and I dont think I'm that good). I've only been doing it for about 2 1/2 yrs, so I definitely started later than a kid. My reflexes are pretty slow so it would be a scary sight to see me in a real fight, I would be like, "Hold on a minute, I need to get my feet over here. Okay, go ahead and attack me"lol

@glf-I agree with JW that dislocating a shoulder can definitely be something that can happen on a frequent basis. At the belt testing I just mentioned above, one of the teenage boys testing was doing his combination hand technique, and just from punching his shoulder went out. He was able to get it back in before the end of testing, but it seemed to come out rather easily.

Teebore said...

I had *completely* forgotten about the weird Smokey light flashes in this one.

Obviously, they could represent the "eye" that Locke saw, or could be a flash of images similar to what Eko say, but from another perspective (outside the cloud, you see these flashes, inside you see them as images from your past) but for the life of me, I can't think of anything new we've learned about Smokey since this episode first aired that might help *ahem* illuminate this particular mystery.

Perhaps they are one of the last victims of the "we're not sure how long we need to stretch this, so we'll throw out mysteries in case we need them later" syndrome? This episode would probably have been conceived/written/produced before the end date agreement was reached.

EvaHart said...

Does anyone else REALLY get annoyed by Jack in this episode?
The way he completely brushes Kate off when she is sincerely trying to say sorry is so insensitive, and then he even asks about Juliet when Kate came all that way to save him.
I know he is probably slightly annoyed that the submarine was blown up but that was hardly Kate's fault.

Ok Jack rant over, I loved the montage at the end and how sawyer was trying to be nice, it's good that they drop some lighter moments into these episodes.

Teebore said...

@EvaHart Does anyone else REALLY get annoyed by Jack in this episode?

Yeah, but that's true of most episodes, for me. :)

Anonymous said...

In a roundabout way, it *was* Kate's fault that the sub got blown up. If she had listened to Jack and not come back for him and brought (the irritatingly self-serving) Locke with her, Jack and Juliet would have been on their merry way. So, in a way, it's her fault they're stuck with Juliet in their camp as well.

Debi said...

Since Locke had found the instructions on Eko's stick (raise your eyes and look north, or something like that), it is not clear that he wouldn't go to the Others on his own, even before Kate comes in and urges everyone to go for Jack. So, I'm willing to give Kate a pass and not blame her for the sub incident. Of course, there is always the statement by Locke that they had the information, but not the motivation to go after Kate, Jack and Sawyer - didn't anyone (like Kate) pick up on that and begin to understand that Locke really really isn't on their side?

paleoblues said...

Re: The chili only landing on Diane's apron and then everywhere when she stands up, as mentioned in FL S3. If it only landed on her apron she wouldn't have had reason to go in the restroom to clean up (where Kate met her),she would have just taken off the apron and thrown it in the laundry. So they must have shot the scene again to get some chili on her blouse.

Also, if you watch when Kate and Juliet fall in the mud in slow motion you will notice Kate is muddy before she lands, indicating this was at least the second take.

RosieP said...

Diane Austen is such a blind, stupid woman for mourning Wayne & pushing Kate away. She and Susan should get together and start an Evil Book Club with Martin Keamy and the ghost of Anthony Cooper.

Kate had murdered her husband out of pure selfishness. How else do you expect Diane to react? Just because Wayne was a shitheel, doesn't mean that Kate had a right to murder the man.

Juanita's Journal said...

@EvaHart Does anyone else REALLY get annoyed by Jack in this episode?

No, I wasn't annoyed by Jack in this episode. It's obvious that he's still upset over the fact that he had witnessed Kate sleeping with Sawyer.

As for Diane, it's obvious that she wasn't blind to Kate's lying bullshit. She knew the real reason why Kate had murdered Wayne. I just don't understand why so many fans had continued to accept Kate's lies.