Saturday, July 4, 2009

Start Those DVD Players!

And blu-ray players and streaming video and however else you're gonna do it...

That's right, my lovelies, our Lost Rewatch officially begins this week!!

On the sched this week are the first four episodes:
Pilot, Part 1
Pilot, Part 2
Tabula Rasa

My plan is to watch them and put up posts on the first two Thursday morning, and the next two Friday morning. We'll see if I can keep to that schedule, and you can post comments on the individual episodes (I'll be splitting them up into posts based on episodes rather than grouping all 4 together) whenever you'd like.

I'm so excited!! I can't wait to go back and start all over again. I remember heading into season 7 of Buffy having watched the previous 6 seasons and how much fun it was, and it put an entirely new perspective on the season.

And happy Fourth of July to my American readers! And a Happy belated Canada Day to my Canucks (our holiday was Wednesday... which is so not awesome).


Azá said...

First post! Thanks for the post Nikki, I'm looking forward to this and how quick has this come around?

I'm going to try and watch the four eps by the Friday and then post my comments then. Will likely have two Lost nights with 2 x 2 eps a week :)

Erin said...

I'm getting ahead of myself and have watched the first 6 episodes already! I should've taken notes so I'd be ready to comment when you post, Nikki. Might have to re-watch the re-watch! Ooh, can't wait to get this started...

humanebean said...

Boo-yeah! At last the time has come ... let plates of the finest meats and cheeses be brought in from the kitchen ... uncork the finest wines ... fluff the couch pillows and unplug the phone!

Or, just chill and rewatch. Your call.

joshua said...


I, too, have jumped ahead, incapable of resisting any longer. Have watched through 'Walkabout' as of last night, and I am totally loving this already. Admittedly, I haven't caught anything new as yet; just loving how perfectly pitched everything was at the outset, even when viewed in light of five seasons worth of future insight.

Best. Show. Ever.

kirathena said...

Hi everyone! I have already "cheated" as well and was through episode 5 by Sunday! But, I am going to make myself slow down so I can enjoy the discussion! My roomies (who are doing the rewatch with me & you all!) and I have already started discussing the impact of a couple of episodes/scenese on future events & episodes & picked up things we missed before. This is going to be great!

Writing is my Passion said...

It felt kind of weird watching Pilot, Part 1 without Ben, Juliet, Daniel, Charlotte, Miles or Richard. Can't wait for Pilot, Part 2 tonight after dinner!

SonshineMusic said...

Yeah!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!! My sister and I are watching "Tabula Rasa" right now :P

Ah, I miss our discussions, can't wait till Thursday! Taking copious notes already.

The Shout said...

Ready to go.

Watched the first few already and lovin' in. No sign of Nikki and Paulo in the background yet strangely.

Jenn said...

Best thing about lost re-watch: Chaaaa-lie :)

This is actually my second re-watch.

Worst thing about lost re-watch: I will cry for a third time during "Through the Looking Glass 1 & 2."

Oh Charlie :)

Mike_D said...

Here is my interpretation of "The Moth." Hope you guys enjoy it. Nikki, love your blog and books!!!

Mike D

Jazzygirl said...

Just finished watching all four episodes! Just awaiting Nikki's green light for comments! :)